Rhyme game

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If youpoet, rhymer, verse,or just want to write something fun, surprising to the whole world -Welcome in our game!
  • The idea and implementation of the game belongs toMaxUNof.
  • Inspirer of the second birthkacheryjka.
  • A storehouse of ideas and improvementsdeym_s
  • Graphic Animator:bombej12
  • Many thanks to the previous game curator:teodim

How to play
  • To participate in the game you needopen the last message of the topic and rhyme to, the last in it, the word to compose a small (possible and large) verse. Then you should skip the line and write a word or phrase so that the next player picks up a rhyme. Also this word, or phrase, sets the theme of the poem of the next participant.
  • If the participant of the game did not write a word (or phrase) for the next poets, we compose a rhyme for the last word from his message.
  • For more interest, instead of a word or phrase, at the end of the message you can put a spoiler with an image - then the next player should come up with a verse on the subject of the picture.
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    • After the written verse, instead of a word or phrase for the next participant,You can place any image.
    • The next poet, looking at the picture, should compose a verse based on what he sees.
    • The image should not be erotic, political, provoking insults and just vulgar!

  • Also, you can put a link to the topic.savagemessiahzine.com- in this case, the player should write a verse about the topic on which they posted the link.
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    • Instead of a word, phrase, or picture for the next participant, you are allowed to leave a link to any forum topic.savagemessiahzine.com.
    • The next rhymmonger in this case shouldwrite a verse about the topic link to which he left (carefully read the topic).
    • It is forbidden to give links to topics whose author you are.
    • Strictly prohibited discuss the actions of resource administration representativessavagemessiahzine.com, even in poetic form!
What to observe
  • Every player comes up with a rhyme. just one last post!
  • If it turned out that while the player was composing his rhyme, the other participant had already answered - the post must either be deleted or edited, as a rhymed answer to the last message in the game.
  • If arhymed answer sorry to delete, I want to show other players - remove your creativity under the spoiler or place as [offtop] in the message with the main answer.
  • No need to quote or mention previous member , because his post is right above yours.
  • You can answer, mentioning the participant, or a quote, in the case when you want to appeal to someone specific (for example, to give a compliment for a good rhyme), for this it is desirable to use[offtop.]
Participation in contests to take
Competition "I'm in the subject" from 09/30/17 (Completed)
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  1. Winner of competition"I'm in the subject" according to the voting results of the game participants "Rhyme" from 09/30/17 becomes: yardroid with a poem: Song about her (Theme: Love)
  2. Second place occupies: uspex84 with a poem: Love (Theme: Love)
  3. Third place occupies: WHOARETHROLL with a poem: Muddle and Pun (Topic: How I spent this summer)
  4. Fourth place occupies: bombej12 with a poem: Loneliness (Theme: Love)

Congratulations to the winners !!!

"Song of her"
Do not know how___
but it was easy.
she smiled at me
and it started all.
these meetings __
these walks
in the night city
through the lanes.
first kiss on the bench
under the moonlit sky.
her hand in my hand
and we fly somewhere.
her breath __
the smell of her hair.
the color of her lips is scarlet
like rose petals.
The color of her eyes
dark sea depths.
her slender fingers
tender as if the air.
and her voice
like singing an actress -
like water
that the birds are silent.
I'm sitting next to
listening to her heart.
I need nothing
only to be with her.
be near, be together ....

No, it is not necessary __
Do not say anything
just let's sit down with you.
keep silent .__
we will look at the sky.
And the pale light of the moon
lights up your body.
come before dawn
We will watch the stars.
we will just be silent
sit and dream.
no words
your look will tell a lot.
replace hundreds of phrases
given by god.
and if that __
I will always be there.
I'm here with you__
at a distance of sight.
I will support |
and if I need to help a word.
because we are two of you
and you are not alone.
and I'm sitting next
listening to your heart.
I need nothing
just be with you together.
be close, be together, be together ...

(yardroid 01.10.2017)
Survey results
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Competition "The best verse" from 08/14/17 (Completed)
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  1. Winner of competition"The best verse" according to the voting results of the game participants "Rhyme" 08/14/17 becomes: kacheryjka with a poem: "If the souls are slightly broken"
  2. Second place occupies: mahout with poems: "Lost my ear" and "People on the bus tediously galdeli"
  3. Third place occupies: yardroid with a poem: "Can hurt anyone"
  4. Also third place occupies: kacheryjka with a poem: "Oh how careless ..."

Congratulations to the winners !!!

"If the souls are slightly broken"
If the souls are slightly broken,
And not in the first sadness,
If fairy tales girlfriends fed
If life is no longer a pity ...
Look at the landscape behind the window
And the nausea that arose,
Unable to soothe the sun
And kissing is not the same ...
Try to forget yesterday,
And not believing in something there,
Try to snoop you up
Send - to hell ...
And of course it will not work
And the wave will come again,
And bullshit is that the will learns
She already graduated from the ...
You ask Google Rosenbaum,
And although for a moment,
You smile with a sick down
Show from the window of FIG.

(kacheryjka 05.08.2017)
Survey results
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Hymns of our forum know
Out of the game. The best read
Sometimes participants go beyond the ordinary game and writereal poems that deserve to exist outside the theme. If you think that someone's work has undeservedly passed this write to the curator of the topic , I will discuss this with the regulars of the game and together we will decide whether the verse is worthy of being The best.
Game history to know
  • 18.12.17 Timeout of the game, to prepare for participation in the New Year contests "Competition for the best club logo" and "Here we were" How it was.
  • 23.12.17 Application for participation in the contest "Competition for the best logo of the club." Request.
    New Year's logo
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    Created a logo:uspex84andbombej12

  • 23.12.17 Application for participation in the contest "We were here." Request.
    New Year wall newspaper
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  • 31.12.17 First place in the competition "We were here." Results of the competition.
  • 16.01.18 On this day, the first permanent logo of the game is set in the topic header.
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    The logo was created by a respected rhymophone player and our graphic animator.bombej12

Uncommon poetic line
Thinking will make you sometimes.
Understand - this is not no troubles,
That thought is crushing stagnation.

She screams to us with every letter of the word
(Not rhyme there, but the essence of life is visible)
Rhyme has an illusory basis
And here is the whole essence of living Being.

Everyone has their own creative abilities and rhyme style. RequestDo not write angry messages in the subject like:"Where is rhyme ?!" But also from the basic concept of the game should not depart.

This topic requires a curator!
Those interested can leave applications in the subject.I want to be curatorhaving previously readRequirements for candidates for curators of the section "Trepalka"and studyingRules and recommendations for the curators of the forumsavagemessiahzine.com, FAQ for curators.

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Cockatoo flies close
So there will be no sausage: D

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Rep: (1612)
Real actress
Oscar was lost again
But how that love played: rolleyes:

Rep: (2201)
And played blood in my veins?
The display immediately went out:
In the system unit stuck scrap.
And the right eye twitches,
Such a bummer player: D

Rep: (1612)
Provided heart breaking: girl_parting:
Oh God, well now,
Is it time to get out the door?
I thought GG from the booth: rofl:

Rep: (1612)
And tears poured from the eyes,
Feeling overwhelmed was
Although solid lady had a reputation.

All people, and even if callous,
And even the most bitch bitchy,
Powerless moments happen
When they need sentiment ...

When at least someone would stretch out his hand,
And the mood pulled,
When trite just a joke,
Instill joy for a moment.

When just being present, even dumb,
Most of all, forget the experience,
Do not throw people who are ill,
They will feel better, just from a sympathetic sigh ...

Rep: (161)
And teodim, but for what banned?
Behaved badly?

In this need to understand

Rep: (74)
* bombej12 ,

Riddle. Perhaps something like an impeachment, but this is an offensive term in this case.

Rep: (74)
"We are bad without each other, and with each other too ..."
Said the phrase a quiet guy.
The response was a wet look of a frightened girl,
Standing on the spacious sidewalk.

Here are two fates
Killed by hope and dreams,
Stand close to the line.
Hearts are penetrated by cold rays.

Rep: (1612)
But once inspired by dreams,
They could not breathe without each other
And as if flying under the sky,
They could not notice the whole world!

They loved pure and naive
And enjoyed every second
And took care of each other's instinctively,
Before the meeting, counted minutes ...

One of those happy days

Rep: (51)
I immediately flew for her

She has been waiting for me for a long time
After all, for me she is a widow!

... And here I am at the door
And I see only haystacks

I knock on the door, silence ...
"And where is her promise?"

"... I will open the door, I will open it!
Let me just cover the window ... "

"You're a funny man
Live with me forever! "

For some reason, any reason ...

Rep: (80)
Justification always serves us
We are in the swamp and on the faces of Tina
Sucked our life vanity

May i be a thrice beggar
Only used up my eyes
Only let the soul have enough food
And in the swamp will be the Garden of Eden

I know that sometimes people will judge me
And sometime they will call holy fools
I will go my own way, even if it is difficult
Soul leave, leaving the body here.

Believe everyone, fear all, ask everyone ...

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After all, no one will say, they say, I'm sorry
They will not say "Thank you", "Sorry"
And then just blame them

I do not understand people:
A lot because they have ideas
And no one wants to share
It is better to just scold

Moral of the fable I. Krylov "Crow and Fox"
How many times have they told the world
That flattery is mean, harmful
But all is not in store
And in the heart a flatterer will always find a corner ...

The meaning of this is deep enough
And the potion of wisdom sip
To understand the whole point
And choose the right path

After all, the meaning is ...

Rep: (56)
What makes no sense !!!
These were times of dashing,
Yes, they say some more!
I still have dreams in nightmares ...
The second section on sd card: D

Rep: (51)
Located on a stack of cards

Yes, and if you are a hero
And then you scream "Leroy"
Then just in case he
Let sniffing peony

Don't you know this,
Where is the duet much?
It's beautiful there, it's wonderful
And then you sit naively:
"I feel danger there.
Maybe follow the trail? "

- No ... - they shout to me softly ...

Rep: (1612)
In indignation cook! : rofl:
Gosh, what a sly,
Do you think one such? !!
All supplements want,
And how can I feed the kittens at home ???! : rofl:

Rep: (22)
For kittens, in my only peek

There are annoying mice,
They keep a little quieter,

To not become victims!

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Rep: (51)
Get up early in the morning

And no matter where yes how
The main thing, and so, and syk

If you want to - do not be sad
Find new friends
And let the star go to heaven -
There will be a lot of friends and animals!

Yes, and if someone ...

Rep: (1612)
There was suddenly a hiccup
We hold our breath,
And hold someone

But somehow

Rep: (22)
Waiting for something ...

What is not new to people.
Let go a crazy thought,

Yes, quickly fall asleep!
(wrong, inattentive ... sorry)

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After all, a hundred seas dream!
(Sorry, I'm just changing)

“I will hear! Hello!"
Here is my answer ...

Line of melancholy,
Sadness and love ...
I dream all this
How is this so?
Give me one chance!

Dreams, dead dreams ...
This is a golden bowl full
After all, everything that happens
It comes from us!

When I was in the garden ...

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