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Xiaomi Redmi 4X - MIUI firmware

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Xiaomi Redmi 4X - MIUI firmware
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Drivers and Utilities
MIUI | MIUI ROM Flashing Tool (MiFlash) | 2017.4.25.0
MIUI | MIUI ROM Flashing Tool (MiFlash) | 2016.12.22.0
MIUI | MIUI ROM Flashing Tool (MiFlash) | 2016.08.30.0
MIUI | MIUI ROM Flashing Tool (MiFlash) | 2016.04.01.0
savagemessiahzine.com |MiFlash Pro |2.3.1207.36

savagemessiahzine.com | QDLoader HS-USB Driver | 32/64-bit
savagemessiahzine.com | ADB Driver Lite | 32/64-bit

savagemessiahzine.com | Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) | r.29.0.1 | Windows
savagemessiahzine.com | Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) | r.23.1.0 | Windows - XP support

Hashtab file checksum utility

USBDeview a list of all USB-devices with the possibility of their removal from the system


Set of instructions

Remove embedded applications without root
Backup applications and their data via ADB (alternative to Titanium Backup) without root and unlocked bootloader
Disable updates on firmware. As well as update notifications.
Turning off VoLTE so that the smartphone does not warm up
Turn on gestures like on Redmi 5
Reset ESN to 00000000 and delete MEID on the global version of the phone + replace IMEI
Visual guide how to use the program MiFlashPro
EFS Backup Method
Installing the root after the firmware
Installing TWRP from under Ubuntu (for example, Elementary OS 0.4)
Instructions for switching from China Stable to Global Stable to a LOCKED bootloader
Firmware via fastboot using linux terminal
Instructions for creating and restoring backup via TWRP on Redmi.
Expansion of internal memory due to an adapted SD card
Instructions for Mi FRP temporary bypass and Mi account login
EDL firmware
How to upgrade to MIUI 9 if global 8.2.10 is installed
[Video instruction] How to switch from MIUI 8 to 9 on a locked bootloader
Instructions for beginners
Fastboot firmware for Mac OS
Recovery of sensors after rollback
How to flash via MiFlash
Ways to enter different modes
Enter EDL mode via adb
Enter EDL mode via loader / buttons (point 2.9)
Check archive checksum with firmware
Solving the problem of recording on microSD
The option of raising brick
Translation in edl closing testpoint
Rollback boot.img on custom to drain to install Magisk
EFS backup and restore [imei / nvram] + [nvram]
Disable unnecessary applications without ROOT on MIUI8

TWRP / SuperSU / Magisk
Mi remotesavagemessiahzine.com | Google play

GApps(choose ARM64, 6.0,Pico; installation via TWRP)

NewGoogleInstaller2.0MS- install GApps on a locked bootloader

Google play | savagemessiahzine.com | MIUI 8 Tweaks [Xposed]
Google play | savagemessiahzine.com | extMIUIv7 [Xposed]
Google play | savagemessiahzine.com | xMIUI

Unlinking from a Google Account (FRP)
For those who do not want to be updated from any version, and notifications (on miui 9, they are non-switchable) do not give rest
Recommendations for modding miui / miuipro
What to do if after installing TWRP the phone hangs on the MI logo



Survey Screenshots
Poll # 1 | Closed 08/22/17
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Poll # 2 | Closed 11/09/17
Attached Image

Poll # 3 | Closed 3/9/18
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Poll # 4 | Closed 10/03/18
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Poll # 5 | Closed 03/01/19
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many here including I asked what is the difference between the firmware on various teams .. someone gave information about the developers who are on the far left who is using a program it all turned .. but I was wondering is not it .. but what exactly has changed compared to the drain, well, I'm after using all these firmware decided to try to collect this information in a heap

Differences between firmware MIUIPRO, XIAOMI.EU, MULTIROM, MIUI RUSSIA, or MIUI.SU, MiRoom (MiRum) from official

Features firmware MiuiPro

Links will not be unnecessarily forbidden forum search in Google or in the cap threads

From myself: MiuiPro - megakombain, not flashing - the maximum tweaks everything is stable enough glitches least nedoperevoda virtually no patched manager in the extended list of networks to 4G, 3G, 2G, perezarguzki expanded menu, replaced stock Weather app, dialer with a large number - To download the firmware requires a paid subscription
- compiled on the basis of the Chinese weekly firmware (China Dev.)
- translation languages ​​- Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, English, Turkish, Chinese, Italian, Greek
- own repository firmware and patches
- Cut out unnecessary Chinese applications
- optimized system resources and power consumption
- the minimum necessary services Google
- extended reboot menu
- M8 weather app with extended widgets and sources
- author wallpapers, themes and styles
- root-rights in the run-off, the integration SuperSu
- support init.d
- busybox
- tweaks build.prop
- Sony Xperia keyboard as main keyboard
- independent settings
- the number of steps the volume increased to 30
- Advanced Desktop Configuration (. On / off shadows, captions, reflection icons, automatic closing folders, gestures to the desktop with a choice for their own applications.)
Attached Image

- modified stock and dialer application "Phone" (the possibility of including a maximum screen backlight during the call setup and call completion actions)
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

- Setting the time to select the SIM-card before making a call
Attached Image

- the ability to enable full-screen photos when calling
Attached Image

- setting default photo of the caller - providing choice photos (as usual - no full screen)
Attached Image

- Choice photo by default when you call
Attached Image

- the ability to hide \ show search string "My Profile" and "Groups" in the contacts and dialer
Attached Image

- call recording quality settings
Attached Image

- setting blinking flashlight when calling
Attached Image

- Advanced network setup type selection
Attached Image

- smart mobile network - SMARTNET
Attached Image

- Set the type of network when calling
Attached Image

- Set the type of network when you turn on Wi-Fi
Attached Image

- timers connections
Attached Image

- Advanced Settings Battery indicator
Attached Image

- Fixed counter notifications on icons
Attached Image

-. The possibility of on / off. sound when connecting and disconnecting the charger
Attached Image

- Choice of LED color
Attached Image

- the different styles of the status bar
Attached Image

- Separate ringer and notification pop-up window
Attached Image

-. The possibility of on / off. screen on connection. / Off. charger
Attached Image

- Ability to set the text color of interest (a gradient, by default)
Attached Image

- the ability to hide / show the icon in the status bar
Attached Image

- view of the panel switches while opening the shutter (co-operation)
Attached Image

- the ability to hide \ show the brightness of the panel to the curtain
Attached Image

- the ability to hide \ show the search bar at the curtain
Attached Image

- the ability to hide \ show the weather in the curtain
Attached Image

- Ability to show LTE 4G icon instead
Attached Image

- disable pop-up message when you select the type of network "3G only"
- the ability to install your application on hold function keys
Attached Image

- Endless scrolling desktop
Attached Image

- tviki camera (shooting modes, and 4k when the screen shot, noise reduction, etc.)
Attached Image

- on / off vibration unlock imprint
Attached Image

- setting the number of switches in the curtain
Attached Image

- Set the animation pop-up notifications
Attached Image

- Yandex search in browser
Attached Image

- gestures anywhere on the screen with the ability to assign to them any act
Attached Image

- Animation and Interpolation lists (visual effects)
Attached Image

- the sound of sms delivery report
Attached Image

- animation screen off
Attached Image

- inclusion of the rounded corners of the screen
Attached Image

- A-GPS settings
Attached Image

- switch tracks the volume buttons
Attached Image

- FaceID (only for devices with 64-bit processor architecture)
Attached Image

- the appointment of its application on the combination of buttons
Attached Image

- weather widget Personal Assistant
Attached Image

- dynamic icons in the status bar
Attached Image

- display of recorded calls in the call log
Attached Image

- The inclusion of avatars in notifications (Regardless of dynamic icons)
Attached Image

- Setting the default volume adjustment buttons (Call, Multimedia, alert)
Attached Image

- Ability to disable the clicks when setting time
Attached Image

- Enable sound when fully charged
Attached Image

- and much more…

Features firmware MiRoom

From myself: MiRoom - stable firmware average number of tweaks, nedoperevoda no discharge of all, patched manager in extended perezarguzki menus, an expanded list of networks to 4G, 3G, 2G, a long press the Internet button on the curtain conclusion extended networks of choice ie exactly all you need an ordinary user -my choice!

Download firmware
Basic list Mirum changes - official source

Basic list of changes assemblies MIUI MiRum from the official firmware. Further changes can be followed here in the relevant sectionMIUI Change Lists.

Mi-Room builds are based on the official Chinese versions of MIUI, on which the main Xiaomi development team is working. Chinese versions of MIUI are updated more often than global ones, they are more thoroughly worked out and are not overloaded with unnecessary localizations, due to which many critical errors can occur.
The basis of the Russian localization is a translation from the team MIUI Russia, sponsored by DriffeX and Zenk.
The firmware is assembled using the jBART ​​program using Apktool + HEX hybrid technology, thanks to which the structure of system applications is not disturbed, and the stability of the system remains at the level of official Chinese MIUI firmware.
In the MIUI Mi-Room firmware, only the most essential software is present, including the basic GAPPS package for the correct operation of Google services, as well as the most necessary patches and additional functions that do not affect the stability of the system at all.
In addition, all Chinese services that are irrelevant for Russia are disabled.

- A complete and high-quality translation into Russian (translation was founded in 2011 by a team MIUI Russia: DriffeX and Zenk).
- High-quality localization and completion of graphic resources system.
- Shut off all irrelevant Chinese features and services.
- Maximum optimization of fonts in all system applications for better display when Russian localization.
- Removed Chinese software and other debris, which is irrelevant for Russia, as well as just takes inner and memory.
- Use your own correct ad blocker, which does not affect critical Internet resources.
- disable ads in all system applications.
- Updated time zone database.
- Improved definition and mapping of Russian operator names.
- Updated database automatic settings APN access point.
- Added advanced icon package from DriffeX for the "Default" and "Infinity". Number icons updated.
- Have all the necessary services Google.
- Added a proprietary animation download "MiRum".
- pre-set Magisk for ROOT-rights and SafetyNet.
- Correct Google Pay Payment for work on devices that support NFC.
- Advanced power menu: added the ability to reboot into Recovery mode and Fastboot.
- Correct operation of any modifications Mi Fit app.
- Fixed display of fractional numbers in Russian at the system level.
- preset keyboard 2: Gboard (systemic) and Smartkeyboard MIUI MOD (removably).
- Added new emoticons Emoji.
- Instant creation of a screenshot when you press the "Volume Down + Power".
- Correct work Wi-Fi at frequencies 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
- Disable the signature verification applications. You can, for example, on top of the official version of the application to establish modified.
- Improved clock widgets: fixed date format, font sizes.
- Added the copyright of music widgets.
- Ability to choose different grid of icons. (Recommended to use the original).
- Full localization assistant Mi.
- Ability to set your picture 5-fold by pressing a date in Mi mate.
- Improved search contacts by T9 dialer.
- Added extended selection of network types.
- Added the ability to synchronize the blacklisted contacts with Mi account.
- Fixed an intelligent grouping of contacts for all languages.
- Fixed contacts sorted by name.
- Added base expanded geo-determining numbers of greatslon.
- Ability to choose the type of dialer: Russian and Anglo-Russian.
- Optimized frequency of blinking flash during the call. (Included in the settings)
- Improved call quality recording.
- A new species of the section "About your device".
- Added icons to click Advanced Settings.
- Ability to change the font in the settings screen.
- Added ability to switch tracks the volume keys. (Activated in the settings of keys and gestures).
- Added option to enable / disable the sound of connecting and disconnecting the battery.
- Added option to enable / disable the sound of charge completion.
- Added option to enable / disable the sound of a discharged battery.
- Added option to enable / disable the sound file deletion.
- Added option to enable / disable the sound of the time setting.
- Added additional options in the setup "For Developers" for some devices.
- Full localization browser.
- disable ads.
- Changed the links on the main page. Now you can remove them.
- Added the major search engines: Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu.
- Added the ability to quickly search as you type on Youtube, Google Play, AliExpress,savagemessiahzine.com, Wikipedia, DuckDuckGo.
- Disable auto-update apps.
- Added support for automation tasks.
- Improved the main application screen, carved with Chinese unused functions.
- Easy management of permissions: All permissions apps are located in one place.
- Added the ability to import contacts and messages from iCloud.
- Ability to create a backup for any (even protected) third-party applications and restore it.
- Ability to create and restore a backup via USB.
- Added support for Russian holidays, thanks to which you can set automatic shutdown alarm during the holidays.
- Activate additional opportunities for some devices.
- Improved sound quality when recording for some devices.
- Modified display mm Hg pressure. Art. instead of hPa.
- A new type of notification as a global firmware with quick response.
- Modified number of switches: 5 in a row at the opened panel 6 in line with closed.
- Fixed display of fonts in the notification.
- If you hold the "Internet" switch in the notification panel opens select the type of network.
- Added support for "No matter notification" for grouping unimportant notices in the same category.
- Added the ability to use any theme and fonts from third-party sources.
- Added ability to download ringtones and fonts.
- Russified local themes.
- Added a local basis for determining popular folders on the home page (folders by Telegram, VK, Music, WhatsApp, etc.)
- On the map graphics of sunrise and sunset.
- Modified display mm Hg pressure. Art. instead of hPa.
- Fixed display of avatars without photo.
- activated support for creating collages and posters.
- activated support for creating clips.
- Added support for the stickers in the photo editor.
- Russified entire schedule.
- Folder screenshots and screen recordings transferred to the Pictures, in both the standard Android, for easy sorting photos in Side Gallery, for example, in Google Photos.
- Removed Chinese online content.
- Removed Chinese features.
- Added support ARCloud music recognition.
- Disabled uvedolmenie about safe volume, which is not allowed to add volume to maximum when headphones are connected.
- Chinese version of the video player is replaced by a global.
- The official global version of the app with the ability to update and delete.
- Added full corporate search MIUI.
- Run swipe up from the desktop.
- Ability to select the default search on swipe up on the desktop. Can be replaced with a standard search from Google.
- Ability to search for online content, SMS-messages, settings, applications, desktop and more.
- Changed menu, quick launch popular applications instead of Chinese services. Activated swipe sideways.
- Added support for "Wallpaper Daily" with full localization in the Russian language.
- Removed recommendations and Chinese services.
- Correct work acceleration Xunlei.
- Added support for the weather at the alarm clock.
- Added the ability to set an alarm on weekdays. During holidays, it will not work. Holidays Russia updated from our server.
Note: Some functions and features may vary depending on the devices and versions of MIUI.

Features firmware XIAOMI.EU

From myself: XIAOMI.EU - stable light approximate to the drain of the average number of firmware tweaks, nothing more, patched manager in nedoperevod periodically slips

Originalthere is a link to download, there are cases when the same version of the firmware re-poured, fix bugs, as it happened with the stable 9.1.1

Languages, translations are part of (in brackets are taken from)
English (en.miui.com, xiaomi.eu), Chinese (miui.com), Polish (Acid, miuipolska.pl), Slovak (ingbrzy, miuios.cz), Czech (kynio, miuios.cz), Bulgarian (Global ), Hungarian (vagyula, miui.hu), French (Global), Swedish (Global), Russian (Global), Ukrainian (Global), Belorussian (Global), Croatian (Masva, MIUI Adria), Vietnamese (Belmont-Gabriel) , Italian (miui.it), Greek (Global), Norwegian (Global), Dutch (cueie, mannyribo, redmaner), Spanish (nosijf982), Turkish (suatsari), Brazilian-Portuguese (Global, Feurrado, Lobianco), Portuguese ( KcNirvana, Lippe35), Hebrew (Global), Romanian (ashtefan), German (muhamed89, cp82, dahool2016, and more), (deivids84, softcatala.org), Korean (cjhyuky, bradly1, xiaomiqm), Slovenian (bostjan2016), Serbian (dudjaa), Thai (Global), Finnish (dogiex), Arabic (Global), Japanese (ScratchBuild), Burmese (Global), Danish (Global)

The fact that there is in this Rom'e (something which is not in the Global):
- Based on China Stable / Weekly (except HMNote3SE, POCOF1)
- Activated Search gesture (swipe up) on the desktop
- 3way reboot menu
- Removed advertising System applications
- Face Unlock all 7.x / 8.x / 9.x devices
- Vertical clock widget to the lock screen
- Step Counter Assistant to the screen
- Gesture Awakening to 7.x / 8.x / 9.x devices
- Option AI preload the MIUI Laboratory
- Full-screen gestures for 8.x / 9.x devices
- Option Avtorazvorachivaniya first notification
- Notification Setting priorities
- Additional editing options in Gallery
- Activated MiDrive Explorer
- Added lanshaftny mode SMS
- Sunrise / Sunset at the Weather app
- Integrated Gapps
- patched Manager Topics
- Removed Chinese malicious applications
- More Free RAM because of the lower background processes
- Uniform flat style icons for system applications and third-party applications (Ex flat icon Play Store, in any way officially global MIUI.)
- Extended menu with colored icons (not just text as in the official release MIUI)
- No kitayschiny system
- Mi Video, Mi Music, Mi Radio, Mi Browser: do not use the Chinese content
- Added 27 of the Official MIUI fansite teams target languages
- Added support for Russian T9
- Added sound switch when connecting the charger
- Added switch spell checker
- Added animation off screen
- Optimized GPS settings for the EU and RU
- Optimized battery consumption
- Optimized memory consumption
- Added preload AI for 8.x / 9.x devices
- Added support for 4k video MI4C, MI4S, HMNote3Pro, HMNote3SE, HMNote4X
- Added 3D Touch for MI5S version 3GB RAM
- Added to the SMS GSMalphabet
- Added another location icon grid 4x5, 4x6, 5x5, 5x6
- SafetyNet passed (for Android Pay), PlayMarket certified - ie is not root, put the superpowers, Magisk yourself
- Deodeksirovano
- Added automated tasks
- Added Accelerator games
- Added Eraser tool to edit Gallery
- Fixed a bug with the low volume through headphones
- Fixed a problem with Google Voice Response Assistant
and many many others..

Features firmware MultiROM

From myself: MultiROM - stable approximate to the drain of the average number of firmware tweaks, patched manager in nedoperevoda at least - but I did not like the translation itself, but it is to me personally, contrary to many may like - the project is closed

Full version

The sample of the desired:
Patches, as I wrote - about 40. Sometimes more, sometimes less. At the moment - exactly 40.
Also widely known T9 patches and patch toll those present:
Patch antispam, calendar (Russian and Ukrainian holidays), camera, wedge-master, e-mail, gallery, compass, framework, Mui keyguard, framework, weather, SMS, yellow pages, security center, video, contacts and so on. In general, patches adapted typical Chinese setting and services to European. Only once it is my duty to warn - how the patch changes a particular application, do not ask, do not answer.

Also, I want to draw the attention of our customers to the next point: our firmware does not contain a third-party hacked software. No two keyboards stolen "Smartkeyboard" - a free Google keyboard, no SuperSU Pro - only the free version SuperSU. We are not prudes. But we, as developers, we understand more than anyone else - to steal, it's bad. Fortunately, in the ecosystem android (in fact it's almost Linux) is always an alternative to proprietary software. I understand that it sounds naive, but by using our firmware, you can be sure - you do not condone theft. Another thing - themselves firmware, the Chinese do not recognize any rights to the software, shamelessly steal. Well, and so we came up with and implemented the patch toll. But this, again, only applies to the firmware.

Features firmware MIUI Russia

Source material:https://miui.su/

From myself: MIUI Russia - the most high-quality translation of all flashes are seen based on the cotton, tweaks if they have at least those not patched manager nedoperevoda not see - really, if memory serves has expanded reboot menu - The authors partially moved into MiRum project closed
Added by:

GoogleKeyboard.apk - Google Keyboard with support for swipe
GmsCore.apk - main component services
Google Play Market - Market from Google
Google Synchronization Services (GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk, GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk, GoogleLoginService.apk, GoogleServicesFramework.apk)

Libraries: libjni_unbundled_latinimegoogle.so - library for Google Keyboard

Google services library:
libAppDataSearch .so


BaiduNetworkLocation.apk - Chinese application to determine the location
GameCenter.apk - Chinese game center
GameCenterSDKService.apk - service for the Chinese gaming service
MzInput2.apk - keyboard
Meizu Userbook.apk - Chinese "phonebook"
UserbookProvider.apk - provider "notebook"
VoiceAssist.apk - Chinese voice assistant
Mipay.apk - Chinese payment service
Galaxy4.apk - Live Wallpaper
O2O.apk - Chinese online store
HoloSpiralWallpaper.apk - Live Wallpaper
GooglePinyin.apk - English-Chinese keyboard
PhaseBeam.apk - Live Wallpaper
VisualizationWallpapers.apk - Live Wallpaper
LiveWallpapers.apk - live wallpaper
NoiseField.apk - Live Wallpaper
MiGameCenterSDKService.apk - SDK service Chinese game
GameCenter.apk - service Chinese game (Google Games analogue)
MiFinance.apk - for financial accounting application (only for China)
Replaced by:
gps.conf - GPS configuration to quickly find satellites
hosts - ad blocking and malware sites
spn-conf.xml - large base carrier name
apns-conf.xml - automatic configuration of access points APN
system_fonts.xml - replacement of standard fonts for Russian support (Android L family of fonts)
font Betina (TobysHand.ttf) - to display the icons of contacts without photos
Mi Market moved to the user memory to be able to remove it if necessary.
fonts / - Roboto fonts from Android L
tzdata - an updated database of time zones

Fixes / patches:
Russian T9 dialer
large icons pack V6 in style from DriffeX, which is constantly updated
search network locations is done through Google services
large base of SMS greetings (If the menu item is missing, then uncheck Messages>Settings>Advanced settings>Hide "congratulations")
QuickSearchBox in implementing search in Play Market
optimized some graphics
the opportunity to share an update on Twitter and VKontakte
Fixed the date format and the size (MB / GB) in many places
added tabs in the browser "Categories" and "News", in which progruzhat own content c of our website
off warning of the volume of the headset is plugged in
4x4 widget added music from DriffeX
Fixed font size in some places
getting root access in one step without waiting
quick access to the dialer from the lock screen
updated database of holidays in the calendar

Source material:https://miui.su/osobennosti-proshivok-ot-miui-su

Features firmware MI-GLOBE aka MiUI globeROM

Source material:http://mi-globe.com/

From myself: MI-GLOBE - essentially assembled from Xiaomi.eu - with the ability to create your own distribution with the addition or removal of software, and some tweaks

MiUI globeROM features:
All features Xiaomi.EU
Supports startup scripts init.d
zipaligned APK compressed at every boot
Battery tweaks
performance tweaks
Tviki RAM
I cleaned up the interface
removed Chinese applications
Accelerated GPS
Added Advanced reboot menu (added Recovery and Bootloader)
Tweaks CPU and Thermal
Attached Image


ZY source was mainly OFFICIAL firmware sites and of personal experience, if you have anything to add that change and that remedy ask you to contact the Koumiss (Private messages)
also note that the information in some areas may already be out of date, if you upgrade again to update the same by mare
just I want to note that the information I collected half day attaching pictures and stuff, so please respect the work of others

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* maks113,

Rep: (5)
How to decrypt the MIUI firmware code


For example on my firmware version: MIUI-V NCFMIEI
N = Nuogat / 7.0.x-7.1.2
CF = Redmi Note 4 / 4X snapdragon
MI = Global (Rom Global).
EI = stable MIUI 9

Android version
J = Jelly Bean
K = KitKat
L = Lollipop
M = Marshmallow / 6.0-6.0.1
N = Nuogat / 7.0.x-7.1.2
O: Oreo / Android 8.0.x

Smartphone model
CA = Mi 6

BC = Mi Max
BD = Mi Max Pro
DD = Mi Max 2

AH = Mi Mix
DE = Mi Mix 2

CE = Redmi 4
CC = Redmi 4A
AM = Redmi 4X
BF = Redmi Note 4 mediatek
CF = Redmi Note 4 / 4X snapdragon

CK = Redmi 5A
DF = Redmi Note 5 A / Redmi Y1 Lite
DK = Redmi Note 5A Prime / Redmi Y1 Lite Prime

Type of firmware
MI = Global (Rom Global).
CN = China, ie only for the domestic market of China (Rom China).

MIUI version
EA = version of the MIUI 8.2
EB = 8.3
EC = 8,4
ED = 8.5
EI = stable MIUI 9

From the website:http://xiaomishka.ru/k...at-kod-proshivki-miui

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* egorandrgmailcom,
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Firmware smatfonov Xiaomi redmi 4x via fastboot using linux terminal not wash / data and external card or removing it in one command difference.Vazhno.Zagruzchik unlocked ARM HOOKS - ETO vashy PROBLEMY.ya checked on my phone I have everything working standards

1. Install the necessary tools in the terminalopen-window-in-terminal-of Ubuntudrive:sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot Copy and vkonsol throw the keyboard shortcut shift + ctr + v.Esli you are not Debian: replace team apt word to the name of your package manager (yum, pacman)
2.Skachivaem himself>romon a page in your browser, click the shortcut to ctr + f inserted UTB>Redmi 4X Latest Global Stable Version Fastboot File Download download the highlighted link, or select a different firmware on your taste.
3.Skachannuyu firmware unzip to some folder on your computer. it is important that the name no Russian. alphabet and spaces. I UTB
home / mark / 23santoni_global_images_V9.1.1.0.NAMMIEI_20171107.0000.00_7.1_global
4. Go to the folder firmware: drive terminalcd /home/mark/23/santoni_global_images_V9.1.1.0.NAMMIEI_20171107.0000.00_7.1_global or etoy folder click the right mouse button and we click on the menu to open the terminal.
5.100% of the phone it is important to charge.Turn off the phone and move xiaomi in Fastboot / Bootloader modestifle negative volume and power. fastboot appears the inscription After kabeyl connect the device to a computer.
6.Proverim whether PC sees your smartphone: termenali drivesudo fastboot devices
As a result, the terminal will have to show something like this (which means that linux sees smartphone):
12104bd21 fastboot
7.Pozvolyaem executing file as program's drive in the terminal
sudo chmod + x flash_all_except_data_storage.sh

8.Nachinaem! - firmware smatfon under linux in a terminal:
sudo sh flash_all_except_data_storage.sh
forward, after the phone will reboot on me UTB took 29 seconds, all data remains to do butlup installing the wrong version of twrp to check whether the date will be and whether all will be ok

about scripts, he was not alone, I will write about each archive:
flash_all_except_data_storage.sh - do not wash / data and external card
flash_all_except_storage.sh - flash but do not touch the external card
flash_all.sh - delete all and sew (the data on the memory card, are stored).
flash_all_lock.sh - state will be closed and the bootloader appears to be both from the plant. But before the firmware needs to be done by otvyazku mi account, remove the phone binding.
Select the command you want to insert in sudo sh ......
"Flash_all.sh" script is recommended for "naked" firmware. The download can take a long time, it is necessary to have patience.

so you can remove painless twrp sometimes saves from botlupa not clobber danye

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Instructions on how to install the Root on the locked bootloader

1. Downloading Platform-tools (adb / fastboot) (spoiler Drivers and Utilities), and unpack the archive contents into an empty folder on your PC / laptop
2. DownloadingAttached fileTWRP_santoni.zip(23.3 MB)
and extract its contents to a file folder Platform-tools (adb / fastboot)
3. Putting your smartphone in fastboot (turn it off, hold the button and turn the volume minus vibration after release the power button and wait for the appearance of the image with the hare) mode. Connect it to your PC / laptop
4. In the folder with the files adb / fastboot run boot_twrp.bat and wait until the start TWRP

TWRP is established, and once only dynamically loaded!

We are not allowed to modify the System, if it is asked if TWRP start! We go into read-only mode.
Attached Image
Attached Image

Select "Advanced"
Attached Image

Then go to the "Tools"
Attached Image

And select "Install ROOT"
Attached Image

Afterwards glad and restart)
All the modifications you make on your own risk.
Thank you very much for your helpdjmrmore

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* Tonomura,
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Instructions for switching from China Stable to Global Stable to a LOCKED bootloader
Good afternoon, dear forum users!
Decided to shareway to go to China Stable at Global Stable Block on the loader
Very detailed instructions for beginners. Before flashing, save the necessary data, all data will be deleted when the phone firmware!
  1. Downloadinglatest XiaoMiTool, It is set by default to "C: \ Xiaomi \ XiaoMiTool". During installation, the utility puts the necessary drivers. Run the tool, connect the unit to BB
  2. Enable debugging on the phone ( "Settings / About phone" - 10 times poke at MIUI version, hereinafter referred to "Settings / Additional Settings / Developer option - USB Debugging - Turn"). On request the inclusion of debugging on the phone answering YES.
  3. The utility will determine the phone, press the SELECT, a request for deleting data answer Yes. Phone will reboot several times to determine the best way to install the firmware (when prompted for authentication device the phone volume keys to select the last three points, confirm the power button, the utility press "OK, done"). After completion of the inspection tool will tell you that you need an unlocked bootloader to install Global Stable. it is not necessary to install the Global Developer. Ok, select Global Developer. The utility warns that will be fitted in 2 firmware - first China Developer, then Global Developer
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image
    Attached Image

  4. To download, install China Developer. After completing the firmware again perform step 2. Phone from the computer does not disable!
  5. The utility will determine the phone and start the download (if for a minute download does not start - click "OK, done"), and then install the firmware Global Developer
    Attached Image

  6. With the help of this utility, go to the Global Developer at Global Stable will not work - it requires an unlocked bootloader. No problem! Transition is possible using the standard application "Update" "three points": "Settings / About phone / System Update - select the menu item with three dots in the upper right corner of the application - Select the firmware file", choose a pre-download the latest version of MIUI Global Stable. On System swore, ate without problems
    Attached Image

All actions are performed at your own risk! Sam already flashed several dozen vehicles (with the JD, the package was sealed, the native Chinese firmware)
For two firmware download tool requires approximately 2.5 Gb of data, further 1,3Gb need for Global Stable. To reduce the amount of downloads on this PC, you can put filesthe downloaded firmwarethe path "C: \ Xiaomi \ XiaoMiTool \ rom". Download Firmware version must always match the version, which offers upgrade utility!
Stocks in the system after the transition to notice. From inspections - after installation tried through the Chinese version MiPhone Manager to return to to, and then again through the air update to the latest - all turned out. Only now select a region other than China, it is impossible (in China only the selection list). Accordingly, the Auto Clock belt fulfills properly, choose the time zone manually
Attached Image

P.S. In paragraph 6, be sure to press the "Clear!" On one of the devices I clicked "Cancel", then set the Global Stable did not work - "It`s not allowed to upgrade to unofficial ROM package", had to do a factory reset to the factory, only managed to flash through 3 points
PS I discovered another interesting and shorter migration path.
Described in the instructions Way: 1) utility with China Stable at China Developer; 2) utility with China Developer at Global Developer; 3) through the "3 points" with Global Developer at Global Stable.
Faster and simpler way: 1) utility with China Stable on China Stable (this is not a typo!); 2) utility with China Stable at Global Stable

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KapaT55 @ 01.01.2018, 17:29*
* Rahid , Piercing through three points should help you.

people meant "naked" Android)

Posted on 01/01/2018, 18:47:

phepper @ 01.01.2018, 17:33*
Hello everyone and a Happy!

Now at version 8.2.10, but the phone is hard to update. It is worth doing this? If so, for what?

where required, to and updated)

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* merin12426 , Version 7, and 21 normal.

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* andrcim ,
В® Magisk - The Universal Systemless Interface (Post Anais10 # 53515726)

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Happy New Year, dear forum users.
As noted by some that the topic thoroughly cleaned, as it started with a clean slate on Monday, especially on January 1st.
Yes, I understand that finding could dig something useful, but 75% of it was for nothing, most of the posts were about: To what firmware arrived, someone that did not come, the other part of the MIUI 9 release dates, or simply flood .
Thanks for attention.
: tomato:

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* S5660,
And where is this work? The theme of the firmware appears in the subject. The topic of cores there while building the kernel say! And in the custom firmware does not roll too. For E about this firmware made in the run-off. So my question is still open.

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MIUI Russia | AFH | 7.12.28 | 9 | 7.1 | TWRP

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Zahar7777 @ 02.01.2018, 01:38*
Put the google phone, now I can not delete
than not pleased? There are tons of mods on the forum. And on top of how you would name.

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Huetat @ 02.01.18, 12:10*
I have one problem with the OTA server in Miui.su?

Download with AFH and manually update.

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Huetat @ 02.01.18, 12:16*

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Check, after the firmware is blocked bootloader

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* tandashka , Try to start uztanovshik tvrp without admin rights helps).

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Put IDLI 07.12.28, no zadvoeny notifications not satisfied with the firmware. I put clean

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