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Space Arena: Build & Fight | [IPhone], [iPad], [Developer is present in the subject]

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Space Arena: Build & Fight
Version: 1.6.2
Catalog: Simulators

Last update of the game in the header:05.11.2017

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Short description:
Design starships, discover the latest weapons and win PVP battles!

The distant future, year 4012. You are a beginner designer of spaceships who want to show the world what you are worth. Welcome to the Star Arena - the place where the strongest wins! Explore destructive technologies, assemble the perfect starship, arm the whole fleet and prove to everyone in the galaxy that you are the best!

- Unique gameplay: Explore! Build! Fight!
- Dozens of starships, hundreds of parts for assembling new models
- Spectacular battles with other players!

Download Spaceship Battles for free and become the best designer of the universe!

iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1134614037

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Hello. I play on Anryusha, but you have an active branch, and that one was deleted altogether.
I couldn’t deal with Eidolon,
I haven’t figured it out yet with Vindicator, but my captain has been rushing for more than 1030. True, I began to see that the level of shields was less than 50 percent.
There is still a resourcereddit
English speakers discuss the game there, a lot of pictures.
Here is my Sam o'War, maybe someone will help.

P.S. To support the developers I paid for the game, but without donation, the game is easy. You just have to think and try. Good luck to all.

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Login problem writes
"[Sync Error]
Take away the gremlins "

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time, the changed value of memory, speedhack gameguardian, in general cheater ..)

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Has anyone tried to hack? what values ​​to look for ..

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A rating of 429 only overwhelmed warriora with such a design. In general, I don’t know how much I bought a donor peace. Does not have worthy opponents up to level 23

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It’s a pity that the authors did not duel by nick. I would like to test designs with specific players

My Miranchik continues to tear opponents

Everything except clean lasers flies (I haven’t met such yet), and the debris from the ZV has too much time to gnaw through shields

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In clashes with opponents, often the enemy wanderer is more dangerous than the enemy warrior

The game is cool. The dream is to see a strategy with the same PC design

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What are jumping engines?

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* HeroCraft Games How is the damage calculated in the game? Judging by the characteristics, the turret is stronger than a military gauss machine gun
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Uroaen 54, rating for 1000
How to upgrade weapons and more?
I did not understand where to get the chips. At first, they seemed to give coordinates, after the search there were chips.
Now there is nothing ....
Who knows how to make chips?

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