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Sanya chipiga
19.10.16, 17:08
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Google Обои download

Version: 1.3.169416333

Last update of the program in the header:09.01.2018

Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image

Short description:
Fascinating wallpaper and the latest features - exactly what will decorate your phone.

  • Fascinating wallpaper and the latest features - exactly what will decorate your phone. Choose your photos, images from the Google Earth collection, Google+ picturesque landscapes, or other images. Want something new? Just change the wallpaper!
  • Constantly growing collection. Access images from Google Earth, Google+ and other services.
  • Different images for lock screen and main screen. This feature is available on devices running Android в„ў 7.0 Nougat and above.
  • New wallpaper every day. Automatic installation of new images from the selected category.

Android required: 4.1+
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: Google Inc. Attached Image
Homepage: [email protected]
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.wallpaper

Version: 1.3.169416333 Google Wallpapers (Post by vovanKARPO # 68975682)
Version: 1.3.169416333 Lite Mod Message в„–97, author vars0ug
Version: 1.3.169416333 Mod Google Wallpapers (Post Cobra111111 # 64739003)


Past versions:

With requests to update the program, refer to the topic.Update the program.

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23.01.19, 10:49

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Hello to all
I need a full pack wallpaper
Who has
With me +
27.01.19, 08:24

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Who does not know how to make your wallpaper with auto-update?
31.01.19, 23:06
a guest

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10.02.19, 21:42
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Tell me, what is the live wallpaper APK with New York? My wife wants her phone, but for some reason they don’t appear in the standard application in the Google Market ...

Nexus 6P, Jolla C,
20.02.19, 14:23

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Oneplus two

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The people, like all the same, to do an auto-update on 9Vedre, there was such a thing on 7, it's not here, the program is added to the exception, it hangs in the background, and when choosing a picture it does not offer to download them automatically, and there is no quick change point to the random picture either, on 8Vedre Everything works with it, although the quick change item has disappeared too.

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06.03.19, 01:19

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Updated mod1.3.169416333

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x Snapdragon
09.03.19, 18:56

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Guys, what could be the matter? There are "wallpapers" - a subject from the market. Android 9, RR. I install the APK with live wallpaper (any, including Google), and when choosing wallpaper from the menu, the subject writes the application was not found. I installed the livewallpaperpicker manually, into the system, when choosing wallpaper - it just transfers the subject to the menu, the wallpaper is not set. Launcher: pixel launcher 3, last. From third-party programs, live wallpapers are also not set, only regular ones. I did not try on other launchers.
07.04.19, 21:28
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Fascinating Google Pixel Wallpaper

New pack of live wallpapers with Pixel.
Over 30 different live wallpapers. Here you and the solar system, and the urban landscape, and even wallpaper that can move in time with the music! Incredible sight.

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08.04.19, 17:19

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trenisk @ 04/04/19, 21:28*
Incredible sight.

The RevengeOS was great. Excellent selection
21.04.19, 14:45

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I can not understand. I had an APK with a live dandelion. Where to find it now?)))) Live wallpapers are very meager in apk
Yesterday 13:53

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* treniskThe wallpaper is beautiful, but how about energy consumption?

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