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KeepSafe | Protect photos and videos from prying eyes

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Keepsafe photo safe - Hide photos and videos
Version: 9.47.0

Last update of the program in the header:05.12.2019

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Short description:
KeepSafe reliably protects your personal files.

Download Keepsafe and joinmillions of users who trusted billions of your photos to the Keepsafe app - the most popular photosafe and gallery with a password.
Keepsafe securely stores personal photos and videos under PIN-lock, fingerprint authorization, andmilitary grade encryption . This is the best place to store your personal photos and videos. With Keepsafe you can protect your privacy, securely store photos and even save space on your phone.

You will need Keepsafe for:
- пїЅпїЅ Storage of special memories
- пїЅпїЅ Collectibles for family photos
- пїЅпїЅ Protecting copies of documents such as rights, passports and bank cards
- пїЅпїЅ Organization of important documents

Just browse the gallery on your phone and select a photo or video to import into the Keepsafe photosafe. Once the files are transferred to the application, you can delete them from the public gallery of the phone and at the same time view them in your Keepsafe photo safe at any time.

Keepsafe Photosafe Features :

• Everything under lock and key - Your photos are protected by a PIN code, pattern or fingerprint.
• Sync photos and videos - Encrypted Personal Cloud reliably synchronizes your photos, albums and videos with all your devices.
• Backup photos and videos for easy recovery - Now you do not need to be afraid of cases of loss, theft or damage to your phone!
• Auto lock screen down - The situation does not have? Close Keepsafe by simply flipping the phone face down.
• Secure file upload - Share personal photos with confidence: control the viewing time of the photo by the recipient - the photo will disappear 20 seconds after receipt.
• In addition, Keepsafe does not appear in the list of recently opened applications!

Install Keepsafe Basic and get a reliable Personal Cloud, as well as a test driveKeepsafe premium absolutely free!

Exclusive Keepsafe Premium Features:
Protect privacy
Album Lock: allows you to set separate passwords for each album
Hack Alerts: takes a snapshot of the cracker and tracks hacking attempts
Secret door: disguises Keepsafe as another application
False PIN: allows you to create a second, false PIN, which will open a false photo gallery

Manage files
Private Cloud: Holds up to 5,000 files from Keepsafe
Place Optimizer: compresses photos and saves originals in the cloud
Recycle Bin Recovery: allows you to recover files that you accidentally deleted

Personalize Keepsafe
No ads: do not distract from viewing your files
Album Covers: Choose album covers yourself.


- Can I extract files back from Keepsafe?
- Yes, you can export photos from Keepsafe in just a couple of clicks.

- Where do my files get after export?
- Your files will be returned to their original location, usually in the “Public” folder.

Is Keepsafe a photo gallery lock?
“Not really.” Keepsafe encrypts and backs up your files so that only you can view and restore them.

- I do not remember my password
- Open Keepsafe, hold the Keepsafe logo for a couple of seconds to request a PIN change.

- Does Keepsafe support .wmv format?
- No, you cannot play .wmv video in Keepsafe.

- Why do I see ads?
- In Keepsafe Premium, ads are not displayed. Keepsafe Basic is a free version thanks to ad serving.

If you have any questions or suggestions, write to us:[email protected]

Technical support:

Terms of Service:
http: //www.getkeepsafe...html#terms-of-service

https: //www.getkeepsaf...cy.html#privacy-policy

Android required: 4.0.3 and higher
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: Keepsafe
Homepage: https://support.getkeepsafe.com/hc/en
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kii.safe
YouTube videos: https://youtu.be/evcxxBrCE7c

Version: 9.47.0 Keepsafe
Version: 9.40.0 GP (• Best •)
version: 9.11.1 Premium KeepSafe (Post wilsen # 74336749)
Version: 9.1.0 GP KeepSafe (Post by djdante # 69099726)

Past versions
version: 9.1.0 Premium KeepSafe (Post namok # 69079439)
version: 8.1.11 Attached fileKeepSafe v. 8.1.11.apk (18.68 MB)

Version: 7.13.0 Attached fileKeep Safe v. 7.13.0.apk (18.02 MB)

Post has been editedSonycat - 26.03.20, 13:52
Reason for edit: Update: New Version: 9.47.0

Rep: (44)
* 4apk, I did not find such an application?

Rep: (2)
Sracked version 9.1 premium removed in this Temko. Can lay out?

Rep: (322)
* ipodonok,
Attached fileKeepsafe_9.1.0.apk(15.06 MB)

Rep: (0)
I click to download the premium version, but nothing happens except what moves me up page, what to do ??

Rep: (322)
* Semy009,
Try to read the two posts above, it should help

Post has been editedalllogin - 23.04.18, 00:48

Rep: (1)
alllogin @ 23.04.18, 0:33*
Try to read the two posts above, it should help

Writes the file is damaged and does not install, can perezalit it ??

Rep: (1)
* VIPGangster,
Attached fileKeepsafe_9.1.0.apk(15.06 MB)

Rep: (0)
Nope premium ??? So I need .... ((((

Rep: (1785)
Unlocked Premium.

Attached fileKeepsafe_9.1.0.apk(15.06 MB)

Always fresh fashions I have to ->profilecurrently there is a link.

Post has been editedMR.AlexandrO - 07.06.18, 16:53

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And it is possible through the premium version of the app to go with the old account?

Rep: (322)
* vistoffdj,
Everything should be ok. Do sync with the cloud. Put premium, if suddenly will not work enter, you get back to normal - the data back to catch up.

Rep: (0)
* alllogin,
look hopefully open pictures

Rep: (0)
In the premium version you can not restore files from the Recycle Bin

Rep: (23)
MR.AlexandrO @ 27.05.18, 17:44*
Unlocked Premium.

* MR.AlexandrO,
Privetstvuyu.Skachal programulyu.Pishet: you have the premium version for 31 days, and then what? Thank.

Rep: (322)
* duscavm
If it is the same scrap that and the other two on the same page (which is 99.9% - so), you should not pay attention to this warning. There's a perpetual trial.
People run into the subject and without having read any message in it require premium, other good people each time to re-fill the same file instead of a link to the message above. As a result, we have three of the same file on the same page: wacko:

Rep: (23)
alllogin @ 07.06.18, 18:12*
If it is the same scrap that and the other two on the same page (which is 99.9% - well)

* alllogin,
KeepSafe (Post MR.AlexandrO # 73676954)

Rep: (5)
Tell me please:
1. What is the video (codec container) opens the program itself?
2. I use KYMS Keep your media safe, but I can not find this program in thesavagemessiahzine.com. The theme of this program got into an accident. This is the best program of its kind, or is there something better? What she pours on the server, I was not satisfied :(

Rep: (29)
Version: 9.11.1 premium
Thank you say:sserratty

Attached files

Attached filekeepsafe.apk(15.94 MB)

Rep: (151)
* wilsen,
I'm sorry, but I have Prema counter keeps ticking ... the way it should be, or that something is wrong with me?

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Reason for editing: 1

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* avaskop there is the eternal trial.

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