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Radio Box Online | Online Radio Box is a free application with which you can

Rep: (1741)
Radio box online
version: 1.4.188

Last update of the program in the header:25.05.2019

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Short description:
With this application, you can listen to free radio online from around the world.

Online Radio Box is a free application with which you can listen to radio online.

Our collection contains the most popular radio stations: Europe Plus, Radio Dacha, Radio Energy, Retro FM, Russian Radio, Road Radio, Russian hit, Our Radio, Radio Romance, Autoradio, Humor FM, Radio 7, Relax FM, Radio Maximum, Hit FM, Kiss FM, Record and others.

The application presents not only Internet radio in Russia, but also countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, as well as Internet radio stations in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Do you like to listen to jazz, electronic music or relaxation, or maybe classics or hits of the 90s? For every taste, we will find a suitable Internet radio station. We not only collected all online radio stations in one application, but also made it as convenient as possible so that you can easily listen to your favorite radio online, while all this is free and without registration, you just need to install the application and immediately start listening to the radio.

Listen to online radio is now convenient with our Online Radio Box app, join in!

Android required: 2.3+
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: Final level
Site: http://onlineradiobox.com/
Google Play: https: //play.google.co...om.finallevel.radiobox

Version: 1.4.188 Radio box online
Version: 1.4.186 GP Radio Box Online (Post And_RU # 84937076)
version: 1.4.186 Pro Radio Box Online (Post vladrevers # 84939966)
version: 1.0.135 Pro Mod Radio Box Online (Post inok_ZP # 63427826)

Past versions:

Post has been editedninja88 - 25.05.19, 11:52
Reason for editing: Version 1.4.188

Rep: (8)
And how to make a country choice? Automatic Russia immediately installed. There is a choice of city, but no countries.

Rep: (1741)
* reber.kg ,
Near pro there is a circle.

Rep: (63)
There is no choice of quality (radio record). Advertising is too damn, okay, still on the radio page, some kind of game. But pop-ups and he himself opens the chrome with advertising - bust. I give up, for there is a less alternative. Of course, you can remove ads for fifty dollars, but you need to add bitrate

Post has been editedwizorg1989 - 03.04.17, 15:28

Rep: (1741)
* wizorg1989 ,
Advertising can be removed with patches or make a mod through the patcher version of Pro.

Post has been editedMR.AlexandrO - 09.04.17, 11:15

Rep: (1741)
Online Radio Box. 0.21.15Pro version
Attached fileOnline Radio Box. Pro Version.apk(6.4 MB)

Post has been editedMR.AlexandrO - 16.05.17, 11:26

Rep: (63)
* MR.AlexandrO,
Any work should be paid for, advertising removed, there remains a choice of quality of reproduction.

Rep: (1741)
Wizorg1989 @ 04/09/17, 12:45*
Any work must be paid.

This is understandable, but if it is possible to do it without advertising, why not, as they say in taste and color.

Rep: (27)
Very convenient program! Without advertising, of course)) The number of stations is huge, but only Europe. No America, Asia, etc. Although, the site has it all. In the application no.
It would be nice if they did not bend and develop.

Post has been edited3 house - 13.05.17, 07:43

Rep: (1741)
Version: 1.0.124 Pro Version

What's new
Added Channels, Regional streams and Playlists.
Attached fileOnline Radio Box. ver. pro1.0.124.apk(6.64 MB)

Past Versions

GP Versions

Version: 1.0.124GP

What's new
Added Channels, Regional streams and Playlists.

Online Radio Box.ver.1.0.124GP
Attached fileOnline Radio Box.ver.1.0.124.apk(6.62 MB)


Online Radio Box. 0.21.121GP Version
Attached fileOnline Radio Box. GP .ver.0.21.12.apk(6.38 MB)

Online Radio Box. 0.21.15

Pro Versions

Online Radio Box. Version: 1.0.124Pro version
Attached fileOnline Radio Box Pro.apk(5.94 MB)

Online Radio Box. 0.21.15 Pro Version
Radio Box Online (Post by MR.AlexandrO # 60256805)

Post has been editedMR.AlexandrO - 03.06.17, 18:56

Rep: (1741)
Version: 1.0.135 GP

What's new
Stability fixes.

Attached fileOnline Radio Box.ver.1.0.135.apk(6.74 MB)

Past versions

Post has been editedMR.AlexandrO - 15.07.17, 22:44

Rep: (590)
Online radio boxMaterialMod 1.0.135 Pro

Architecture - armeabi / x86
Removed duplicate graphics (hdpi-v4)
Graphics overloaded (i Catalyst)
Languages ​​Ru / En
Cleaned manifest
Disabled ads
Disabled analytics collection -graph.facebook.com; ads.mopub.com; app-measurement.com; crashlytics.com; data.flurry.com; ssl.google-analytics.com
Attached Image

Attached Image

arm Attached fileOnline + Radio + Box.ver.1.0.135 + arm + Material-ultra.apk (3.94 MB)

x86 Attached fileOnline + Radio + Box.ver.1.0.135 + x86 + Material-ultra.apk (4.14 MB)

To date, the mod has been downloaded more than a hundred times. According to reviews, incompatibility with some firmware and phone models was discovered.
I tried to edit several times, but without result. Therefore, I freeze work with the mod at this stage.
If there is a bright head and will help me bring it “to mind”, I will be glad to discuss the details in PM.
Posts with content like “not working, not starting” will be ignored.
Build your mod to your liking, the benefit of programs and instructions for them, we have enough on the forum. And it's better to honestly buy a PRO from the developer.

Post has been editedinok_ZP - 03.08.17, 16:22
Reason for editing: Unstable operation of the mod

Rep: (12)
* inok_ZP, a little crooked buttons are displayed.
Attached Image

Post has been editedsk! - 26.07.17, 12:57

Rep: (590)
* sk !,
What is your architecture and resolution?

Rep: (12)
* inok_ZP,
on one 1080 * 1920 on the second 540 x 960, on both arm and Android 7
The first Honor 8, the second Galaxy S4 mini

Rep: (12)
* inok_ZP, generally closes immediately at startup.

Rep: (1741)
* sk! ,
Clean your cache and data.

Rep: (12)
* MR.AlexandrO, set clean. And on one ginzzu, the previous version also crashed. Also arm and android 5.1

Post has been editedsk! - 29.07.17, 00:40

Rep: (85)
The mod crashes with an error. Nexus 5 stock 6.0.1

And you can make this mod like it is now, just don’t change the interface to material, I don’t understand what the program crashes, the mod is interesting, but damn it

Post has been editedForgotAbout - 01.08.17, 11:17

Rep: (0)
The material version of the mod first booted up, showed a list of stations and crashed. After that, it crashes on boot. Android 4.4.4 Sony Xperia M2

Post has been edited7777777kot - 02.08.17, 14:19

Rep: (3025)
Inok_ZP @ 07/22/17, 19:59*
Online Radio Box Material Mod 1.0.135 Pro
Disabled ads

In the Pro version, and so there should not be ads and the Pro button (upper right corner) should not be either.

Post has been editednoskojv - 05.08.17, 06:23

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