HomTom HT17 Pro - Firmware
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HomTom HT17 Pro - Firmware
PictureHomTom HT17 Pro
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Reason for editing: Imei Repair, without PC, Programs, Root, and TWRP

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* UST,
And for non-pro version you can make your firmware?

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niknorov69666 @ 17.11.2016, 08:43*
* UST,
And for non-pro version you can make your firmware?

And why is my port to do? (Or I did not understand the question), and just do what we do-in firmware interchangeable (I mean the firmware via TWRP) can sew our you, and we are yours.
When the firmware through TWRP not the third and does not sew the part of the memory that we have different
The main thing! Before flashing make a backup of the system !!
Better safe than sorry)))

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* bblack , Tell me how to make a backup of the drain?

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* UST,
The last time did not workHomTom HT17 - Official Firmware (OS 6.0) (Post zmey3301 # 54955173)

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darkcorp @ 17.11.2016, 11:00*
tell me how to make a backup of the drain?

Normal backup only through TWRP.
And if the stock, only to merge memory (ROM-backup):
1. Download fleshtul of capshereand unpack S.
2. Upload the file to your computer scatter:Attached fileMT6737M_Android_scatter.txt(9.5 KB)

3. Start fleshtul, in the tab "Download" to download scatter-file.
4. Go to the tab "ReadBack" and click "Add" button.
5. At the prompt that appears, double-click of the left.
6. Specify the file name and the place where the memory block will be saved and save
7. In the window that appears, fill in the three parameters:
Start Address: 0x0
Length: 0x3ab400000
8. After entering the data, press the OK button.
9. Press "ReadBack" and then connect the device off to USB-port, is read.
10. When the message with green tick detach smartphone.
11. To repeat the backup preloader pp.4-10, only replacing the file name and the parameters from 7:
Start Address: 0x0
Length: 0x400000

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Reason for editing: Fixed A.11 !!!!

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Tell me, was the R02 firmware on the wafer came R03, began to put the process was lying robot and Error! After 3 minutes rebutnulsya himself and firmware rollback to R02. What we do now is sewn?

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* WhatIsLove,
Shitsya through fleshtulz (see cap.), But my advice - stay until the RO2

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* WhatIsLove,
It was also when shilsya from 04 to 05. It was necessary to roll through fleshtul 05.
But I was at 04 Ruth and TWRP, I have to update the software blew air.

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Drvovik ,
HomTom HT17 Pro - Drivers (Post ra1ity # 55166221)
everything you need in a cap

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Can someone who normally works R06 put the backup firmware?

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* sergei99959,
It can not correctly put it, the fact that I need a cap no. The problem is that the PC does not always determine the phone. Drivers of caps I installed, but even at the time when the PC has determined that to it something connected - still sees as an unknown device. Accordingly CFT can not flash. Rekaveri absent.
In connection with all this, and ask for help, can someone faced with like. HT3 caught on an endless boot but he was determined, and the PC and rekaveri worked, and HT17 pro cyclic loading logo - black screen - the logo - and so on..

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vbykov @ 12.11.2016, 08:33*
Some bug with a battery. Today all night charged - all went wrong 94% for some reason. The first such. And enough hours by 10 of the maximum charge. Although battery statistics there is absolutely nothing zhruschey

Exact same situation. What happens I do not understand. When discharged to the off and put on the charging of this was not. It should be put on 5 - 15 per cent, it is charged to 97 - 94 percent.

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* Drvovik To use flashtool device must be connected directly after pressing the download button, the phone at the same time must be in the off position.

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* GESTup,
not removed

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bblack @ 17.11.2016, 18:22*
3. Start fleshtul, in the tab "Download" to download scatter-file.

yes, all exactly what happened :-)
uploaded !!!!
Attached Image

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bblack @ 17.11.2016, 18:22*
9. Press "ReadBack" and then connect the device off to USB-port, is read.

NOTHING not happening :-)

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I can speak a different language ... You do not understand me. I know how sewn fleshtulom phones, and that bodies must be switched off, and that the first press donloud etc. etc. butlup I caught on to this other symptoms on the other. body.

Posted on 18/11/2016, 06:22:

* lmwk He wrote you that your spoiled scatter, scatter check the file and try again. Siphon scatter file.

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DrVovik @ 18.11.2016, 06:19*
lmwk, he wrote you that your spoiled scatter, scatter check the file and try again. Siphon scatter file.

I know what he says to me, with an English once good friends :-)

body received firmware 04, of course, the first thing that is done in this case:BACKUP stock firmware.
those. state"Just got out of the box" It saved just in case.
OFF: I was always amazed why on this website at the beginning of the threads about the new phone model there anything from another video review for degenerates: "here there is a button on the phone, and here pimpochka" - the same who looks full of idiots. themselves can not distinguish the button from pimpochki ending - "screen is brighter, razmerchik more, cloves score more convenient, and most importantly - percent, you see the wrong frequency (very important point, as before without it lived - I'll never know, the third day of sleep I can not as it is, the frequency of the processor is not the same as stated! you imagine!) "and other nonsense, except the most important - instructions on how to save the original settings, and NORMAL instructions, step by step, taking into account all the details.

so here. drivers put on the body is necessary, the driver !! add instruction. when the phone set, switched off, to start FleshTula after .... etc.

and those drivers that hat, by the way, not a damn thing does not work.

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* Drvovik And what else can I say? What OS is unknown. It may take you win10 and you need to disable the driver signature verification during installation.
* lmwk Maybe because this operation is no different from phone to phone, and if you need to make a backup with Huawei, you will do the same thing as with homtom? Maybe because once you believe that each individual topic of the day smartphone must have a bunch of identical instructions simply because users do not want juzat search, there are objective reasons why this does not occur (for example, where each topic is filled with people voluntarily firmware)?

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Reason for editing: Added

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Guys, well, not stupid, I know how to disable checking firewood signature (which was done) on vind.8. Drivers installed properly, proven on the second HT17. On your phone, restart the eternal plus everything seems yusb by not charging. Completely off the phone put on the charging indicator does not light, but the eternal reboot process begins with the battery discharged.

Posted 18/11/2016, 6:53:

All the problem is solved. Assistance is no longer needed, all ATP.

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