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The other day I received a tripod from the Chinese manufacturer Xiletu and was extremely pleasantly surprised by the high quality.
This is a mini tripod, here are some specifications:

Tripod weight - 807 grams. Maximum load - 5kg.

In the folded position, as in the minimum unfolded, the height of the tripod is 17.5 cm. The maximum height is 51.5 cm.

A full overview of the tripod can be read.hereor seehere.

Where can one buy
You can buyhereusing couponXILETUGIM6 the price becomes $ 33.99 (the average price in other stores is about $ 40).

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Another review of the tripod manufacturer Xiletu(this time the tripod is big).

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And the BEXIN Tripod is not the same ... I wonder who clones whom

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