Hangouts Messenger Plugin | Hangouts Messenger Plugin for N9

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Hangouts Messenger Plugin
Version: 0.0.1

Last update of the program in the header:1.09.2016

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In a nutshell: Plugin for hengouts. It works through the HMPP protocol (in theory, you can not install it, but you can configure it via its built-in HMPP, but this plugin will add an original icon). You must first enable the ability to connect third-party applications, as described below:

"Important !! please rade more !!"

this plugin use xmpp protocol. need you install extraplugins application

after set account to hangouts plugin please reboot device !!

if you’ve set the account account with the message "incorect password"Access for less secure apps

you can be able to do with thislinkturn on Access for less secure apps

if after set account with message "network error"

remove acount this plugin

open browser go to thislinkipod apps set turn on

set account to plugin again

reboot device

Russian interface: Unknown

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