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LG G3 Dual LTE - Lineage OS Firmware, AOSP (OS 7.x)

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LG G3 Dual LTE - Lineage OS Firmware, AOSP (OS 7.x-9.x)
PictureD856, D858HK, D857, D859
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Drivers and Utilities



Opengapps (pico recommended)

1. Download the firmware, drop it into the phone.
2. Download and upload gapps to the phone (preferably PICO)
3.wipe / data / system / cache
4. Install the firmware, then install the gapps. Reboot

Smart IR Remote - AnyMote - IR remote control for equipment for AOSP
Peel remote- alternative IR remote control for equipment for AOSP
Open camera- 4k video.Google play
В® ViPER4Android (V4A)

Custom kernels (AOSP 7.x-8.x

Custom Recovery

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. "Good day to all who may have an interest, or prevent the action from flash your phone: yes LG G3 D858HK smartphone I decided to put it on firmware RR-Pv.7.0.0 (android 9) The problem is that one has ceased to operate from sim.. two for calls, sMS and the balance without any problems, but there is no connection, silence and everything. Take out the 2 nd Simcoe, one works without problems (MTS and Tele2). Some I needed an application to work is not stable. Here's a lag. I had to put on testing the previous version, RR-Ov.6.2.1 (8 android) (with Megi). As long as the smartphone is stable, will be further tested amb, I needed applications run normally until:. thank_you: "

P.S. Hello again, it is interesting: the same trouble, and goes on firmware v.7.0.1. Campaign for my smartphone while only perfect RR-O-v.6.2.1. It works quite stable.

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there is a bug in the LOS 16 and its derivatives, the developer is silent.

As a single crutch - Switch on the internet sim card with which you want to call.
It can be seen in the source sound comes only with SIM cards on which the Internet

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Thanks ! But probably stay at RR-O-v.6.2.1, it is for me the most stable and there are no problems.

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RR on 19.06.2019


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A 7, 8, 9 android stock browser or Chrome, or AOSP? If anyone has a stock is, you could share.
Just do not make the installation apk, but from the data / app or system / app.

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How to install android 9.0 on the model lg-d856? Which version twrp set?

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Argen200009 @ 25.08.19, 07:22*
Which version twrp set

last for g3ds.
and how to put the firmware - search the forum works.

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On some firmware works to stabilize the camera, there is intense heat, and keeps battery standards

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