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tablepc | Intel Apollo Lake N3450 | Windows 10 | screen 13.5 "
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Screen diagonal: 13.5 inches
Resolution: 3.000 x 2,000
Aspect ratio: 3: 2
Brightness: 400 nits
Processor: Intel Celeron N3450
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 500
Built-in memory: 64GB
Additional Information
The tablet received a new Celeron N3450 processor, which is characterized by increased performance compared to its predecessors, 4GB of RAM, as well as a resolution of 3000x2000

It will be the company's largest tablet today after the 12-inch Hi12, which was based on the Intel Atom x5-Z8300 "Cherry Trail" processor (released in the second quarter of 2015), while it also has MicroUSB connectors, a full USB 2.0 port , a full USB 3.0 port, a Micro HDMI port, a headphone jack, and a Micro SD card slot (supports up to 128 GB of disk space). The next 13-inch model is ready to offer the same configuration of communications.

In terms of performance, the 13-inch model gets a big advantage over Hi12. The Celeron and Atom processors have the same number of cores and threads, but the base speed of the Celeron processor is slightly faster than the Atom chip. The performance boost is provided by boost, this is 2.20GHz for Celeron and 1.84GHz for Atom. The base speed of the graphics system is the same for both processors, but again there is an increase in boost at 700 MHz at Celeron and 500 MHz at Atom.
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Nevereda @ 03/29/17, 15:21*
At the forum TehTablets write that the lack of full lamination of the screen - disappointment, especially for those who are important to work with the stylus.

Marketing ... Who then will be the surfeys at cosmic prices.

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Ordered at the sale of 7 years aliexpress, from the chuwi official store. Cost $ 324.49 without a keyboard ($ 331.49 - $ 2 special coupon -5 $ seller’s coupon for every $ 169), not counting the cashback. Delivery by some J-NET service, in terms of time, is promised faster than the standard alice, but this is all debatable, especially since the mail will be sent again after the sale. Will wait)

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And is it technically possible to put a dual booth? And why it did not set. At 12 he seems to have

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* turichr,
Even if it is possible to deliver two systems, it will not be possible to select from them without a keyboard when booting. It is not comfortable. Here you need support in the BIOS or a special bootloader.

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Hello everyone, I'm also thinking of buying. Although just acquired Irbis TW55. + s in front of the irbis speakers, screen size, screen rotation relative to the keyboard, the presence of connectors. I took the irbis from markdowns for 7.5 tyr. So I think to change or not

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* transenergoservis I can advise you to wait for the first reviews or reviews. Because all the declared advantages are only advertising, and the disadvantages are generally unknown.

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transenergoservis @ 04/03/17, 12:26*
just acquired Irbis TW55.

Diagonal: 10.1 "
Resolution: 1280x800

Yes, something, in my opinion, is more a cheap tablet with a netbook function. Whether business

Diagonal: 13.5 inches
Resolution: 3.000 x 2,000

This is already not ashamed to call an ultrabook.

If you carry with you and do not bother low resolution - you can leave. And I will take HI13 solely because of the screen, no matter what the shortcomings.

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Good day. Also ordered myself a dude 13 with Klava and a stylus. Also a j-net delivery. With us they transmit to the backend. So I'm waiting too. I chose it because of the big screen and high resolution. The big screen is needed for graphic work, high resolution - I’m used to not seeing pixels.

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I have a 13 "laptop and the resolution is Full HD - in some programs there are problems with the size of the menu, the font in it, (for example Autocad), what will happen at a resolution of 3000 x 2000 resolution is scary
So I would not write such a resolution in +.

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* RealClod,

Well, it is, all the same, rather a netbook for the Internet and pictures, than a desktop computer for work. My first LCD monitor here was 17 "1280 * 1024, then 23" 1920 * 1080 - they have approximately the same pixel size and it never strained me. Those. the letters on the screen always seemed clear to me and I never paid attention to the pixels. I was satisfied with everything and I did not understand why 4k monitors are needed at all, until I bought a 5 "fullhd smartphone ...

After several days of using a smartphone (mainly the Internet), the pixels on the monitor screen began to just cut my eyes, they began to look huge, I began to notice the inter-pixel grid, and the letters just became blurred. I have already sold smart for a long time, but I still cannot look at the monitor - the letters are not clear even if you kill ... (everything is fine with eyes and clear type settings).

So, here, I hope at least with this device will be more or less ...

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We know at least about when he will come?

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Chris posted a review

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They called from SEDA, promised tomorrow to bring. I hope everything will be fine, and he got in better condition: rolleyes:

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We are waiting for the test

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Brought in 15 Moscow time. SDEKom was very very pleased, everyone was very polite and pleasant to talk to. I bought a tablet in the off-line store chuvi on alik (full set with keyboard + stylus). It is packed very worthily, it was problematic to damage something, except if you jump onto the package with all the weight) and then at least 80kg in weight: lol :. All this time from the moment I was brought to him, I was picking, testing and tuning. Satisfied as an elephant, the screen is just awesome, the assembly is also the smartest, nothing backlash or creaks anywhere, the device is solid and expensive in the hands of the device. Of the minuses I can allocate only a small amount of memory, I would like more of course, but this problem will be solved by the SD card and the second small minus is that in my opinion they could stick the battery into the keyboard again, but this is probably more audacity for that kind of money. In general, the first impression 10 out of 10: yes2:
Ps the air gap of the screen is generally invisible, I do not know why everyone was so worried about this.

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Received. First impressions - the body crunches when twisting. The sound is flat (it was clear from the YouTube review), in the search for an equalizer. Auto-brightness lowers the brightness, it is not clear whether it can be adjusted.

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* AntonioTheOne,
Does the creak depend on the place of purchase?

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AntonioTheOne @ 04/11/17, 20:44*
First impressions - the body crunches when twisting.

This is because it does not have enough tight latches on which the back cover is held. Here in this video it can be clearly seen understand that if these latches are loosened, properly poured with superglue and snapped back, then it can be twisted at least 50 times a day - nothing will crackle anyway.

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* dewindow33 No, it does not depend, I took it in the same place Ultrasuper
XPert256 @ 04.04.17, 8:38*
pour super glue
: D Yes, it will be possible to twist, only minus the warranty and the possibility of further repair.

P. S. This morning discovered a strange behavior of the tablet, an indication of charging from the network without a connected charging. I rebooted - it did not help, I still think that it is charging, when the screen is off, the red charging indicator lights up. In the evening I will understand.

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I always believe more skeptics and critics, and not those who tell fables, what a wonderful product. If we consider that the Internet is one big global dump of all goods from the world, then it’s not so easy to find a quality thing. In contrast cheap rubbish, which we are trying to sell at every turn.

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