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PPTV King 7 - Discussion | Smartphone, 6 "

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DiscussionPPTV King 7
PictureKing 7
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CPU: MediaTek Helio X10 (8 cores Cortex-A53 2 GHz, 64-bit)
Display: 6-inch IPS (LTPS) with a resolution of 2560x1440, 85% color space, brightness 350 cd / sqm, Gorilla Glass, contrast 1000: 1
Operating system: PPOS firmware based on Android 5.1 Lollipop with Ju UINTSC interface
Inner memory: 32 GB, support for microSD memory cards up to 128 GB
Main camera: 13 megapixel ISOCELL, phase autofocus, dual LED flash of different tones, aperture F / 2.0, 5 lenses, 4K video shooting
Front-camera: 8 megapixel wide-angle (84 degrees), aperture F / 2.2
Connection: 2G: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
3G: 850/900/1900/2100 MHz
4G: 1800/1900/2100/2300/2500/2600 MHz
Navigation: GPS and A-GPS, GLONASS
Sound: ESS ES9018K2M DAC and Maxim MAX97220 amplifier
Speaker: NXP TFA9890
Battery: 3610 mAh Li-Po
Dimensions: 158.4 x 82.7 x 8.65mm
Weight: 184g
Features: dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, gyroscope, infrared, support for two SIM cards of the format microSIM and nanoSIM (1 slot combo)
Miscellanea: miracast & hotspot support
Characteristics on Devicespecifications
Photos, sample photos and videos
Bolt Hex Size
How to increase the battery life of the phone.
Sound comparison
King 7 Videography
Power Save Menu
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Solution with overly compressible photo
How to make autofocus work
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When first turned on, activate
Stock camera screenshots
About camera
Simultaneous operation of both SIM cards in 4G
Photo boxes from 7S
About MHL and SlimPort
Solving the problem with the driver
DAC activationandaddition
Sound Tuning Note
settings screen balance and miravision
Energy saving
Screenshots of the engineering volume control menu
Review PPTV King 7 - the cheapest 6 inch smartphone with 2K display and Hi-Fi sound
Getting rid of throttling
Turn on the radio in stock 2.0
Radio activation method
How to raise fps (frames per second) in games
Lenovo launcher update
Solving the problem of no alert with vatsapp and viber
Features of charging King 7 with MTK technology pump express
You won PPTV KING7
How to remove the background image on the lock screen, dedicated to the date ("Congratulations")
If you have problems launching programs and widgets "(you need to activate them in the menu" Auto-start apps ")
Who does not receive notifications
Call recording (as activated)
If someone does not have the "Install" button
Battery calibration program
A temporary solution indication of a green diode on a full battery
How to return a standard PPOS UI 2.0 theme
SmartRadio frompapadim2005
Microphone setup
Battery Capacity Tests
Original Battery Details
Solving problems with the screen lock after installing the PPOS UI 2.0 pattern key
Alternative and more detailed method of solving problems with a gyroscope
Alternative 3D player from DOOGEE Y6 Max 3D phone
Exact battery dimensions
Sberbank for ROOT phones
View video in 3D
Solving the problem of poor hearing (turning the microphones) after recording video in landscape mode
PPTV3D.apk for 7S (Russified)
How to remove the yellow screen
How to watch 3d from YouTube in 3d center at 720p
If the screen brightness jumps even when the auto adjustment is off
Flac recorder with the ability to record flac without time limit
Service (secret) codes
Reading SD card in NTFS and watching large movies without breakdown
How to make a hidden folder with a password
Replacing the stock camera - CAMERA API | Settings | Setting "recording_hint"
The solution to the problem of poor hearing
Boot animation
Boot animation How to make a picture
Battery photo report
Photo report on battery replacement
Battery replacement process in photos
Reduce the navibar | We clean navbar by editing system resources
Poly 2.0 modem
Phone malfunctions: possible causes and remedy
MTK Thermal Policy Encryption / Encryption Application | Corrected files
Cooling refinement

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Bassbosted68 @ 09/05/19, 14:35*
Guys how to put a flash drive in it ???

In the tray for sim. In the near cavity, along the tray ...

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The phone stood on charge all night, but probably did not charge at all. Now I check with another charge, not a single percent is added. What can be done?

In the off mode, I checked - for half an hour a couple of percent was added. Then it went off and on, but what was the problem xs

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* Reilok,
I have been observing this for a long time at home. It does not depend on the charger and cable. I decide so, I need a widget or a voltage display program. We connect the charger and it happens that when connected, the voltage drops by 2-3 mV. We reconnect the charger until it decreases (It happens up to 10-15 times it needs to be done), but will not increase when reconnecting, after that it charges normally.

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* Reilok , possible tearing of the socket (partial contact). The phone shows a charge, but really not. You need to look at the current consumption (ideally, through the usb tester) ....

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At home, everything began to charge again approx. And at work I wrote directly until the end of charging 12 hours. The idea was slipping a filthy cable

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if someone wants to fix his KING, it may come in handyTHIS
found and verified on KING

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Have to charge every day.

Ahh! Oru! Really? This is if not used for its intended purpose, and so twice a day (one and a half). Modern smart is not about the "charge".
A priori.
Or a stone in your pocket.
Your cap.

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I repeat with the question, Is multitasking or multi-windowing on any firmware on our king?

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* Dniper , multi-window appeared with 7 android, we do not.

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Floating Apps - you can try ... On 5.1 it works fine.

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* sergey43 kgn ,
Why am I asking - on my note 3 about (the second phone) it is and there is android 6.0. I thought maybe there is. I also bought a Cube T8 Ultimate tablet on Android 5.1 firmware - there the multi-window is also implemented, but already by the forces of Kubovites.

Posted on 09/10/2019, 22:08:

* Dandie dinmont terrier ,
I tried - this is a miserable likeness with a limited set of programs.

Posted on 09/10/2019, 10:10 PM:

* papa.top ,
https://youtu.be/l0utex3OzoAThat's what I meant.

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* Dniper,
we have only two screens, but the main one is captured and transferred to the second
Attached Image

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Good evening, the child broke the screen. It works, but cracks all over the screen. Tell me that it is better to buy a screen or you should immediately buy it with a touchscreen together. On Ali in the reviews I read that "I could not change the touchscreen on the king glued tightly to the screen advice to buy the screen completely." Is it so?

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Is it still a normal battery type?

Attached Image

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The sensor on King 7s (((
It did not fall, did not overheat, did not freeze, in general, no external influences occurred on the eve.
Immediately the lower navigation bar began to corrupt and respond through time. I installed an additional navigation panel. So we lived a week without problems with the prosthesis panel
Further and in place additional. The panel started glitches. A week later, the sensor began to live an independent life, spontaneously on / off the program, dialing numbers, of course, it responded after a time.
I ordered a screen with a sensor on Ali, the seller reviews are good. Got ... visually flawlessly. I took it for repair. The guys separately connected a new screen for verification. As a result, the new one does not work; the entire upper part does not respond; the lower part does not work correctly. As a result, the old sensor works better than the new one. Either it’s so “lucky” for me and a really defective module is caught, or the problem sits deeper than it seems at first glance

In fact, the repair guys did just this ... and concluded that the new sensor sent from China was defective ((


A one-time "Pacemaker" with a piezoelectric element or electric ignition brings the sensor in order for a day (with frequent use of the phone. With rare use - up to 4 days.)

Who understands, tell me, is it worth fighting for the "life of the King" or is it a way to a landfill in such a situation? Maybe someone faced an identical problem.

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* Ligodema
there is an engineering menu for checking
Attached Image
I don’t know if it’s possible or not, but you can try it, etc. https://www.hardtek.ru/kalibrovka-ekrana-android

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* farma70 ,
Thanks for the answer!
MTK used, tests, calibrations, tried even before ordering the module.
Unfortunately, everything turned out to be futile :(
I hoped that replacing the sensor would solve the problem.

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* v_helga , Only take the module with the same. Do not unstick it yourself!

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V_helga @ 09/12/19, 18:31*
Good evening, the child broke the screen. It works, but cracks all over the screen. Tell me that it is better to buy a screen or you should immediately buy it with a touchscreen together. On Ali in the reviews I read that "I could not change the touchscreen on the king glued tightly to the screen advice to buy the screen completely." Is it so?

Only the module assembly.

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