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Apple Pay - Talk

Everything related to Apple's new payment service

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  • iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and newer
  • iPhone 5 / 5S in conjunction with Apple Watch
  • iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3
  • Apple Watch of all generations
Card support:
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
Banks connected to Apple Pay in Russia:
official list

Web Payments:
  • macOS 10.12 Sierra and above

Official site:
"How to set up" on the Apple website:

How to set up Apple Pay:
Prepare iPhone:
Step 1: On your iPhone, go to the Wallet program.
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Step 2: Click "Add a payment card."
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Step 3: Follow the steps to add a new card. Specify the card details manually or using the camera.
Step 4: Enter your name and additional information (security code, expiration date) of your card.
Step 5: Confirm the correct data entry using SMS.
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It's all! Now you can use your iPhone to pay for purchases in stores. The first to support Apple Pay announced in the network "Magnet".
How to set up Apple Pay on Apple Watch:
Step 1: Open the Watch app on your iPhone, and then go to the My Watch tab. If you have several hours, choose one of them.
Step 2: Click "Wallet and Apple Pay".
Step 3: Follow these steps to add a map. If the card data is already stored on your iPhone, click “Add” next to the card. To add a new card, click "Add Mastercard". When prompted to add a card, simply enter the security code.
Step 4: Enter the security code, click "Next" and wait for the receipt of the SMS with the verification code.
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After that, your bank card will be connected to Apple Pay on Apple Watch. You can pay for purchases using smart watches.
Where can I pay ?:
Apple Pay has earned its entire merchant acquiring network in Russia, where POS terminals are equipped with a contactless reader (for example, Verifon 820).

Apple Pay Description:
On October 4, Apple Pay was launched in Russia. Russia has become the tenth country in the world where the Californian company has a service. The first new service will be available to holders of Mastercard cards of Sberbank of Russia.
Apple Pay works on the iPhone, starting with the iPhone 5 model, as well as on the Apple Watch.
With Touch ID, you can pay for goods and services, including clothing, electronic devices, beauty and health products, tickets, and more.
ApplePay was launched in October 2014 in the United States. In 2015, the system began operating in the UK, Canada and Australia, and in 2016, in China, Singapore, Switzerland and France. Until the end of this year, she must earn in Japan and New Zealand.

You can also use Apple Pay in Safari on any Mac with the macOS Sierra operating system, confirming payment from your iPhone 6 or later, or directly from Apple Watch.Payment using Mastercard contactless technology is accepted by more than 6 million outlets in 77 countries of the world.
About the commission:
Apple Pay takes a 0.15% commission from banks for each transaction, the commission is not charged to users.
Suppose I lose my Apple Pay device ?:
In case of loss of the device, the payment system can be disconnected remotely through the Find My iPhone program.

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Axiq @ 08/02/19, 16:21*
completely not natural

when re-issuing a card, the number remains the same, like the pin code, only the card's validity period changes
in fact, this is the same card, and therefore the question

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Just_artur @ 08/02/19, 15:34*
when re-issuing a card, the number remains the same as the pin code

Apparently this is not at all banks, my wife and I have a new card with a new number (they leave the pin code on some, change on others) I won’t say about your specific case, there was no experience.
But you, having received the card yourself will understand everything. If nothing is written about it in the Wallet that it is not valid or is not available for payment, then it means it is working, otherwise tie a new one.

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The problem of linking Yandex money cards was resolved to the watch and iPhone after contacting Yandex money ...

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Gentlemen, please do not kick. A colleague has a Russian Citibank card that cannot be linked to Apple Pay.
- Is it possible to put another payment system on iOs?
- Are there any workarounds for this situation?

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* UncleJo,
You can install Google Pay for iOS:tyts

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So in America, and we in Russia.

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* UncleJo,
But does something stop you from changing the country to state in AppStore ?? Open a shtatovsky account ??

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The lack of a phone on iOs bothers me, but I need to ask a colleague.

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