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Xiaomi Mi5S - Unofficial firmware
Best firmware
Android 9.0
LineageOS 16.0 [ 32 ] ** [22,54%]
RESURRECTION REMIX [ 6 ] ** [4,23%]
Syberia project [ 28 ] ** [19,72%]
BootleggersROM [ 1 ] ** [0,7%]
Pixel Experience [ 28 ] ** [19,72%]
Aosp Extended [ 2 ] ** [1,41%]
Havoc-OS [ 20 ] ** [14,08%]
RevengeOS [ 0 ] ** [0%]
Other [ 3 ] ** [2,11%]
I use MIUI [ 13 ] ** [9,15%]
I do not use 9.0 [ 9 ] ** [6,34%]
Total votes: 142

Rep: (881)
Xiaomi Mi5S - Unofficial firmware
PictureXiaomi Mi5S
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[center] Firmware logo (no more than 200 pixels on the larger side) [/ center]
[u] Author [/ u]: If the author is not you
[u] Firmware [/ u]: Version / number
[u] Description [/ u]: The maximum possible description
[SPOIL = Add. screenshots] here [/ SPOIL]
[u] Extras information [/ u]: Nuances, thanks, etc.
[u] Download [/ u]: download link
[u] Installation [/ u]: Installation Method / Method
Drivers and Utilities
Bootloader unlocking
The process is described in detail.here.
Install TWRP
  • Download recovery to choose from (see "Recovery / Kernels")
  • We translate the smartphone intoFastboot (we hold down the volume buttons and the power button until a hare appears) , insert the cable into the phone. If the device is already in fastboot, then just stick the cable.
  • In the catalog withMiFlash located along the way C: \ Program Files \ Xiaomi \ MiPhone \ Google \ Android , we press on the keyboard Shift and click PKM - Open command window .
  • In the catalog withXiaoMiFlash along the way C: \ XiaoMi \ XiaoMiFlash \ Source \ ThirdParty \ Google \ Android do similar actions.
  • In this folder, we throw a pre-loaded .img-image of our TWRP.
  • We write in the command line that opens:
fastboot flash recovery xxx.img

Wherexxx.img - the name of the image from the recovery. If you call it recovery.img, then, accordingly, the same should be written in the team .
Installing custom firmware
  • Download firmware and GApps (select for ARM64) , copy to phone / sd card.
  • Boot intoTWRP (volume + and power buttons)
  • Walk along the wayCleaning ->Selective cleaning , select sections Dalvik / ART Cache, System, Data and Cache make a wipe.
  • To installMIUI Firmware (If you want to)
  • Flash previously downloaded firmware(Installation ->archive_name.zip ->"Swipe for firmware")
  • To installGApps .
  • Reboot machine(Reboot ->System)

In order to avoid errors, when installing, carefully look at the firmware version, ours, on Mi5S - with the Capricorn postscript

"Android 9.X (Pie)"

"Android 8.X (Oreo)"

"Android 7.X (Nougat)"

"Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow)"


TWRP | Root | Firmware
GApps (Google Apps)

Cap updates
  • 07/14/19 - Added to the "useful" section: Optimizing the phone for HMP using L Speed; added vote
  • 06/01/19 - Havoc-OS firmware added from SW. ksrt12
  • 05/04/19 - added firmware on Android 9: RevengeOS + review, SuperiorOS, AICP 14.0, AOSiP
  • 04/17/19 - BootleggersRom firmware added
  • 03/28/19 - Added firmware RR 7 Pie, as well as the latest version of LOS 15.1
  • 02/16/19 - added Bliss Rom firmware, added Xiaomi Firmware Updater (spoiler "useful"), updated download link for Pixel Experience and SyberianOS, Pixel Experience Setup
  • 12/13/18 - Pixel Experience 9.0 firmware was added, a collection of stock cores from custom firmware was added
  • 11/07/18 - Dirty Unicorns, Aosp Extended and CitrusCAF firmware added
  • 09/28/18 - added project / e / firmware and Kernel X kernel, added feedback to LineageOS 16.0 firmware, updated firmware link
  • 09/12/18 - an updated post has been added to the Pepsi core and a review has been added to the AEX firmware
  • 09/03/18 - Syberia Project firmware added
  • 08/20/18 - added firmware LineageOS 16.0 based on android 9.0, added Pepsy Kernel core, updated drivers for Adreno 530 added to the 'Useful' spoiler
  • 07.22.18 - added firmware: HavocOS, ToxycOS, Omni ROM, DirtyUnicorns; Corrected the link to the instruction "Correcting the volume of the conversational speaker", and also added information about throttling, processor frequencies and battery temperature (spoiler "useful")
  • 06/10/18 - BootleggersRom firmware and BG345 core with low voltage added (undervolting) added
  • 04/16/18 - the BG345 kernel was added, a link to the Project Treble topic was added to the navigator
  • 03/25/18 - added Modems (firmware) on Ya.Disk from scatman928;The problem with the brakes when playing video, the lack of sound is solved by installing a fresh firmware
  • 03/20/18 - I designed the cap a little, added firmware based on Android 6: LineageOS 13.0, Resurrection Remix v5.7.4; Added firmware based on Android 8 DotOS
  • 02/28/18 - added MindTheGapps for the office. versions of LineageOS 15.1
  • 02/25/18 - Added firmware based on Android 8.1: AICP 13.x, XenonHD, CrDroid, Candy ROM, Validus OS, Lite RR mod; allocated separate spoiler for GApps
  • 11.02.18 - added posts to firmware based on android 8.1, added firmware RESURRECTION REMIX 6.0, AOSCP, AOKP, AospExtended ROM
  • 02/09/18 - Added firmware based on Android 8.1 (PixelExperience, AospExtended ROM, Cosmic-OS), irrelevant polling removed
  • 01/24/18 - global changes in the structure of the header, all information is updated, up-to-date fixes are added (spoiler is "useful")
  • 01/08/18 - small header redesign, Lite AEX ROM firmware from tselikov.oleg and Psychedelic Kernel core added, automatic unlock for Google Smart lock trusted face
  • 11/22/17 - irrelevant firmware removed, firmware added: Team-OctOS, DarkNess reDefined, DARK ROM, ColtOS, LineageOS 14.1 with microG
  • 10.25.17 - instruction added - possible solution to the sound problem
  • 10/2/17 - Dialer has been added with a full-screen photo for RR / LOS; Added halogenOS firmware from TrOLOLO718
  • 09/21/17 - the header has been updated to the current state
  • 08/26/17 - Resurrection Remix firmware from SW. TrOLOLO718 and Nexus Experience Rom, updated AICP download link, added clock mod on Sony-style lock screen, added CrazyAquaKernel core
  • 07/11/17 - added firmware Candy ROM, HalogenOS, HydrogenOS, added instruction to solve problems with connecting to Wi-fi
  • 06/30/17 - Added AquariOS and Slim 7 firmware, added instructions for correcting the scanner and instructions for working with DualBootPatcher
  • 06/18/17 - added OwnROM firmware, added feedback to RR firmware.
  • 06/16/17 - added Dirty Unicorns and Hexagon firmware, added instructions for replacing buttons in places
  • 06/14/17 - Added firmware NucleanRom, AIM ROM and AOSGP X, added "Enable slow-mo mode in Google Camera"
  • 06/10/17 - SudaMod firmware added
  • 06/08/17 - the spoiler "Instructions" has been updated, the basic instructions have been added; Added the inclusion of support for Hi-Res; filled the spoiler "Miscellaneous"
  • 06.06.17 - added the official LineageOS, updated the link to the firmware, completely remade the spoiler "Drivers and Utilities", added a set of logos with all the firmware for the Dual Boot Patcher
  • 05/31/17 - Added a fixed volume buttons on the headset, a patch that improves Wi-Fi in the 2.4 GHz band, emoticons (emoji) Android O, Dialer with a full-screen photo for Resurrection Remix, Flyme 6 firmware
  • 05/28/17 - reissuing the cap

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Reason for editing: How to flash any firmware for recovery via fastboot on error 7

Rep: (10)
* okyhb1,

ARM 64 is the processor capacity of the device. Stock is a standard set of Google applications. Aroma- during installation, you can choose the applications you need. All other varieties are either filled with unnecessary trash from Google, or truncated to the most nebolyu.proof

Posted on 12/15/2016, 10:14 PM:

* kormilicyn @,

Of course I made a change. Maybe my fingers are not the same as everyone else, but really from 3-4 I could unlock the device.

Post has been editedstraiker588 - 15.12.16, 22:49

Rep: (10)
* vladislav_s,

the video is the same. it’s strange to me. but after these finger manipulations the multitouch came to life.

Posted on 12/15/2016, 10:17 PM:

* okyhb1,

Yes sir

Post has been editedstraiker588 - 15.12.16, 22:45

Rep: (1)
In the Restore and Reset menu, you can only do a reset, but how to restore and how to backup? : rolleyes:

Rep: (10)
* okyhb1,

As I understand it, backup is done automatically in Google's account, and it is restored from it. But it is not exactly.

Rep: (1)
Just installed see, not everything is of course right, but in general the rules. I want to ask who has already installed, check how youtube works. My previously viewed clips are not loaded a second time, which may be the reason.

Rep: (0)
Who sits on this cyan, is it worth rolling around? Who generally made it and how, if the source code has not yet been laid out

Rep: (1)
* ma5amune YouTube is working fine

Rep: (46)
TS, add another address to the firmware where it is made and by whom

Rep: (1)
Question to all cyan users, but did you arrive to call? Or receive calls? As soon as I click on the subscriber, the phone is semi-reloaded. With an incoming call, the same thing.

Rep: (17)
Poyuzal cyan, I can say that for the first assembly that appears, it works just fine. I encountered a multitouch glitch once at the beginning, after that it works fine. In occasion of two sims - I did not test. NFC does not work. The rest did not find any problems.
Yes, I did not quite understand why in the header there was an instruction for getting the root. The same cyan - root is built in initially. It is included in the developer menu.

Post has been editedodubinkin - 16.12.16, 03:33
Reason for editing: NFC, root

Rep: (1)
No one heard anything about the official cyan for this device? Just a choice between mi5s and a simple mi5 on which there are custom shafts.

Rep: (15)
Please tell me, I did not use cyan before.
How is it with updates by air, will they come as they are finished or should they be sewn up?
How is the camera on this assembly? Whoever compared with the drain?

Rep: (112)
Question to all cyan users

There's no such thing

Rep: (1)
I got rid of it by reinstalling gapps for easier. (Nano)

Posted on 12/16/2016, 10:42:

Led indicators work?

Rep: (24)
* okyhb1 , it’s not stable, it’s not working, and what it’s not understood.

Rep: (186)
on which custom shaft.

even if there is no globalka on MI5s, then the custom will be a shaft anyway, the craftsmen do not doze off. they even managed to build a fully working build even without the source, so don’t worry about the custom, everything will be, you just have to wait a bit.

Rep: (17)
Nightfight @ 12.16.2016, 06:07*
Please tell me, I did not use cyan before.
How is it with updates by air, will they come as they are finished or should they be sewn up?
How is the camera on this assembly? Whoever compared with the drain?

If there is an official cyan, there will be updates by air. For now, talking about it is the same.
Regarding the camera, usually everyone writes that it is better on miui. But on cyan, too, everything is ok, in the end, in the first place, everything depends on iron.

Rep: (1)
* straiker588 , no, not at all. It's about Barclays

Rep: (112)
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Internet, calls, learning about firmware ... first night flight mode

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Rep: (71)
* ssmit1 , I understood very interesting pictures with energy consumption there is an order.

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