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Games for Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite | All about games for Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite

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Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite Games

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Official Nintendo eShop Game Store
Store games in the service Yandex. Money (selling codes for downloading in eShop)
List of all games and price comparisons in different countries
View current discounts on games for Nintendo Switch
Profitable purchase of a subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service

Switch Game FAQ
What are the nuances associated with games for the console?
Purchased for Switchdigitalversions of games are tied to a user account (on previously released Nintendo platforms, games were tied to the consoles themselves).
Accordingly, if your console stops working or is lost, you will save the entire game library and be able to transfer it to another Switch.

Can I use one account with purchased games on two or more Switch consoles?
You cannot use your account in the second console until you deactivate it in the firstactiveconsole by deleting registration data.
If you lost or sold the console, forgetting to deactivate your account, you need to contact Nintendo support.

Where are the games installed?
If a memory card is installed in the console, then the games are automatically downloaded to it, in other cases the priority is on the built-in memory.
For large projects sold on game cards, you may need to download additional files from the Internet.

How to re-download / install previously purchased / deleted games and applications?
To re-download the content, go to the eShop store on the console, click on the user icon in the upper right corner, go to the "Download again."

How to buy games for the console?
The games for the Switch console can be obtained in five ways:
1. Buy game cards (cartridges) in electronics and video game stores (you can then resell them or exchange them for others).
2. Buy digital versions from the Nintendo eShop online store on the console or onNintendo website.
3. Buy codes for downloading digital versions on third-party sites and use them in the eShop store to activate and download games (section "Use the download code").
4. As part of a paid subscription to the online service, Nintendo provides free access to the library of 8-bit NES games.
5. Hack the console - you can install pirated games and emulators, but using online will immediately get a ban from Nintendo.

How to purchase games that are not available in my country?
There is a simple way to change the region, which can be used on one or several profiles:
1. Option for one user profile.
OnNintendo websitego to your account settings and select another region, for example South Africa or Norway, save the change. After that, on the console, you will get access to the eShop store of the selected country for buying / downloading content. In the case of South Africa and Norway, you can pay for games using a Russian credit card. In other countries, the purchase will have to make with the help of third-party services that implement payment cards eShop.
Benefits- purchased games are tied to one profile, regardless of the region.
disadvantages- the need to change the region to purchase (or accept the receipt of news in the language of the selected region).
Important advice- Pay for purchases with a card, do not keep money on your eShop balance, otherwise changing the region on a single account will be difficult!
2. Option for multiple profiles.
In addition to your main profile, for example, for Russia, you can add one or more profiles. When adding you will be asked to indicate standard data, as well as select a region (again, specify South Africa or Norway). After creating a profile and switching to it (clicking on an avatar on the Home screen), access to the eShop store of the selected country for buying / downloading content is opened. In the case of South Africa and Norway, you can pay for games using a Russian bank card. In other countries, you will have to make a purchase using third-party services that implement eShop payment cards.
Benefits- convenient for family use; no need to change the region (just switch the profile); getting information about discounts.
disadvantages- purchased games are attached to different profiles, the progress in them for each profile will be different; receive news in the language of other regions.
Helpful advice- Pay for purchases with a card, do not keep money on your eShop balance.

If you buy games in another region, will they support Russian?
Russian localization of games usually does not depend on the region, country, carrier. However, we do not recommend taking games in America and Asian countries, there may be (and there are) exceptions.
If the game has support for the Russian language, it will be available initially or added (downloaded via the Internet) automatically, provided that the system language of the console is Russian.

How to save on buying games?
1. By changing the region in the account settings on the Nintendo website (described above), you can purchase games in other countries eShop at a better price (depending on the country and the exchange rate).
2. Track promotions for distributing promotional codes in different networks - you can save an average of 300-1000 rubles on the purchase of media with the game. Attract friends to buy games together.
3. Track discounts in eShop, on local shopping sites, buy used games, share them with other Switch users through ad sites and social networks.

Gold points accumulated on my Nintendo account. What is it and what are they for?
Gold points - a kind of cashback from Nintendo, a bonus for buying games for the console, where 1 point = 1 ruble. They can be used for digital shopping in the eShop store.
For the purchased digital game you get 5% of the price. Points are credited to your Nintendo account automatically immediately after purchase.
For the purchased game on the media you get 1% of the price. The period of points activation from the moment the game was released in Europe is 2 years. Scoring is done manually - press +/- on the game icon, point "Bonus program".
Gold points are available 12 months from the moment of their receipt / activation and are tied to the region of purchase of the game for which they have been credited. Points for the game purchased in South Africa will not be spent in Russia.
The current balance and validity of points can be checked on the service pageMy nintendo.

What are platinum points awarded for in a Nintendo account?
Platinum points are charged for regularly visiting the Nintendo website (1-2 times a week) with authorization in a Nintendo account, linking the account to the social. networks.
They can be used in the eShop store to exchange for different content, regardless of the device: wallpaper, themes, awards and items in games, applications, etc.
Platinum points are available 6 months from the moment they are received.

What are amiibo figures and why are they needed?
amiibo - collectible figures with built-in NFC tags, thanks to which you can get some content in supported games (secret characters, weapons, clothes, jewelry, materials, abilities and other bonuses) by simply attaching the figure to the console / gamepad. For example, the Mario figure in Super Mario Odyssey will allow you to get a costume and temporary invulnerability. Figures are not tied to one game or platform; they can be used on different consoles an unlimited number of times. Information on the figures, their capabilities and compatibility can be found onof amiibo page.
There are also unofficial products with NFC tags. As a rule, these are figures / cards in which tags with recorded data are added. Their advantages are at a lower price and availability - you can independently make similar products, having a clean NFC tag and a smartphone with NFC for recording, or buy ready-made products in any online store.

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Nintendo Switch Games (Post Dyuss # 79223949)
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Nikita_apt @ 09/13/19, 13:14*
This is lost time and lost pleasure from the pre-order chips and the game on the first day of release!

That's it - first the goods, then the grandmother.

Rep: (24)
* rouk123, Well, right! A boom should be a boom in everything! No compromises!

Meanwhile, the creatorsXenon Racer apparently they realized that they got poop (at least for the switch) and freaked out, having thrown off the price by 74%: D 500 rubles is not 2000, but somehow it’s still a pity for such a hat, if they sold for such a price second Gear club, then you could try, although on metacritic they have the same rating, so xs, which is better :)

Rep: (2)
Stumbled uponannouncementPine games. Described beautifully and ambitiously. There are short gameplay gifs in the incentive, and the project, personally me, intrigued me very much.

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Reason for editing: Typo

Rep: (23)
Disil @ 09/14/19, 04:03*
I came across the announcement of the game Pine.

The trailer looks very nice.
I'm still waiting for this game:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJ1pHvqezjo(Baldo)

Rep: (83)
Disil @ 09/14/19, 03:03*
I came across the announcement of the game Pine.

Let's see what happened. Indie it is, it may end up being a stunningly boring dummy despite the formal presence of everything claimed.

Rep: (0)
Is someone playing Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night on Switch? Did you fix the game with patches or is it still very bad?
And you can also recommend games like Beat Saber on the PS4. To wave horses and chop a thread) Or aim a horse and shoot at targets, as in a dash

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Rep: (28)
SingBird @ 09/14/19, 1:11 PM*
Indie it is, it may end up being a stunningly boring dummy despite the formal presence of everything claimed.

I also thought about the same thing. The videos are very enticing, but this is not the first time that we have seen a beautiful picture in all kinds of teasers and absolutely unplayable crap at the output (like a girl with tons of makeup). So I'm also waiting, but with a very high proportion of skepticism.

Rep: (5)
* SPeaker99 , I would not even swing for free.

Rep: (12)
MorjEUS @ 09/13/19, 14:14*
How is this different from classroom activities? Of course, people in the audience never behave like that, right? Are there only robots and maniacs in the hall?

Um, everyone. In the training hall, they are aimed at ensuring that the muscles work at full amplitude with weights, so that the muscle fibers give micro-fractures, then all this is pumped with blood (pumping) and muscle growth is expected with proper nutrition. There is a whole science, as well as a competent technique, to which people have been going for years, gradually increasing muscle coordination, so as to perform the movement not only for everyone, but only including target muscles.
It’s like a bench press for beginners, since he will squeeze six in working weight and that’s all, he’s tired, his hands do not hold the bar, the triceps do not turn on, he can not even hang in place. And why? Because everything past his triceps worked in his hands, all hands were clogged with blood, and accordingly they could not work. Yes, and everything else poured, numb. The body does not understand how to make this movement, it’s even worse if a beginner is 25 years old, then he won’t even learn how to do it correctly in a year or two, so that only the delta, chest, and triceps with 20% biceps would be included. But there are pluses here, it’s good for a beginner, he doesn’t have to hurt, he doesn’t feel the muscles working, because they hack.

And the handles will get tired, what Nintendo offers, to hold the steering wheel for outstretched hands for tens of minutes is more a fighting training, the shoulders of the townsfolk are not used to and are not ready for such a load, and they don’t need to be turned on, but they will turn on, because the layman’s body I’m trained not to include the shoulders in this situation, and the shoulders will turn on the trapezoid, all this will begin to numb, past the pain in the hands, there will be discomfort in the cervical spine, and people who are not friends with fitness and sports will suffer, especially when the ratio of fat to muscle is on the hands the mass is rimerno around 1 to 1, or close to that.

Otherwise, the idea is suitable, but as for me, there needs a hardcore regime with weights, it would be interesting.

Post has been editedhitman60 - Today, 03:50

Rep: (7)
* hitman60 , we are all very glad that you went to the gym and everything works out for you and you spend money on sports pit and coach. You are well done. But by and large, we, like Nin, absolutely do not care what you think and that your delta has increased. This toy’s target audience is not Apollo’s carvers from its body, but amorphous philistines, whose back aches because of inactivity, why do they need weighting, to get up from the sofa once an hour and do it +10 HP. That’s how it is designed, like Wi-Fi

Rep: (4)
Guys what's going on ?! As long as the presentation of the Capcs on the Switch should begin. No information, no sleep, no spirit ... Canceled or what? It seems to be not ...

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Attached Image

Rep: (20)
* Despicable228 , Is not this ?

Rep: (4)
* Jegoryu hmm, maybe. There is an opportunity to see what they said on the topic? It’s just that now nothing at all (

Post has been editedDespicable228 - Today, 12:54

Rep: (11)
MorjEUS @ 09/13/19, 14:14
How is this different from classroom activities? Of course, people in the audience never behave like that, right? Are there only robots and maniacs in the hall?

Um, everyone

This was my answer to this is your statement:

Hitman60 @ 09/12/19, 8:00 p.m.*
We must sweat, we must overcome, to be healthy. And here I see - "Oh, my hands are tired, I can’t take it anymore, plak-plak ...

In the gym, exactly the same people come across who “can’t take it anymore, the cry is a cry,” you just see them less often - they stop going to the gym after several trainings.

You are not surprised that after racing games people do not become good drivers, and after shooters - arrows?

Well and again, you very much confuse classes in the gym and easy fitness at home (which can also include thousands of mobile applications such as "daily workouts of 7 minutes").

This game and applications do not set as their goal to make you pitching, to teach you how to make a flag, how to lift, flip and flaunt your muscles on the beach. The goal is to take the first step in an easy and fun way to physical activity, to stir up those who have never or very long been engaged in fitness, to give motivation to enroll in the gym.

Moreover, this game will be enough for weight loss when combined with proper nutrition. Although a simple walk of about 10,000 steps daily is enough for this. So I lost 8 kg per month, starting to see what and how much I eat and counting calories + I got out of the car on public transport, scored on elevators and buses to the metro.

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