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BlackBerry KEYone - Discussion | Smartphone, 4.5 "

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DiscussionBlackberry keyone
PictureBlackBerry KEYone, Mercury, DTEK 70
Description | Discussion »

Form factor: monoblock.
Dimensions: 149.3 mm x 72.5 mm x 9.4 mm
Weight: 183 g.
Features: physical QWERTY / YUTSUKEN keyboard.
Sim card: one, nanoSIM (4FF).
Screen: 4.48 "(inches), resolution 1620x1080 pixels (~ 434ppi), 3: 2 aspect ratio, IPS.
Touch panel: capacitive multitouch - 10 points, oleophobic coating, Gorilla glass 4.
Keyboard: physical QWERTY / YTsUKEN keyboard with touch input support (touch keyboard surface), 35 keys, key backlighting, input support with swipe, fingerprint sensor integrated into spacebar

Main characteristics.
OS: Android 7.1.1 Nougat.
Processor: Qualcomm 8953, Snapdragon 625, 2.0 GHz quad-core, 64 bit.
Graphics: Adreno 506, 650 MHz
Built-in memory (ROM): 32GB, expandable with micro-sd cards up to 2TB.
Battery: 3505 mAh, non-removable, fast charging technology, charging from 0 to 50% for 36 minutes.
Charger: 9V / 1.67A, QC3.0.

Main camera: 12 megapixel, 1.55 micron pixel (large pixel size), phase autofocus (PDAF), f2.0, two-tone flash, video recording in 4K (30 fps), manual camera settings, three modes of operation - professional , simplified, fully automatic.
Front-facing camera: 8 megapixels, fixed focus, wide viewing angle (84 В°), f2.2, 1080p video recording, using the screen as a front flash, self-panorama.

Network support: 2G (850/900/1800/1900); 3G (850/900/1900/2100); FDD-LTE 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 13, 17, 20, 28 (2100/1900/1800/1700/850/2600/900/700/700/800/700 MHz), TD -LTE 38, 40 (2600/2300 MHz) (LTE frequencies specified for Europe), Carrier Aggregation (LTE Advanced / 4G +).
Wi-Fi: 802.11 b / g / n (2.4 GHz), 802.11 a / n (5 GHz), 802.11 ac (5 GHz), 4G / Wi-Fi mode of the access point, file transfer via Wi-Fi (Wi -Fi Direct).
Bluetooth: v4.2 (A2DP, EDR, LE).
NFC: is.
USB: USB-C connector type, USB 3.1 support (SS Gen 1), USB A included>USB-C cable (USB2.0), USB OTG.

GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo.

Fingerprint scanner (integrated into the space bar on the keyboard), FM radio, accelerometer, magnetic field sensor, gyroscope, proximity / illumination sensor, hall sensor.

Reviews and Reviews

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Henry2005 @ 20.11.17, 10:23*
So the link would be left, which specifies how to do it! ))

OnCrackberryInstructions on anglitskom lies. I do not try, too lazy: D

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* roamwolf , * Henry2005 ,
Here is the link:https: //forums.crackbe...orea-priv-had-1126647/

Controlled keyboard swipe left / right up / down

Description in English, all assigned to steps zaisklyucheniem all the preliminary steps that are required to operate the phone with a computer in adb mode

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It's all very well, but is there any practical sense?
How to choose a link in the same browser instance?

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* Michael R.,
some key lock if the only "choice", to "press".

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* dinamobr
And input as BB10, does not work on the discovery of a link?

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* V_Maksim,
And do not tell. This assumption and demand, he did not try to implement these instructions, just opened / read.
In the classic entry in the same place and the optical keys. And in fact there is no Keyuane it from need some use / assign, unless of course we are talking about one entering.
I mean, when you direct the cursor, for example, to the news in Yandex, you need somehow to open / klatsnut.

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* dinamobr ,
There is certainly an option to look at how it was implemented to instill operator's version, but still inclined to think that the practical sense, when a hybrid-the keyboard, the cursor is not enough.

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Works as follows: - brought the cursor tapnul on the clave.
There is a second way in the settings - interaction - there is an item that can be set to include an automatic tap after a certain time, and it works as follows: - brought the cursor to the desired item and after a specified time (eg 1s) automatically tap.
over there in 2 sizes - small (as in my pictures) and large (as in the photo of the method of the author) size is changed through the settings menu

Like half a day, very comfortable, that's exactly what I was missing, the cursor faster and easier to run applications that are located at the top of the screen, browser and e-mail links to Tapan.
If you want step by step instructions gash

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* roamwolf,
I think there will be more than all, who are hard to translate krekberri will be grateful.

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* roamwolf ,
Long press runs, or just a short tap?
Incidentally sensor keypad someone constantly uses?
Personally, that's by itself noticed that I use only the default keyboard bindings to launch applications, but the scroll as it does not work out, commonplace on the screen is more convenient.

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* Michael R. I just swipe and scroll on the clave, is for me the main function in all sensornikov infuriated need half of the screen to close the hand, to do something.

Posted on 11/20/2017, 18:02:

* roamwolf , It would be very cool. But as an ordinary scroll - has fallen off? And if that carry all this it will be possible to return to the normal view?

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* Michael R. ,
The double tap does not work, scrolling keyboard operates in parallel with the cursor, nothing has fallen off. In operation with one another browser does not exclude squander slidably on the keyboard, a cursor poke links

Posted on 20/11/2017, 18:22:

* Minoru Demolition elementary,
On / Off Cursor made $ button. The English keyboard layout. You can also assign another author suggested to use a mic

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roamwolf @ 20.11.17, 13:34*
Like half a day, very comfortable, that's exactly what I was missing, the cursor faster and easier to run applications that are located at the top of the screen, browser and e-mail links to Tapan.
If you want step by step instructions gash

This is exactly what I did not have never in android. The first phone on Android was the HTC Hero, which has a trackball.

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* V_Maksim , I find it difficult to compare HTC, I never used.
Compare with BB Classic, very intimate feeling, with the difference that the entire keyboard trackball)

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roamwolf @ 20.11.17, 13:34*
cursor faster and easier to run applications that are located at the top of the screen, browser and e-mail links to Tapan.
If you want step by step instructions gash

Instructions will be oh how handy.
Do I understand correctly that no company is not implemented?

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* m_ae , But without a computer that does not make

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Turn on the cursor and control it from the keyboard

All of the following have a compilation of materials placed on the websitessavagemessiahzine.com& crackberry.com
namely:AdbandPointer mode
Activation mode consists of two stages
Step 1 - install and configure the necessary software on his computer
nothing these extremely complex in this, the main thing is not to hurry and act carefully
n. 1 download to your computer archive with the program at this linkSDK Platform
n. 2 Unpack the archive to the root directory. In my case it is - C: \ platform-tools
n. 3 For this is the link instructions for setting up the programADB installationall below the lineManual setting of ADB on your computer
. В§ 4 This item need to users of Windows 8 as the point 6 in the description is slightly different from Windows 10, in this case it is necessary in the Path string at the end write; further specify the path to the platform-tools folder, in my case it
looks; C: \ platform-tools
. В§ 5 after all the items to install, configure and verify performance adb proceed to the final configuration - namely, go to the folder with the program, create a text file and enter the following text
echo off
adb devices
further save this file as devices.cmd for this select Save As - File name - devices.cmd - File Type - All Files - save

On this go to
Step 2 - preparing our phone to work with your computer
n. 1 Go to Settings, go down to the bottom of the list (as the system language of my phone English further menu items will be writing in English)
If you have already enabled developer mode that will be the penultimate paragraph {} Developer options
if not then perform the following steps:
- Settings -prokruchivaem menu to the bottom and go to the point About phone (on the phone) - Build number (build number) - press several times on this point until the message - now you're a developer
- Go back and and see that the menu item was the penultimate line of {} Developer options - go in this section and includes 2 sliders in paragraphs USB debugging (debugging YUSB) and USB debugging in charging mode
(YUSB debugging in charging mode)
Now your phone is ready to work with the laptop in debug mode
n. 2 Start play market and set Settings Database Editor program on your phone. To run the program is not necessary.

Now connect your phone to a computer using a regular cable simply plugs in charging mode
Next, we do sleduyuyuschee

n. 1 Start a command prompt (Windows -cmd.exe full-time program)
. N 2 dials the next instruction (at the end of each command press Enter):
cd C: \
cd platform-tools
after that line about the connected device and the inscription to continue appears in the window, press any key - press
p. 3 Writing following line adb shell pm grant by4a.setedit22 android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS press Enter
(Perhaps on a computer error message appears, do not pay attention. As may be required on the phone to press the login button) for this addition thanksMinoru
. В§ 4 Take the phone, start the program you have downloaded from the Play Store app: Settings Database Editor
n. 5 Select the point global

Now show a little accuracy and attention: the text in the small program, a close look at the line that is directly under the points system secure global
it looks + Add new settings, clickable line and that it we will use

n. 6 press on + Add new settings
p. 7 In the window that appears steranes NEW_SETTINGS text and write the following text touch_keyboard_mode_switch_enabled
p. 9 In the window that appears steranes text and write 1 click SAVE CHANGES
p. 10 press on the + Add new settings
p. 11 In the window that appears steranes NEW_SETTINGS text and write the following text touch_keyboard_mode_switch_on_currency_key
n. 12 Click SAVE CHANGES
p. 13 In the window that appears steranes text and write 1 click SAVE CHANGES
If you make a mistake in writing a press line, select Delit and repeat step. 6,7,8,9 or p. 10,11,12,13 depending on which row you make a mistake
n. 14 closes the program
n. 15 Turning off the phone from the computer
n. 16 Restarting the phone
p. 17 Start Settings Database Editor select global lines in the list are those 2 we have written and make sure they are in front of them and is worth a value of 1
n. 18, if the value is 0 just click on the line and type 1, and reboot the phone
n. 19 to switch the phone language to English, and then click $ cursor appears, press it again to deactivate it

At the end of all the manipulations you can go into the settings and disable the debugging mode via USB, personally I include this item is strictly necessary)

A little later, I will try to attach to items screenshots
Try it, criticize, supplements
Many thanks to the teamsavagemessiahzine.comand CrackBerry, and of course Yandex, without whom I would not have coped with this task, since this is my first experience with ADB)))

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I think because of these manimulyatsy the next update there will be problems, either by the modified files, either addicted to it

Rep: (29)
* Glenas , There is no file modifications, the maximum that can happen - will cease to work, but because the rights of the program have been given nothing prevents run Editore and add 2 lines

Actually check, as soon as the update arrives

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roamwolf @ 21.11.17, 07:08*
Actually check, as soon as the update arrives

After rebooting pointer mode phone does not fly? And then on the straight krekberri large lettering "PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL MOST LIKELY HAVE TO RE-ADD THESE SETTINGS AFTER A REBOOT": D

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