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Amazfit Watch
Version: 3.4.0

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Last update of the program in the header:29.08.2019

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Short description:
The program is designed to configure and manage watches Amazfit Watch

Detailed description:
The program Amazfit Watch is designed for watches of the same name Xiaomi AMAZFIT Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Smart Watch.
The program can change the dials of the clock, settings, etc.
The version from the MI Store supports synchronization with MiDong and MiFit, the version with GooglePlay - from Strava.

Platform: Other
Screen: Round
Russian interface: Not
Developer: Xiaomi
Homepage: link
MI Store: link
GooglePlay: link
1. New: support for the World Cup feature;
2. Added: sports, support for setting the pace;
3. Other optimizations and bug fixes.
1. Support WOS2.0 system
2. Fixed WOS2.0 synchronization
3. Fixed other bugs.
1. Added: Supports automatic switching of Google Maps overseas;
1. Added support for Amazfit Sports Watch.
2. Support toggle between satellite and map in activity details.
1. New sports data display and sport goods sorting
2. New display of sports data for tennis and sorting sports items
3. Fixed some problems in the phone market
4. Correction of errors.
1. Added: dial selection (only 2 generation clocks are temporarily supported)
2. Added: ski mode support in 2 generation clock;
3. Correction of errors.
1. New access to WeChat campaigns by authorizing a two-dimensional code (users who previously accessed through the movement of millet or health promotion without re-access);
2, the new sports mileage more than 20KM records automatically on the 5KM sub-display;
3, optimized frequent warning of weather warnings;
4, optimized data synchronization strategy;
5, some other bugs fixed
No data
1. Added: more settings - third-party access, Alipay traffic;
2. Added: daily details for a long press to view every 10 minutes;
3. Fixed: motion recording chart, when the height is negative, does not show;
4. Fixed: QQ notification on the phone can be cleared of the problem;
1. Added: the function of sharing in sports;
2. Update: m widget support sorts and hides;
3. Functional optimization and bug fixes.
1. Added: view movement data;
2. Functional optimization and bug fixes.
1. New features: Software version for developers;
2. Update: Sort on the main page.
1. New: outdoor riding, accumulated height difference sorting support;
2. Bug fixes, improved stability.
1. Added support for QQ, Alipay red envelope reminders;
2, New "Rooster singing" dial support;
3, Optimize data synchronization;
- Only binding with Amazfit Pace devices is supported.
- Updated some translation lines
- Minor bugs fixed
The difference between the original version of Opel
Removed all languages, made a translation into Russian, changed the translation of pictures, no other changes

Version: 3.4.0 Amazfit Watch (orlig68)
Version: 3.3.0 Amazfit Watch (orlig68)
Version: 3.2.0 Amazfit Watch (orlig68)
Version: 3.1.0 (AMSUser)
Past versions
Version from MI Store:
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.6.9.1_en.apk(20.83 MB)

Version with GooglePlay:
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.6.7_GP_ru.apk(20.39 MB)
Attached ImageAmazfit_Watch_2.3.1_GP_ru_Zetl.apk
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.5.0_GP_ru_Opel.apk(18.88 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.5.0_GP_ru.apk(20.39 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.6.6_en.apk(26.13 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.5.3.1_en.apk(22.51 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.5.1_ru_Opel.apk(20.62 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.5.1_en.apk(21.99 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.5.0.1_ru_Opel.apk(18.65 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.5.0.1_en.apk(19.92 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.4.0_en_Opel.apk(18.81 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.4.0_en.apk(19.98 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.3.1_GP_ru_Opel.apk(16.76 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.3.1_GP_en.apk(17.69 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.3.2_ru_Opel.apk(16.27 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.3.2_en.apk(17.11 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.0.3_GP_ru_Opel.apk(15.77 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.0.3_GP_en.apk(16.6 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.3.0_en_Opel.apk(15.56 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.3.0_en.apk(16.24 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.2.1_ru_Opel.apk(15.36 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.2.1_en.apk(16.03 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.2_ru_Opel.apk(15.22 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.2_en.apk(15.88 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.0.2_ru_Opel.apk(14.84 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.0.1_GP_ru_Opel.apk(14.8 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.0.1_GP_en.apk(16.43 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_2.0.2_en.apk(15.47 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_1.7.5.1_en.apk(12.3 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_1.7.5.1_ru_Opel.apk(11.73 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_1.7.4.2_ru_Opel.apk(12.01 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_1.7.4.2_en.apk(12.04 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_1.7.4_ru_Opel.apk(11.48 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_1.7.4_en.apk(12.04 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_1.7.3_ru_Opel.apk(11.91 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_1.7.3_en.apk(11.94 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch MB)
Attached fileAmazfit_Watch_1.7.2.2_en.apk(11.62 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch 1.7.1_en.apk(11.48 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch 1.7.1_ru_Opel.apk(11.46 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch_1.7.0.1_ru_Opel.apk(11.05 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch_1.7.0.1_en.apk(11.07 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch_1.5.0_en_Opel.apk(9.21 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch_1.5.0_en.apk(9.32 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch_1.3.3.1_en.apk(8.34 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch_1.3.3.1_ru_Opel.apk(8.25 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch_1.3.2_en.apk(8.29 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch_1.3.2_ru_Opel.apk(8.14 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch_1.3.1.1_ru_Opel.apk(7.85 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch_1.3.1.1_en.apk(7.99 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch_1.3.1_en.apk(7.99 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch_1.3.1_ru_Opel.apk(7.85 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch_1.2.1_en.apk(7.78 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch_1.2.1_ru_Opel.apk(7.64 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch_1.2.0_en_Opel.apk(7.64 MB)
Attached fileAmazfit Watch_1.2.0_en.apk(7.78 MB)

Useful additions
Version: 2.7.2 Amazfit Watch (orlig68)

Version: 3.4.0 AeX_AmsUser (LРµshij)

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* Katranuk,
Autoload? And remove in permissions so that mui cuts background data

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* Stalkerus
I tried everything, on miui for almost two years, all the applications in the background work, this is the only one that refuses ...

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1.3.3 development

Attached files

Attached file1489752543_RjAhtekLSVdj_14da24f78b7c02f899ea2fdfe5131cfa.apk(8.07 MB)

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Rep: (736) preview

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Attached file1491027331_H3ip2Fh3sn5a_511363e8b973718d00a900886f928c66.apk(8.34 MB)

Rep: (1821)
New Russian version in the header

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Version 1.5.0 devAttached fileAmazfit.1.5.0.dev.apk(9.32 MB)
Chinese The interface is in English.
The application has a display of sleep statistics and steps

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* Kenas , Hello! This is for which version of the watch? I have English. Writes not installed.

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M.A.x.l @ 04/22/2017, 07:45*
* Kenas , Hello! This is for which version of the watch? I have English. Writes not installed.

Yes, no matter what.

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I have when installing 1.5.0. Dev "Application not installed." What can be wrong?

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Strange, I got up without problems

Rep: (5)
I have now installed opel. Maybe not compatibility?

Rep: (120)
M.A.x.l @ 04/22/17, 08:21*
Maybe not compatibility?

What does it mean?
The signatures are different - and will not get on top.
Demolish the one that is worth and put this one.

Rep: (5)
* PrizrakS , each update will need to be removed and put a new one?
Do you need to bind the clock before deleting, or can you just remove and put a new one?

Post has been editedm.a.x.l - 22.04.17, 09:16
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M.A.x.l @ 04/22/17, 09:15*
will each update need to be removed and a new one installed?

I suspect that you have become friends with Android not so long ago .....
Packages from one manufacturer - are put on top of themselves. If the signature matches, then put it on top. If the signatures are different, then only demolition.

Specifically here - I will not say, but if you want to jump on versions from* Opel, and then to the developer / stable - it is only through demolition.
If you hang on a particular branch of the program, then with updates.

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PrizrakS @ 04/22/2017, 10:44*
What does it mean?
The signatures are different - and will not get on top.
Demolish the one that is worth and put this one.

If the signature verification feature is disabled in the firmware, then it is put without questions

Rep: (1821)
New Russian version 1.5.0 in the header

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* Opel , Hello! For some reason, when I go in to see steps or a dream, the program crashes. Now updated to 1.5.0 opel.

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* m.a.x.l,
not translated version also crashes?

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* Opel Not translated does not crash. Before that, there was opel

And now the English. flies out.

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Reason for editing: Added

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Amazfit.1.5.0.dev.apk blocks the Wi-Fi in some way - the speed drops to almost zero and breaks off, connects to the Wi-Fi again and again drops after 5-10 minutes.
I delete amazfit or just disable bluetooth - and everything becomes normal.

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