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Xiaomi Mi5S - Marriage and Repair | Smartphone, 5.15 "
Marriage of memory
Is the memory dead?
Yes (4/32) [ 14 ] ** [1,75%]
Yes (3/64) [ 29 ] ** [3,63%]
Yes (4/128) [ 50 ] ** [6,26%]
Not [ 706 ] ** [88,36%]
Died memory? (By the year)
Yes (XX.2016) [ 37 ] ** [4,63%]
Yes (03/01/2017) [ 20 ] ** [2,5%]
Yes (04.2017 and up) [ 23 ] ** [2,88%]
Not [ 717 ] ** [89,74%]
Total votes: 799

Rep: (18)
Marriage and RepairXiaomi Mi5S
PictureXiaomi Mi5S
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Survey on marriage focus.
Scanner survey
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Autofocus marriage
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* SuicideAttacker , turn off the drain auto-brightness, put the program "Auto-brightness" from the market, set it up as you like and use it, I threw it into the system / app and everything is super. Works as a system application. I like it because you can overstate the minimum auto-brightness threshold, now in the dark the screen doesn’t go dead too, you can also reduce the maximum brightness threshold, but I don’t see the point if you go out you don’t see anything)

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* blizzarid

This is the dust under the camera lens. It is advised not to hit hard around the cameras, but it did not help me. I had to change the module.

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Good day to all. The question is, I changed the display on our device, I bought it expensive with a print. I rearranged and the buttons do not work, namely home and back. what can it be connected with? or is it just a marriage?

Posted 06/21/2019 at 21:34:

And also, can anyone know what could happen to the microphone, since it stopped working after replacing the display?

Rep: (224)
Nuu, in general, apparently on my eske memory dump (but this is not accurate, I will get to the hands, I will do diagnostics. Version 4/128 of course) as a donor? black, all original, the display is not ideal, there are minor scratches, because there is always glass without glass, the cover is in combat scars, the battery is still alive, if you can call 4 hours of screen work on average: D

Rep: (2)
Has anyone ever put the battery out of direct? Should I take or end for half a year?https: //vladimir.parts..s/AA782481/xiaomi_mi5s

Rep: (44)
* Zver , I think d. Do not save on the battery, it's almost the most important thing in the phone. I bought Nohon with Ali, 3k mAh. Keeps well, all sensors work.

Rep: (183)
Tell me who can put copper plates on our phone instead of thermal pads? These will fithttps: //www.aliexpress....311.0.0.689533edRkdE5I

Rep: (689)
* barminov1976
By the way, you can be inspired and do something like, as in Meizu for example
Attached Image

Not figure cut, but you can substitute so these plates
P.S on the example of Nexushttps://keddr.com/2015…o-reshil-etu-problemu/

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* John.D,
Yes, you can try.

Rep: (1)
* barminov1976 , it will be hard. Small processors are lower in height. And a number of details that can close. Better thermal pads and thermal paste

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I'll ask here.
Periodically there is a problem with the camera, pink stripes appear or a double frame, sometimes just a camera error.
Two identical phones, purchased with a difference of six months and one problem.
Maybe someone will tell you how to deal with this?
Firmware last stable, from mechanical influences, nothing changes. Rebooting, launching third-party cameras also does not help. The most annoying is that when something needs to be urgently removed, it hangs, just checking everything works)))
Thank you so much!

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Rep: (15)
The misfortune happened, the screen crashed, + cracks even on the fingerprint scanner ...
Attached Image

the display itself shows no prints, the sensor seems to be a whole too,
three options are available for repair
- some kind of a fake screen without a home button (xs why and how the one who has proposed imagines such a work of the phone at all)
- Taiwan copy with sensor and scanner (like this)
- buy used and used as a donor

how best to do, or are there other options?

Rep: (21)
After 2 years, the display on one of the two purchased mi5s began to fade, on white. The residual image appears. At the same time on a black phone everything is ok. Sorry for the phone, it would be quite good to this day, if it were not for this joint.

Rep: (2)
* mannokia The scanners are sold in different markings. Some kind of came to me, it had a thin soft transparent band on the surface, I thought that the glue, but did not stick, and was not rubbed with a degreaser. Heated well, and spoiled the scanner, thought remo glue. Interestingly, if you glue on thermo glue, how it will behave.
The question is that if you glue on a solid glue, and the base is soft, does it make sense?
He removed the metalized film from the scanner, it is glued with a non-solid glue, the glue looks like a normal one, it is easily erased with a finger.

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Good day to all ! People, tell me please, which of the spring-loaded contacts are responsible for mobile communication? After disassembling the device, start the "Skip" network. Sometimes even disappears completely.

Rep: (0)
Hello. The camera periodically breaks down, usually rebooting helps, but not always. Has anyone come across this?
Examples of breakage in the photo
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Video example

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