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philips E570 firmware | philips E570 looking for firmware

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looking for firmware for philips E570
Who can remove the flash program FlashTool_exe_v5.1328.00.

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Who can take a dump?

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no need to repeat, if someone had been - would have given ..

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tutu222 @ 06.12.16, 13:37*
Who can take a dump?

For details, how can I make a firmware dump and how to flash it? There is no information anywhere. I have firmware v22. I read there v28 but sew only in authorized centers.

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stumbled upon ...

http: //www.gsmforum.ru...ds/267685-Philips-E570

but what is CM2 I do not know ...

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stumbled upon ...

http: //www.gsmforum.ru...ds/267685-Philips-E570

but what is CM2 I do not know ...

Thanks for the link, it’s a pity it didn’t work for my Philips Xenium 1560. I got up from the Philips E320 but I need to reassign the buttons, but this is not possible.
I do not need a big clock on the screen.

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Firmware for Philips E570 V29RU
thankSemyon Lopata with Xenium-fan
I used for firmware

Driversaccording to this instruction
The firmware instructions are taken on the now non-existent Xenium fan inbarsik_m
Create a free folder on your desktop under any name, for example, A.
Unzip the firmware file there,
After launching Tool with the Browse button, enter the path to this conditional folder A, so that the Tool “sees” this .cgf file
Next click Download.
Next, in the phone, we remove the battery. We put it back (We do not turn on the phone!) And stick it by holding the OK key with the cord. The firmware will go by itself

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Greetings, tell someone who has some battery settings.
Device ->OK ->Set Default Level ->Ok
->Battery ->
there you will see 10 levels, from 1st value of type 3,400,000 to 9 and 10 with values ​​of 9999999.

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* ghostmotors

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29 firmware, or does it depend on it? Does it make sense to change the first value to 315000? 3.15 volts not scary for this battery?

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* ghostmotors The battery parameters from the V29B_RU firmware, as in the old firmware, I do not know, but whether the gates are different.
Ghostmotors @ 06/09/17, 11:38*
Does it make sense to change the first value to 315000? 3.15 volts not scary for this battery?

lithium battery regulations

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For the movie 5500, they write that it works longer
Devise (OK)
3- SetDefaultLevel (OK)
4- Battery (OK)
5- change indicators to the following:
LEV 1: 3,200,000
LEV 2: 3312500
LEV 3: 3425000
LEV 4: 3537500
LEV 5: 3650000
LEV 6: 3762500
LEV 7: 3875000
LEV 8: 3987500
LEV 9: 9999999
LEV 10: 9999999
6- Restart the phone.

Posted 09/06/2017 at 15:35:

Well, based on these rules, everything should be good - you can even raise the upper limit to 4

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I have a month somewhere holding, with these will be one and a half :-), tired of waiting to check :-)

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* ghostmotors lowering the voltage can be squeezed 10% This is true if you live far from the outlet or you want to set a record and brag to your friends. And why? Akum is just huge and extricate it from extra work against the threat of prematurely killing.

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This is all the pathos, very far from the outlet, and the one that is far away may be de-energized at the right time. Plus, the settings will remain on the site, and maybe someone else will come in handy.
And yes, it’s not necessary, it works and it’s okay.

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How to see the firmware version on e570?

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* d / k

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* Yurii860
thank. 29th latest firmware same? very little information on this phone on the Internet, and problems were found in 10 minutes of use

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* d / k
At the moment, the last. A bit of information was on the site xenium fan, but it is not available for several weeks.

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Good day to the forum users!
I wanted to buy this body Philips Xenium E570, as the second very few reviews, and is it worth?

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