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DEXP Athena T144 - Discussion | Description | Buying and Accessories
Windows 7 | 14 "| INTEL Pentium N3540 | 4GB
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Device Type Laptop
Model DEXP Athena T144
Manufacturer code 0809621
Operating system without OS
No gaming laptop
The color of the top cover black
Housing and input devices
Body Material Plastic
Design classic
Numeric keypad block no
The backlighting is no
Screen Type TN + film
Screen size 14 "
Screen Resolution 1366x768
Name HD format
Pixel Density 111.9 PPI
glossy screen coating
3D screen no
No touch screen
Intel processor manufacturer
Ruler Intel Pentium processor
Processor Model Pentium N3540
The number of processor cores 4
The frequency of 2.16 GHz
Automatic increase in the frequency of 2.66 GHz
L2 cache 2 MB
No L3 cache
The processor architecture Silvermont
RAM type DDR3L
Frequency RAM 1333
RAM size 4GB
The number of slots for memory modules 1
The maximum installable memory capacity to 8 GB
Graphic accelerator
View embedded graphics accelerator
Manufacturer Intel GPU
no discrete graphics card model
Type of video memory SMA
The video memory is allocated from RAM
Model integrated graphics Intel HD
CrossFire / SLI-array is not
Index of video version of Futuremark 310
Data storages
Total volume of hard disk drives (HDD) 500 GB
The total amount of solid-state drives (SSD) have
SSHD drive (SSD volume buffer) No
Configuration only HDD drives
Spindle speed 5400 rev / min
Built-in additional equipment
The webcam is
Extended speaker no
Built-in microphone is
Support memory card reader card mini SD, MMC, RSMMC, SD, SDHC, SDXC
Optical drive no
Internet / data transfer
Wireless kinds of Internet access Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n standard
View Network Adapter (Ethernet) built
The speed of the network adapter 1000 Mbit / s
Support for additional types of data are no
Interfaces / Connectors
2 USB 2.0 ports
USB 3.0 ports 1
Ports USB Type-C is not
HDMI video interfaces
Audio interface 3.5 mm jack (microphone / audio)
No additional interfaces
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery capacity 2200 mAh
Approximate runtime 3 hours
Additional Information
Options power supply, CD with software, documentation
No fingerprint scanner
Kensington lock has
Features additional webcam 1.0 megapixels
Dimensions, weight
Depth 240 mm
Width 342 mm
Thickness 23.5 mm
Weight 1.9 kg
additional information
As they say, instead of 2 elements in the battery is worth some sort of plastic.

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To ask a question had to create a theme :(
It is said that 2 slots for the battery elements packed with a plastic contraption. Q: Is it easy to solder them instead of normal batteries tell who did so, and preferably a pair of screenshots

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14 inches. Preferably the presence of the network connector RJ-45 4 GB RAM, HDD>= 250 GB. For office applications.
There are options in the city:
1) 4GOOD Light Am500 + good reviews. Disadvantages: no network RJ-45 connectors, the SSD 32 GB drive, RAM 2 GB.
2) DEXP Athena T144 + disk 500 GB, RAM 4GB, USB 3.0, the ability to put DVD-ROM drive or SSD. Lack of bad reviews about the brand DEXP.
3) DEXP Athena T130 + disk 500 GB, RAM 4GB, USB 3.0, the ability to put DVD-ROM drive or SSD. Lack of bad reviews about the brand DEXP.
4) DEXP Athena T139 + disk 500 GB, RAM 4GB, USB 3.0, the ability to put DVD-ROM drive or SSD. Lack of bad reviews about the brand DEXP.
What's better?

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Hello, cover drive HDD (500GB) DEXP Athena T140, do not tell where you can buy.

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[Quote name = "0891114478" date = "22.03.2019, 10:22" post = 83612788] covered himself with the HDD (500GB) DEXP Athena T140, than it is best to replace

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Dexp same cheap plastic build zhzhzh! Same as iru, overdue models were before the crisis, when the dollar was worth 30R. And now boo as new stand but with the old iron.

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