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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Snapdragon (3/16, 3/32, 4/64) - MIUI firmware

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Snapdragon (3/16, 3/32, 4/64) - MIUI firmware
PictureRedmi Note 4X, Redmi Note 4 Global, RN4X, HMN4X, Mido
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Important information!
MIUI Migration Information
Information about the transition to MIUI 10
AOD is not for this phone
If in the settings no face unlock is displayed (Face ID) - set the region of Russia (for localizers only)
If you install stock firmware via TWRP, do not forget to sew nextprotection script/ Magisk. If localization firmware is installed, the root can be embedded (read the description of the firmware)
Before any operations involving a computer, do not forget to enable USB debugging in Developer Mode!
The release of Global Developer builds has been halted due to system errors made by developers. Release China Developer (and custom based on them) is unchanged.

Drivers and Utilities
UnderWin XP x86 (32bit)no drivers. Need manual editing.Instruction


TWRP, ROOT, Modems


GApps / Scripts / Patches
Regions / cust
Sensors / Vibration / Screen
Applications / GPS
PC connection
Fingerprint scanner

Polls, firmware reviews

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Good day to all.
If you remember I had a problem with the connection to WiFi. Network met but only connect to 5GHz.
I see that even one person is cropped:
* Kup9I,
I then helped a good man
Threw the files from your body
* mr.astrakhan
WiFi works both networks, but sadness that everything is covered at the next flashing. And then I came across a reference to section persist, began to read. It turns out that there are a lot of hardwired network portion. Even flashing MiFlash does not help because this section is not sewn. Only through QPST. But thank God there is a new rekaveri 3.1.1-2 where you can sew up this section, that I happily did.
Thanks to all.

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Review of the firmware "weekly MIUI 9 from Epic ROM 7.11.2"

Use SuperSU + Xposed 88.2 (normal,NOT modified for MIUI). The system is more than one and a half to two weeks. For all time of active use (I use the phone very active and often) applications fell 1-2% of all running times (think of the fault of the application rather than the firmware). The system runs smoothly, no complaints.
Autonomy is also pleased at not lost compared to MIUI 8 from Multirom, and perhaps even a little longer (the difference is not generally noticeable). screenshots below
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

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lwadim @ 25.11.17, 17:00*
By the way during insertion mode phone does not give any signs of life EDL (not blinking screen, no signs of life of the LED). So it must be either an anomaly ??

The EDL flashing mode - phones generally do not show anything. Sometimes the old model in the EDL mode includes the backlight on the screen, nothing happened!
lwadim @ 25.11.17, 17:00*
Pulled the cord, shrugged battery (otherwise not included)

The EDL mode firmware takes approximately 300 seconds .... But everything depends on the computer and power on the port and a USB controller and port speed.
Turn on the phone after the firmware (correct) pinching more than 8 seconds, the power button. Zephyr battery pull is not necessary!
v1v3r @ 25.11.17, 17:05*
Review of the firmware "weekly MIUI 9 from Epic ROM 7.11.2"

Where a screen with screen time ??? such as mine?
Screen work 7.11.23 MUIPRO
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Attached Image

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Dear users! Stop chat and offtop in the subject.Topic cleaned.

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MIUI Russia | 7.11.23 | 9 | 7.0 | TWRP

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lexon1189 @ 26.11.17, 00:51*
So, I look at you here a few rekaveri, some with a plop, advise a better bet.

[TWRP] [MOD] TWRP 3.1.1-1 - TWRP 3.1.1-2-cust
Complete re-design.
Function as the original.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Unpack the ZIP =>Rename the selected .img in twrp.img =>Run the .bat file (of Bootloader )


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Rep: (292) system files on Google Drive
https: //drive.google.c...Oj0uD/view usp = sharing?

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* Peshkov94,

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gorodko-a @ 26.11.17, 19:55*
Which mode is better to sew in edl or download mode

In edl not get on the phone zablochennom indiscriminately.

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* DenisAndroid
Check outResource rulessavagemessiahzine.com!
4.19. Forbidden abuse of quoting (overquoting, overquoting). It is not necessary to quote fully opponent posts - just select the main points and press the buttonPicture

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* Dosya0078,

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I made a small fashion miuipro v9.2.1.

What is done?
1. Fix GPS RU.
2. Paid themes.
3. Magisk.
4. Vulkan API.
5. modifying the camera driver to color correction function Bravia v4 & X-Reality Engine v4 + camera mode
6. Patch Google service is available.
7. Smiles Emoji of iOS 11.1 beta 2.
8. Add the Google Keyboard.

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

All the same there is a bug with the wallpaper, are set only on the lock screen, as an alternative, you can use zedge.Now put the wallpaper on the lock screen and the desktop.
Just note that you can put on top of the old firmware fashion without wipe.


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If you can not install the firmware. Requires full (as if) ...
After the download, decrypt, asked for an update and reboot then just need to press the volume rocker UP AND HOLD TO UPGRADE of the text ticker. Ran, handled Android, then again running 5 more minutes and loaded Adroid 7 system, the firmware 9.0.3 ... Try and you will be happy !!!

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ArtemKomsa @ 27.11.17, 9:17*
1) what is the difference from the format data wipe data in twrp?
2) What is the market cust and when it can be a wipe? If I ask miuipro will need this section to do something?
Data formatting section and cleaning (removing) of Section Data.
Section Cust stores data of time zones. You just have to flash the firmware and everything. Anything other sections do not have to

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ArtemKomsa @ 27.11.17, 09:17*
what section cust

Cust section mainly consists of copies of some predefined applications and language packs that are installed in accordance with the region selected during the first boot or when the user changes their region.
Basically it exists on Qualcomm devices. Probably, in our devices Xiaomi it will contain an identifier MI account and some of our security information.
More information on the topics here:
[MIUI Device Classroom] Lesson 46: All About Device Boots and Partitions!

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Hello. Help please - firmware latest global - phone tupil eternally climbs any mistakes, as a result once again restart turned into butlup, or something like that - hanging icon E, the bottom of the android and run three points, and so on forever, for at least overnight. Periodically vibrates 1 or 3 times shorter. Flashed through Testpoint mifleshem, I ask, but the same result. What to do? WMS who already is it?
And yet, on the segment he refuses to sew Chinese misyuit - writes here is
Attached Image

Google translator gave a translation
Do not fail: ... 0 device connection service Yao Yao Cheng 3 North, 0X0 may be other Cheng words off collapse 3

On your phone starts to go the loading bar, your computer is a picture and all

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* lexasush, It seems memory is dying ...

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* niksor21 ,
OTA with to (52 mb)

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Dear forum users!

Talk Xposed work on MIUI 8/9 are conducting in the profile subject Xposed
В® Xposed (Post Anais10 # 43431318)

In the header section #Supplement to the firmware # There are references to the working version.

No need to duplicate the same version in this thread!

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Balabanchik @ 27.11.17, 22:00*
GPS unit in my stable lying in all browsers on the 30m in the south-east.
Tried different "uluchshalki" the GPS, changed the NTP-server, but to no avail.
I wonder what his wife on the same XRN4X accuracy of 1-2 m with only one local NTP-server gps.conf.
Is it possible somehow to gps.conf introduce an amendment and what commands? Thanks.

Well what can I say? On my machine, regardless of the inscriptions in zhps configuration (only delete do not try, tired) Navitel confident to start vedet.Holodny zhps (without internet and vayf) takes 1-4 minutes, accuracy 03/02/10 meters, depending on the number of satellites and power signala.S satellite internet catches immediately cherez1-3 seconds after the navigation programmy.Tochnost positioning and jumping, but the footage spread pomenshe.Proshivka muipro kernel Storm.
Attached filegps.conf.zip(746 bytes)
Here try this configuration, once on the Lenovo S660 prokatyval.Ustanavlival currently-improvement is not noticed, but not become worse for sure.
I forgot to add: the patch on the audio output of the second speaker and muipro rabotaet.Stavil great top speed.

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