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Samsung Pay for Gear S2 / S3 / Galaxy Watch
Version: Discussion of the service Samsung Pay on Gear

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Short description:
Samsung Pay - secure mobile payment service
Detailed description:
Samsung Pay is a convenient and secure mobile payment service. Accepted for payment wherever you can make a purchase using a conventional bank card using contactless technology or a magnetic strip.
How to pay with Gear S3?
First of all, make sure that your bank supports the Samsung Pay service.
  1. Connect the Gear S3 to the Samsung Galaxy smartphone in the Samsung Gear appAttached Image
  2. To pay for your purchase with Gear S3, press and hold the “BACK” keyAttached Image
  3. Select a bank card by turning the bezelAttached Image
  4. Click on the “PAY” button on the device screenAttached Image
  5. Bring the device to the payment terminalAttached Image

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Platform: Tizen
Screen: Round
Russian interface: Yes
Developer: samsung electronics
Developer Website: http://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/app/samsung-pay-gear
Samsung pay- setting, problem solving
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Oops, SP from April 11http: //www.samsung.com...pps/mobile/samsungpay/

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https: //www.youtube.co...v7gEU&feature=youtu.be

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* alext715,
Damn, in vain I changed the PCT for an American or something? :(

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* Drozd.Niko why in vain, there are rewards for American points on purchases, I’m not sure what it will be on the rst watch.

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Why do NFC Chinese phones easily bind a card through a third-party application and pay it. And there is so much hype. NFC is just a chip that should give the necessary information to the terminal. (??!)
Because the clock is not only NFC: D
There is also an MST: D.
Read how Samsung Pay and Apple Pay work

Posted 04/11/2017 09:44:

Antonga @ 04/11/17, 9:37*
I present the stores after launch, the first time

And what to represent them?
I've been crying for hours. Some sellers are surprised, but everything is generally normal.

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Forcibly also does not want to be installed, just writes your device is not supported. and the item does not appear as before.

Posted 04/11/2017 09:56 AM:

* Animegravitation,
mass meant.

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Payment went instantly
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Gentlemen, do not panic. After installation, it will first write that Spey is not supported, then what needs to be updated, but nothing will be immediately updated. Then everything will be updated, and everything will work. No discharges are required.

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* Sevsa , I agree. I, too, everything was updated in stages. Now ready to pay
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I'll buy some coffee)

Bought a cool feeling when paying for hours)
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Xiaomi note 3 pro, MUI devoloper firmware. 100% is not root, but Spay believes that the phone is rooted and does not work

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Timoniich @ 04/11/17, 11:05*
Xiaomi note 3 pro, MUI devoloper firmware. 100% is not root, but Spay believes that the phone is rooted and does not work

Similarly, on Xiaomi mi max :(

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People! But for all those who started the button when they press the button, pay in parallel with the vibration of the clock during the countdown of time, squeal a little in hours? o.O

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* antonga
I confirm the same thing! Strange squeak when paying.

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* antonga
* fox8811
This is a squeak of MST technology. in phones with MST (SPay) also such a squeak.

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* fox8811
probably this nfc or mst antenna emits this squeak when emitting a signal

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* EspriTLK,
Those. Samsung support responded as follows:
Since on the Xiaomi phone the Administrator rights are open by default, the Samsung software takes it as root and will not work on Xiaomi

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Who wants to root, tried MagiskВ®Magisk - The Universal Systemless Interfaceand hide root in Spay? for sbera rolls
in version 12 did a lot for Samsung devices

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Ruth is . Spay started on the clock. On the phone itself does not plow. Tel S7
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Although someone from Xiaomi earned? Maybe someone has blocked the boot works?

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Everything appeared, the map added, the SP did not swear at the root. The devil pulled me to update SP (an update came out) and now swears at the root. How to roll back to the previous version of SP. And the clock seems to give start payment.

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I do not specifically hide under the spoiler. What would be less questions.

Banks and card types that work with SPay.
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Add this to the cap.

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