DEXP Athena T104 - Discussion | [Notebook] Windows 8.1 | 11.6 "| Intel Pentium n3700 | 2GB

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DEXP Athena T104 - Discussion пїЅ | Description | Buying and Accessories пїЅ
Windows 8.1 | 11.6 "| Intel Pentium n3700 | 2GB

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Screen Type TN + film
Screen size 11.6 "
Screen Resolution 1366x768
Name HD format
Pixel Density 135.1 PPI
glossy screen coating
3D screen no
No touch screen
Intel processor manufacturer
Ruler Intel Pentium processor
Processor Model Pentium N3700
The number of processor cores 4
The frequency of 1.6 GHz
Automatically increasing the frequency of 2.4 GHz
L2 cache 2 MB
No L3 cache
Airmont Processor Architecture
RAM type DDR3L
Frequency RAM 1600 MHz
RAM size 2 GB
The number of slots for memory modules 1
The maximum installable memory capacity to 8 GB
Graphic accelerator
View embedded graphics accelerator
Manufacturer Intel GPU
no discrete graphics card model
Type of video memory SMA
The video memory is allocated from RAM
Model integrated graphics Intel HD
CrossFire / SLI-array is not
Index of video version of Futuremark 310
Data storages
Total volume of hard disk drives (HDD) 500 GB
The total amount of solid-state drives (SSD) have
SSHD drive (SSD volume buffer) No
Configuration only HDD drives
Spindle speed 5400 rev / min
Built-in additional equipment
The webcam is
Extended speaker no
Built-in microphone is
Support memory card reader card mini SD, MMC, RSMMC, SD, SDHC, SDXC
Optical drive no
Internet / data transfer
Wireless kinds of Internet access Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n standard
View Network Adapter (Ethernet) built
Network adapter speed of 100 Mbit / s
Bluetooth support for additional data types 4.0 + LE
Interfaces / Connectors
2 USB 2.0 ports
USB 3.0 ports 1
Ports USB Type-C is not
Video interfaces HDMI, VGA (D-Sub)
Audio interface 3.5 mm jack (audio / headphones), 3.5 mm jack (microphone)
No additional interfaces
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery capacity 2700 mAh
Approximate runtime 5 hours
Additional Information
Options power supply, CD with software, documentation
No fingerprint scanner
Kensington lock has
Features an additional mSATA slot
Dimensions, weight
Depth 210.5 mm
Width 292.4 mm
Thickness 22.7 mm
Weight 1.4 kg
[Spoiler = more information] Msata really is. Native HDD - 7mm. Native memory die really 1600MHz.

While I can only say that saved on the cooling system. She makes an effort but the stone is heated to 85 degrees. I'm afraid to think what will happen in the summer. And of course the fan noise, much like clipper.

Plans to test a bit, for some time to suffer it "in the database", so if that appeal on warranty you can. Then I put in the MSAT-in SSc. RAM has replaced the 8gigov.

I can still say that windows 8.1 - slag. But it is good that the 64bit, all the RAM in a course.

I am glad also that this is the only laptop with a stone with a removable battery.

Disassembly: bottom screws, then you need to detach Claudia (4 latches on top), underneath the remaining screws. HDD can be put only 7mm and it is very bad, such as the Hitachi hard to find.

So far launched only Soulstorm, pulls at maximum settings, but fights shots subside to 17. In the future, CS GO.

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DEXP Athena T103
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DEXP Athena T114
Most likely the nurse and cooling there is the same
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is there a difference from the 108 model?

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777mirk777 @ 27.11.2016, 17:58*
DEXP Athena T108

I understand only in the system.
Potestit CS GO. The stone is heated to the maximum - 90 degrees, but no throttling was seen was scanty supply. Room temperature was 24 degrees. In general, the cooling system is designed as if the steward. Summer will definitely be a problem.

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it would be bad if it was sold without a system of thousands of 15 unnecessarily overpay for unnecessary and useless software is not hunting

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777mirk777 @ 28.11.2016, 19:41*
it would be bad if it was sold without a system of thousands of 15 unnecessarily overpay for unnecessary and useless software is not hunting

And you monitorte them in markdown. I bought for my 9t.r. in this way, while the second available there (there were) now stands 8.5r

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we have some reason there is no (((prompt Windows license?

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Yes, but on the body no labels about the axis.

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I understand you can add one more hard ?!

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You can add a SSD-msata, available 7mm HDD can be replaced.

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huahao @ 30.11.2016, 17:41*
You can add a SSD-msata, available 7mm HDD can be replaced.

with clear replacement, I mean, and PDM and put SSD))

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Good day. Planned to buy a laptop, set it on SSD and 4GB of RAM. There was a question about the SSD, I understand there M2 to be inserted, but they are of different lengths. If I understand correctly, then there vlezut only short, right? Simply do not have the opportunity to see with their own eyes the parsed model, and the picture I do not understand what there is a maximum length. Please tell me what size to buy SSD

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Evgeny_samarin @ 06.12.2016, 20:34*
I understand there M2 must be inserted

No, there is inserted msata ssd. Most sold we msata ssd same size.

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huahao @ 06.12.2016, 18:47*
No, there is inserted msata ssd

Did not understand the new format, I'm sorry. M2 turns later, and in the sale can not find mSata 60GB more, even if it was at 120. Kapets. Exit what? Replace the hard unless

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I do not know in what vesyah you live, but in the same DNSe / Tehnopointe, my true their 8 pieces. 2300r / 3250r, and 64GB / 128GB. On them many times more, I do not know whether you can give a link herehttps: //

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Show in the photo where the connector of the IRU. Thank you in advance

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777mirk777 @ 07.12.16, 04:53*
Show in the photo where the connector of the IRU

apparently here

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Evgeny_samarin @ 08.12.16, 08:53*
apparently here


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Someone tell me how to use the screen? That brightness? You can make a video?
If you open about ten tabs in the browser pulls?
FullHD video with a load proca shows?
Who has put mSATA? Loaded with it? Smart now?
RAM 8GB who put what kind of bar? The specific model is interested in compatibility plan.
Now I sit on the ASUS 1215B with SSD and 6GB RAM. But when it will open multiple tabs in a browser, it becomes hard.
I would like more bright unit in the trip.

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huahao @ 28.11.16, 10:19*
Potestit CS GO.
How many FPS was or was not friezes, lag, lag?

Posted on 31.12.2016, 13:26:

* Rusl12 , Well, that has got to) I Lenovo b580, 1080 video goes well, there is now testing a game, an old laptop

Posted on 31.12.2016, 13:28:

huahao @ 24.11.16, 09:15*
Most likely the nurse
may be the motherboard? And not the nurse: rofl:

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misha2345 @ 31.12.16, 15:25*
I have a Lenovo b580

And then the 15 "model? There stands the same processor?

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* Rusl12,
No, I justhappy New Year

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