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Book-game symbiont 2 | [Casual] Continuation of the game symbiont.
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Total votes: 62

Rep: (42)
Book-game Symbiont 2
Version: 2.1
Genre: Casual

Last update of the game in the header:10.03.2018

Attached Image

Attached Image
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Short description:
Continued books games symbiont. Full version.

The tragedy in the laboratory "Refuge M-2" will be continued. At this time, you take on the role of the operator, who must carry out his protГ©gГ© through all the dangers of an infected object.
Sergey Berkut - professional mercenary, a fighter group of special purpose "Blade". But even his whole preparation is powerless against Symbiont. The only hope for you!
From now on you are on the other side of the conflict. Your task: to successfully complete the mission, unravel mysteries, and, of course, it is desirable to save the life of a mercenary.
Operation "Clean Horizon" begins!

- a direct continuation ofBook game "symbiont , A new meeting with the old characters and, of course, neuroscientist Ivan Sobolev;
- two completely unique story campaign;
- more than 13 000 unique messages;
- about 30 hours of playing time;
- 4 different endings;
- 3 hidden (secret) location and one a secret message from the developers;
- supplemented by communication mode with a character who is now able to send photos to the player from the scene;
- updated and advanced settings (including the management of output speed posts)
- A user-friendly map, which displays possible variants of the passage;
- Achievements system and panel open / available endings;
- Updated music, audio and graphics library;
- Improved response to environmental management system to the player;
- and, of course, entangled plot, intrigue that will keep players in suspense until the last moment.

Developer site: http://symbiontgames.ru
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.questlab.cleanhorizon

Russian interface: Yes
System requirements: 4.0.3 or later

Version: 2.1 Mod Book 2 game symbiont (Post Moonges # 71179704)
Version: 1.0.5 Book 2 game symbiont (Post maxitrain # 56559313)
Past versions
Version: 1.0.3 Attached filesymbiont 2.ver.1.0.3.build.4.apk (60.39 MB)

Post has been editedartem1701 - 10.03.18, 18:08
Reason for editing: New version of Mod

Rep: (325)
What is the difference from the cast APK version GP?

Rep: (42)
* XokkeucT128
Thanks I got it. I need to receive 50 messages.

Posted on 12/11/2016, 16:20

* Mr_Jasper
in Play Market game is worth 49 rubles. And then the full version but free. Everything is for you)

Rep: (1)
The first part liked the atmosphere, but the story itself is a bit short and not always written so professional ... In any case, delayed and liked to eat this is now part of the new possibilities of judging by the screen appeared, such as a map, in the first part I remember barely got out of ventillyatsionnogo labyrinth ...;)

Rep: (32)
Sometimes, after the game progress is reset to control at the same time sharpening + zaglyuchit and messages stop coming and there is no selection window. (And should not be at this moment)

Rep: (0)
Well the first part I liked the second difference with humor, yet like everything. Thank you for your APK, money simply can not throw.

Rep: (267)
Attached ImageBook-game symbiont 2 v1.0.5

What's new:
- Fixed a bug with achievements and returned lost control points.

Attached ImageAttached fileQuestBook_Simbiont_2_1.0.5.apk(60.75 MB)

Rep: (42)
* maxitrain,
Thank you for helping. I did not notice the upgrade.

Rep: (0)
Good game, the atmosphere it is necessary to: P

Rep: (16)
The latest premium version of the second part of the symbiont 1.0.6. Bought for the money, I do not give up + turnip: rolleyes:
Attached filesymbiont 2.ver.1.0.6.build.7.apk(60.5 MB)

Rep: (6)
Refresh pliz! There is already version 2.0 came out

Rep: (114)
Blinded fashion with the current version of the premium.

Attached fileSymbiont2_2.1.29_prem.apk(35.79 MB)

Rep: (0)
* Moonges ,
Thanks dude))

Rep: (1)
* Moonges, making this mod?

Rep: (114)
* Jungle88 В° ,
Moonges @ 10.03.18, 16:19*
fashion with the current version of the premium.

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