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Huawei Nova - Buy | Smartphone, 5 "

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PurchaseHuawei nova
PictureHuawei Nova CAN-L01 \ L11, CAZ-AL10 \ TL10
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I will be the first. I bought in the official store shop.huawei by pre-order of a golden color, I wanted dark gray, but they were not there. Delivery was free SPSR. The phone reached Vladivostok three days after the order. That's all.

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Good afternoon, I am also thinking about buying this device.
Tell us about your feelings.
Well, the photo in real life, it would be nice.

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* Alexeivl,
Huawei Nova CAN-L01 \ L11 - Discussion

Posted on 11/16/2016 7:06 AM:

I also took it to shop.huawei on pre-order 11.11, only SPSR sent it by land, on Thu-Fri it will arrive

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* Alexeivl,
Feelings are the most positive. I chose based on the size - I do not like shovels. This phone lay in your hand. I also considered Samsung j5 Prime, but it is much weaker in terms of filling and on the screen. The screen at Nova is just wonderful. The sound quality and the basic dynamics and conversational I was completely satisfied. 7 Android for us is likely to be, our processor supports Api Vulcan. I liked EMUI since P6S. Even the minuses have not yet found, except that the camera would be like the S7. Photos are in the discussion thread.

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* igleon vl,
Please describe impressions about performance;)

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* ahmad13.help,
With performance, everything is fine, everything flies, but I don’t play heavy games, especially 3d. In the apparatus a good percentage. For me, a comfortable size is crucial.

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Hello everyone, and who was thinking about the case for Nova?
In the Internet there is this: huawei nova smart case.

What are the advantages of "smart" covers?

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Promocode MVideo stay with anyone? I will be grateful.

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* Alexammm,
Where? Chet did not find

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* Alexammm,
I ordered on Ali, in addition to the bumper from Nilkin, and such a cover, its essence is that you can answer calls and watch who is calling without opening the cover itself. There are windows in the case, one in the other is one, and through them you can see the information and answer the call. We in the settings in the Management section have the Mode item in the case and here it turns on the smart case.

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Promocode MVideo stay with anyone? I will be grateful.

Something I have a feeling that Mvideo will order ordered. Already the working day is nearing the end, but I never receive an SMS about the delivery of goods to the store. Yes, and remained on the site like only silver (ordered gray).

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Already the working day is nearing the end, but I never receive an SMS about the delivery of goods to the store.

I have the same. Hanging in the status Created, although the delivery information says "Available in the store today."

I think to call them in half an hour to inquire about the order.

UPD Called. Automatic (determined by phone number) said that my order "Order<number>in processing. As soon as you are ready, you will receive an SMS. "In principle, there is hope that it will be available at least tomorrow.
If they ride, it means no luck. There is still a chance to order in the official online store; club price 20,000 rubles. True, there is no gray.

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Here is a case - under the spoiler

Attached Image

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igleon vl @ 11/16/2016, 16:44*
In the Management section, there is a Mode item in the case and here it includes a smart case.

I understand that in a certain place of the cover there is a magnet, does the setting work?

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I think to call them in half an hour to inquire about the order.

He called, they say that they will deliver today, but they cannot say anything about time. Order status - in processing.

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* Alexammm,
Yes, I saw reviews gutting similar covers.

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Faced such a problem when buying a phone inM Video :
On November 15, everyone who wanted to purchase a nova model with a 15% discount had to enter a promotional code when placing an order. I placed an order yesterday, and today I decided to enter my personal account and my registration was lost. I decided to climb on the personal account, but when I clicked into the basket, a window came out: I will attach the screen. I called the mvideo, they said that I would call the order number that should come in the SMS, but unfortunately my phone is broken, I can not see the SMS, and therefore I buy a new one. The phone of the color I chose is sold out ... They offered to contact the store tomorrow. What kind of hat? Am I the only one?

Attached images
Attached Image
Attached Image

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hat? Am I the only one?

I see the same thing. But my order number (the one that I have preserved at the post office) they see in their system and promise to fulfill it.

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* Ask07,
* BOOTKiller,
On the 14th, I spoke with Mvideo, because I didn’t receive the promotional code, they said that Nova’s sales would start on November 17th. (by the way, the promo code never came, he kindly shared it with me<RUS>lan ).
Yesterday I made an order on the website for a promotional code on a gray device.
A message was sent to the phone and mail with the order number and the order is also visible in the personal account in the order history.
In theory, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow there should be a delivery. We'll see...

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