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Windows 10 x32 | 13.3 "| Intel Atom x5-Z8300 Cherry Trail 1.44GHz | 2GB
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Intel Atom x5-Z8300 Processor
The number of processor cores 4
Cherry Trail CPU Core Name
Internal clock frequency of 1.44 GHz (up to 1.84 GHz)
Capacity 2 Cache 2 MB

DDR3 SDRAM (DDR3L) Memory Technology
1600 MHz memory speed (PC3-12800)
Capacity of installed RAM 2 GB
Installation Type Soldered

Storage Flash Memory 1x32 GB

13.3 "diagonal length
LCD display type
TFT display technology Active Matrix
IPS matrix type
Chromaticity colored
Maximum resolution of 1920x1080
16: 9 aspect ratio
Additional Features Touch Full HD

Stereo audio output mode

Intel HD Graphics
Type of video memory Video memory borrowed from RAM

Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b / g / n (2.4 GHz)
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0
Number of USB 2.0 interfaces 1
Number of interfaces USB3.0 1
Number of HDMI interfaces 1
HDMI Interface Type Mini HDMI Connector (Type C)
The number of interfaces for the headset 1

Transformer system type
Type of packaging Retail
Localization Keyboards English
Webcam 2 MPiks.
Built-in device card reader
Supported Flash micro SD up to 128 GB
Accessories Included Power Adapter
Color Dark Gray

Installed operating system Microsoft Windows 10 Home

Power Supply Location
Input voltage AC 100-240 V
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Number of power connectors 1

Battery technology Ion-Lithium
Number of batteries installed 1
Maximum number of batteries supported 1
Battery Capacity 10,000 mAh

Depth 330 mm
Height is 19 mm
Width 227.86 mm
Nominal weight 1.775 kg

Warranty Yes
Warranty period of 12 months.
Warranty Evaluation Criterion Serial Number
Notes to the warranty conditions The warranty period for the battery is 6 months
additional information
Motherboard EM_8316_V3.0
SanDisk Flash ROM SDINADF4-32G
BIOS Winbond 25Q64fwig (Installed BIOS firm AMI)
WiFi RTL8723BS
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Post has been editedAndrewP_1 - 27.09.18, 08:16
Reason for editing: Prestigio Visconte Ecliptica drivers. The model is PNT10131DEDB.

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I have a model on my hands: PNT10130CEDB, I am looking for a BIOS dump.

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Well, that's what prevented them not to unsolder the RAM, but to install a standard slot. Also with SSD. In this case, I would definitely buy it. To work the most it.

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* vikont4,
I agree completely. And he does not have ssd, but an ordinary flash memory. It is still not clear how to reinstall windows on it. From the flash drive refuses to load (

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Tell me where to get the driver for it? I decided to reinstall windows with the demolition of the recovery partition (and so there is little memory) after installation the sensor, music, etc. stopped working. The update center for these drivers could not be found

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I lost the adapter. Prompt the characteristics of the power and the geometry of the connector, for the selection of analogue.

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Officially nowhere, except the service center. I can lay out my copy, after reinstalling everything works, there were no unidentified devices.

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vicson157 @ 03.24.17, 12:59*
Prompt the characteristics of the power and the geometry of the connector, for the selection of analogue.

Voltage 5V
Current up to 3000mA
The connector is a cylindrical jack 3.5mm x 1.35mm

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Tell me how to enter bios?

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Dear experts! And how on this miracle hard reset to do? In the instructions about this is not a word ...

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Forget. Wait until it is discharged!)))

Posted on 03/31/2017 07:53:

I waited 12 hours! The battery really holds for a long time)))

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* winger14,

BIOS includes standard, F2 or DEL

Posted 04/01/2017 04:05 AM:

* ginrai
What exactly do you need "Hard Reset"? The data on the disk?

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Erema333 @ 04/01/17, 04:04*
What exactly do you need "Hard Reset"? The data on the disk?

It was necessary to reset the system to the factory level in order to return this product to the store. Found through Windows search. He twisted balls for two hours - restored! Then patience ran out, restarted forcibly. It seems then finished, loaded with a choice of language.

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Ok thanks, I'll try now

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I’m trying to reset Windows 10 (to factory settings) for the second day in order to take it to the store, but this process takes more than an hour (i.e., if you select "reset", the process reaches 100%, then the reboot and on the screen saver Prestigio turns endlessly ...) - as a result, a forced reboot and after switching on, writes that the reset is not performed ...
Has anyone encountered this problem?

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I could not reset the same to the factory ones. Rummaged through the Internet. Found the following. In the hidden Recovery section there is a folder with the same name. The folder is empty. There should be a recovery file. Something like this. Can someone from the owners of this device lay out the contents of the hidden section? I would be very grateful.

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Is it possible to add RAM to this miracle? Thanks in advance. : thank_you:

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Is it possible to add RAM to this miracle? Thanks in advance.

The Intel x5-Z8300 system-on-chip does not officially support more than 2Gb.

Memory Specifications
Max. amount of memory (depending on the type of memory) 2 GB
Types of memory DDR3L-RS 1600
Max. number of memory channels 1
Max. memory bandwidth of 12.8 GB / s

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* ces,
I got to the factory reset, there in the parameters section there is a function "return the computer to its original state"
The first time, too, did not work out, the company logo was prestigio and nothing happened, it waited for a long time to get freaked out and turned off. I decided to try again, it was late at night, in the end I waited and fell asleep :) I woke up this morning. everything worked out, the system rolled back;)

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* AVC ...,
Tell me how to reinstall Win 10 tried through Rufus is not loaded from a flash drive, oh, this uefi

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I guess that theoretically you can install Linux from this topic here.LINUX on UEFI 32bit
Interestingly, in practice, has anyone already reinstalled?

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