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> TP-Link RE200 - Discussion | repeater: 300Mb \ s - 433Mb \ s | 1x100Mb
15.02.17, 17:36

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TP-Link RE200- discussion »
repeater: 2.4GHz (300Mbit \ s) - 5GHz (433Mbit \ s) | 1 • 100Mbit \ s

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TP-LINK RE200 is a compact amplifier designed to expand the coverage area of ​​your wireless network, as well as improve the signal in hard-to-reach places. The repeater is compatible with all modern standards and is able to work in two bands simultaneously. This allows the TP-LINK RE200 to delimit the load on the channel and reduce the amount of interference. At the same time, the connection speed can reach 750 Mbit / s, due to which maximum efficiency is achieved in work with bandwidth-consuming tasks and programs. Additionally, TP-LINK RE200 is equipped with an Ethernet port, which allows it to be used for connecting wired devices.
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10.05.19, 10:08

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After the purchase, there were problems, after a short period of time the Internet disappears, I have already dropped it several times, the problem recurs. firmware version 2.

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10.05.19, 20:26
I'm tired ...

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212v8 @ 04.22.19, 20:21*
And in this device, you can somehow disable WPS?
This is disabled in the router! And re 200 just repeats.
20.05.19, 17:55

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Good day! My TP-Link RE200 works fine for me, takes from the router by: 2.4GHz distributes 2.4 and 5GHz. The question in the following, flashes almost always red, sometimes with a green color 2.4GHz icon, is this correct? It seems to me that everyone in green should burn ...
28.05.19, 10:59
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Can you please tell the clients of the repeater to see the balls (samba) of the clients of the router?
Simply put, for example, is it possible to look at the TV on a TV set-top box connected to the repeater from a PC that is connected to the router?
07.06.19, 17:53

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Good for all!!
Such a question, does everyone have speed cuts?

When connecting through a repeater, the speed is 2 times less than directly from the router.

It seems that it takes 5ghz, and gives out at a speed of 2.4ghz .. Is it solved like that?

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