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How to Russify BLU Tank 2 t 193 | There is no mighty Russian language I am!

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BLU Tank 2 t 193 the phone arrived from Miami! I can not find the Russian firmware on it, it is not elementary! Can something come from another phone? I would not be looking for Russian if sms and tel. the book was not incomprehensible hieroglyphs! I ask for help hands: sveta:!

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I bought the same child as the first phone.
as interesting as its Russified,
any ideas?

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I have a similar device. I bought based on its characteristics of autonomy - almost a month without a charge (given that it just lies on the table and receives SMS)! But bad luck, instead of the Cyrillic alphabet shows squares. Back in the distant year, he asked a question from an importer in the USA whether there was a medicine. Unfortunately, the answer was as follows - this is the initial (cheapest) line of phones and does not involve any updates or changes and proposed another model of the same company, but it no longer met my basic requirements for the duration of work on a single charge.
Surely, it’s quite possible to embed a Russian font, but I don’t know from which side to approach the question. What firmware to download, how to modify and how to fill it back.

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Hello everyone, who can get on the topic of blu tank 5 because the phone is out?

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If relevant, I can upload the firmware

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: rolleyes: relevant

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Who got what russification?
On hand we have BLU Tank 2 and Xtreme 2.4.
We speak English, you can call super, but SMS in Cyrillic comes in squares.
Thanks in advance for the answer :)
Does anyone have firmware?

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try this firmware
https: //drive.google.c...NDMWR1ZnJudzl1YWs/view

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