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Cubux - Home Accounting | family budget and personal finance

Rep: (1167)
Cubux - family bookkeeping
Version: 1.43

Last update of the program in the header:27.10.2017

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Short description:
application for accounting family budgets as well as personal finances.

Cubux is a free app to track your family budget and personal finances.

Easy access anytime, anywhere.

Record your expenses and income on your phone or computer, and we will instantly synchronize information between all users of your team!

No ads!

Main functions:
+ Unlimited number of accounts and users for joint accounting. You can invite any user by email to the team and designate him as an administrator or user.
+ each account can be hidden from the user team or issued only for viewing
+ Synchronization with Yandex Money (configured on the website)
+ Support for multiple currencies and update rates every hour
+ Conversion of all account balances into one amount of the main currency
+ Password protection
+ Ability to photograph the check, with processing on the website www.cubux.net
+ Scheduled operations
+ Budget for every month
+ Analysis of expenses and income
+ Goals
+ Restriction of information transfer via Wi-Fi or mobile data (Offline and online mode)
+ Categories and Subcategories

We use encryption and SSL certificate

Cubux 2: Cubux 2 - family accounting

Android required: 4.0.3+
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: Fitzcarraldo s.r.o.
Homepage: https://www.cubux.net
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.cubux.android
YouTube videos: https://youtu.be/Zhzl6utxhKg

Official forum of the program:
http: //cubux.userecho ... rums/1-russkij-forum/?

Download: Version: 1.43 Cubux - home accounting (Post pokpok # 66411634)

Past versions

Post has been editedpokpok - 29.11.18, 21:38
Reason for editing: new version

Rep: (74)
It is bad that there is no data import / export

Post has been editeddiksher - 01.03.17, 18:49

Rep: (0)
There is data import in the web application, only the categories were edited in the android application, and in the web they have old names.

Rep: (1)
There are a couple of questions right away ...

It is very worrying that the program asks for Internet banking data. He writes that the subscription to this service (synchronization with the bank) is free 2 months.
Where can I find cost information?

Is there a widget planned?

Post has been editedKeygen_ - 28.03.17, 23:19
Reason for editing:

Rep: (1)
I poked a little more ...
In the category settings and budget, it is advisable to build the categories alphabetically.
You really need either a search in the categories when entering a new transaction, or even better sorting the categories by frequency of use.
Useful calculator in the input fields of numbers.
I’m leading the credit card in the negative range - it shows how much the bank owes. But to start a new account, the program did not understand that I want to start with a negative value. I had to start from scratch and make a "start" transaction.

Rep: (1167)
Attached ImageCubux - Family Accounting 1.3 (36)

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- Do you have an account with Sberbank, VTB, Alfa Bank or any other of 183 banks in Russia? Now you can connect all your bank accounts to our system.
- If you have a question - now you can ask it through Settings - feedback.
- Added the ability to make cents
- The application has become more stable
- Now we are available on all iOS, Android, WinPhone and Web devices. All devices are in constant synchronization with each other.
- Import data into CSV

Attached ImageAttached filecubux.android-1.3-36.apk(8.66 MB)

Post has been editedpokpok - 31.05.17, 20:34

Rep: (225)
- Import data into CSV
Can I talk more about import? What format should there be lists? Is it suitable from competitors? There is a lack of storing pictures of the check in the record, at least in the phone’s memory, and not in the database. Well, those problems that I wrote about in the VK group:
After the update, you have to re-enter the login information, change the country and currency, the Stone Age, when updating, to delete the application - this is no longer in vogue. I ask you to make the default expenses tab, as this is more logical. Some problems with the interface - that in the previous version 1.1, that in the new 1.3 the color of the input text merges with the background, as well as elements of the context menu. An example on an attached file called up the menu to modify and delete at one of the expenses. In the second screenshot, a three-digit number is entered in the amount field. Changing the topic does not help. Phone Xiaomi RN3P with firmware RR 5.7.4, on the second device Xiaomi Mi5 with firmware MIUI there is no such problem.
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Is it possible to limit the loading of transactions from a bank account by setting the number from which to load? And then it all ruins the old records and takes a very long time.
Thanks for the great program!

Post has been editedafoninpe - 17.05.17, 18:53
Reason for editing: addition

Rep: (1167)
Attached ImageCubux - Family Accounting 1.3 (37)

Attached Image
Fixed application crashes

Attached ImageAttached filecubux.android-1.3-37.apk(8.66 MB)

Rep: (1)
Does anyone get a photo of the check?
After photographing and clicking the "checkmark", the program crashes for me.

Rep: (1167)
Attached ImageCubux - Family Accounting 1.4 (43)

Attached Image
Bug fix and message system

Attached ImageAttached filecubux.android-1.4-43.apk(8.34 MB)

Rep: (1167)
Attached ImageCubux - Family Accounting 1.41 (47)

Attached Image
Camera bug fixes on Android 7.0 and a few minor fixes

Attached ImageAttached filecubux.android-1.41_47.apk(8.33 MB)

Rep: (1)
Requires internet and android 5.0 crashes

Rep: (9)
I still did not understand to make synchronization for several users ...

Rep: (5)
A glitch came - from three accounts, income can be added to only one

Rep: (1167)
Attached ImageCubux - Family Accounting 1.42 (49)

Attached Image
Correction of errors when minimizing the application

Attached ImageAttached fileCubux_1.42_49.apk(8.34 MB)

Rep: (225)
Where are the amenities? Default expenses tab, default account selection?

Rep: (1167)
Attached ImageCubux - Family Accounting 1.43 (51)

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When creating an account - currency and country are already filled by default
Error correction

Attached ImageAttached filecubux.android_1.43_51.apk(8.35 MB)

Rep: (225)
Pokpok @ 10.27.17, 2:56 p.m.*
currency and country are already filled by default
Please make a tab expenses by default (expenses more often than income) and the ability to select an account by default.

Rep: (1167)
afoninpe @ 10.27.17, 2:04 p.m.*
Please make a tab expenses by default (expenses more often than income) and the ability to select an account by default.

Write to the official forumhttp: //cubux.userecho ... rums/1-russkij-forum/?

Rep: (4)
If I don’t want to take into account a credit card in total, how can I hide it?

Rep: (0)
We developed Cubux 2.0, discussionhere

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