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Football Manager Touch 2018 | [iPad] The most comprehensive football manager for the tablet

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Football Manager Touch 2017
version: 18.3.3 / 8.2.1
Catalog: Simulators
Last update of the game in the header:25.04.2018

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Short description:
Football Manager Touch в„ў 2017 is the most comprehensive football manager for your tablet.

Football Manager Touch в„ў 2017 is the most comprehensive football manager for your tablet. Manage real teams and real players from more than 130 leagues from around the world and watch the team play with the magnificent three-dimensional engine.
FM Touch 2017 includes an unprecedented amount of information about players, comprehensive tactical tools and an ultra-realistic three-dimensional engine.
New this season in Football Manager Touch 2017:
Improved three-dimensional engine with new and improved animation using motion capture technology, as well as improved AI and modified stadiums. New camera angles have been added to the game, improving the experience of watching matches.
Partition management has become more intuitive. It will now become easier to communicate and receive valuable advice from staff and coaches.
Thanks to the functions of social networks built into the game, you will always be up to date with the mood of the press and fans. Follow rumors about transfers and fans' opinions about changes in your club.
You can calculate the match and go straight to the result. This is ideal if you have already seen enough of a team game or you just have little time.
Now your coaching staff will work more efficiently, and you can focus on preparing the team for the match.
Numerous other innovations await you, including new events in the test mode, as well as improved scouting.
The game only works on the iPad Air 1 & 2, iPad Pro 12.9 & 9.7 and iPad mini 2, 3 & 4.
Football Manager Touch 2017 in Russian, Football Manager Mobile 2017 in English
iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/football-manager-touch-2018/id1239862001
iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/football-manager-mobile-2017/id1095683899
Football Manager Touch 2018: 18.3.3 MEGA thanks, we say Yurik-258
Football Manager Mobile 2017: 8.2.1 thanks, we say shagaliev97
Football Manager Mobile 2017: 8.1
18.3.3 Apr 12 2018
- Fixed crashes relating to arranging and cancelling friendlies
- Fixed crash going into Swedish Cup group stage matches
- Fixed crash going into Serbian Super League matches
- Fixed rare issue where game would get stuck on the last day of the season
- Fixed issue where Plymouth's stadium work was not completing correctly
- Remove familiarity bar in match tactics screen
- Fixed player condition not appearing between match highlights on some devices
What's new in version 8.2.1
Fixed issue loaning out players
Fixed issue where excessive numbers of players would have loans ended early
Fixed issue with promoting Odegaard
Fixed national board confidence crash
Fixed Club World Championship crash from news item
Fixed crash saving

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Are there real club emblems and a real form? If not, how and where can I find them?

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Emblems and forms can only be added in the Steam version as an unofficial addon

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Good day. Cydia Impactor closes without error during Touch installation. : sveta: Mobile installed without problems.

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Are the guys Football Manager Touch officially in Russian in the app or is it a local assembly?
That is, I can safely buy it without thinking that I will get a non-localized version?

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Uncles, help me to a person who is very far from IOS how to install an IPA file on an iPad without jailbreaking. I try through PP that something does not work out, Application error is there .msi

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In short, the game starts on 3 iPad, but there is a problem, the game crashes at the moment when you need to create a manager, I just can’t fix it. Already in configs rummaged, and the standard settings file twisted. I just can't get it. Does anyone have any kind of save game so that I can at least try to play it?
Well, or I ask someone - please create a save, and select Dynamo Kiev in it to control! If not difficult - discard! Thank!

UPD 17.3.2 did not lie to anyone?

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Update in the header ...

Rep: (23)
And for the android, where can I get 18.3.3?

Rep: (2)
* Renzo2304 , where in general to get for android?

Rep: (1)
LudVas666 @ 07/11/2018, 23:46*
* Renzo2304 , where in general to get for android?

Renzo2304 @ 05.21.2018, 03:33*
And for the android, where can I get 18.3.3?

Rebzya, this game is not for Andrews along the way. :(
Himself upset. For us, only a mobile version.

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Maybe there is an opportunity to lay out version 19 of the manager? Or does someone know where to find it?

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I! I know where to get it! In appstore for $ 20
I took it myself and regret only that there is too little memory on my tablet and facepacks (and by default everything is very bad with the players' faces). Otherwise, the game is excellent, the latest innovations, the optimization is excellent (I hardly sniffed at the MacBook Pro 2011 FM2018, but the iPad Air 2 is also not the newest device, the FM2019 is doing great).

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* shevchenkoe,
And you threw the graphon car.?

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Interestingly, but the game does not pull on android in any way?

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Astreldom @ 06/22/19, 9:44*
And on the bucket, too.
He writes there is no license. How to start?

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* astreldom ,

Writes that there are no purchased files.

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Hello! Recently I bought a touch on Android tablets. The game is a bomb, I can’t come off. Who needs help with the game - contact the PM.
System requirements:
- screen minimum 6'4 (but better 8-10 inches)
- RAM minimum 2 GB (3-4 optimal)
- Androyd minimum 5.0!
- The game in the unpacked state takes 2.8 GB (it is optimal to have 4-5 GB free)

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