HomTom HT17 Pro - Firmware
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HomTom HT17 Pro - Firmware
PictureHomTom HT17 Pro
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Post has been editeddestroyer71 - 13.05.19, 11:02
Reason for editing: Imei Repair, without PC, Programs, Root, and TWRP

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* lumiastr333 , The firmware can also be through fleshtul, it's easier

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acras @ 21.01.20, 17:37*
firmware can also be through fleshtul, it's easier
twrp on vileoinstrukuii of caps installed? Still, I'll sew through rekaveri, all wipes are all caches before flashing? Shew firmware, put your franca. Root whatever advised to sound events ainur got up and running without any problems?

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* lumiastr333 , magisk

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And Olin question for which version magjsk

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* lumiastr333 , The latest stable.

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puts twrp error flash "pmd charged the rom"

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This is me with another account he wrote the post above, and your skayter tvrp not been established: no error puts twrp flash "pmd charged the rom". As a result, install the version from the post
Dem0nik89 @ 18.03.17, 19:25*
To summarize today.
In stock

, Or rather wrote flash tool download ok, but tvrp has not been established. Wtf ??!

Post has been editedlumiastr333 - 22.01.20, 16:02

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* acras, all set tvpr of fasting in the previous message. To install your firmware from this tvrp flash your firmware tvrp of hats, put a check only for recovery, eventually nezahod rekaveri in general, have been again tvrp from the post. What's wrong doing, what else is necessary to put a tick in rekaveri? Or what?

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* acras, all the same to me and put your tvrp firmware 8.1?

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* lumiastr333 I always put on the instructions in the post.

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* Midnight_Apocalypse,
There was someone this firmware?

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* Aporia , What?

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* Enerdgi13,
Attached Image

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* Aporia , There is no such.

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acras @ 10.08.18, 11:25*
I collected at the source code from a reputable vo-1 firmware - Oreo 8.1. Everything works the same as here, plus a fingerprint scanner (mine), the indicator and the camera (yet finished Vovan). There are a few small improvements. Fingerprint nuance - starts to work after the second restart after the firmware (check, like, corrected). Gappsov not put these. Installation, as well as to the firmware. Be sure to's backup.

I do everything completely on the cap, getting maximum screensaver homtom and so constantly, endless perezagruzuka

Post has been editedlumiastr333 - 19.02.20, 21:44

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lumiastr333 @ 19.02.20, 21:43*
I do everything completely on the cap, getting maximum screensaver homtom and so constantly, endless perezagruzuka

Long ago struggled with iOS, and on the heels of some no written instructions. Run eyes, maybe with something it is useful to you.
HomTom HT17 Pro - Firmware

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Hello everyone. You have to gsi scanner work?

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* Programier Scanner yes, no network.

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* NadejdaPe , You need to rebuild the vendor to run the network. There ProjectConfig need a little edit.

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Install the application space for cleaning, and now when you reboot before running Android hangs message "Optimizing Applications 1 of 1 ..." for 15 minutes. How to get rid of it?

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