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DEXP Ursus KX210i - Discussion
Windows 10 | 10.1 "| Intel Atom Z3735F Bay Trail-T 1.83 GHz | 2Gb
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Type tablet
Model DEXP Ursus KX210i
Year of release 2015
Appearance, body
The back color is black
Front color black
Body Material Plastic
Screen diagonal 10.1 "
Screen resolution 1280x800
Pixel density of 149 ppi
IPS screen technology
Type of touch screen capacitive
Multi-touch screen is
Windows 10 operating system
Intel processor manufacturer
Intel Atom Z3735F processor model
Number of cores 4
Processor frequency 1.33 GHz
4x Bay Trail-T 1.83 GHz processor configuration
Intel HD Graphics video processor
Built-in 32 GB memory
Memory card slot available
Type of memory card micro SD, micro SDHC
The maximum size of a memory card is 32 GB
Wireless connection
No cellular module
Work in cell phone mode is not
There is no support for two SIM cards
Wi-Fi support is
Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n standard
Bluetooth is
Bluetooth 4.0 version
Rear camera is
The number of megapixels rear camera 2.0
Front camera there
The number of megapixels front camera 2.0
Battery capacity 6000 mAh
Built-in speaker is
Built-in microphone is
There is no GLONASS support
No GPS support
Accelerometer sensors (G-sensor)
Micro usb connectors
Micro HDMI video outputs
No MHL support
Connector type mini-jack headphones 3.5 mm
External keyboard
Keyboard included
Warranty card, keyboard dock, charger, user manual
Dimensions, weight
Width 254 mm
Height is 155 mm
Thickness 9.3 mm
Weight 520 g

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Reason for editing: BIOS dump

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I bought this tablet, filling quite pleased, performance - like the budget nouta. But there is one problem with Claudia, I can not figure out how to use the button Delete. Do not respond to any known to me the combination, the button performs a hard Backspace function (which is her main). Someone knows a solution?

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* bars952, very different from DEXP Ursus KX210 AVA ?

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Shoore @ 21.08.2016, 17:26*
bars952, very different from DEXP Ursus KX210 AVA?

Dock with Claudia solid, only two fixed positions, a number of functional buttons is trimmed, there is no 3G module on the tablet only a connector HDMI, microUSB, a card reader and headphone, another placement of functional elements

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Much to ask, check, otg to microUSB work?

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* cepgl,
Of course :)

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I only have the power goes, he sees nothing.

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Normally sees a flash drive and use a standard connector on the keyboard, and through mikroYuSB adapter

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Changed without further ado. There was still a problem with the activation of Windows.
And as a nice device.

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[Center] Who cares here draivera,Sait kosyachny with (+ non-operating sensor mirror intelHD).Sobrany the archive from different sources, mnoi personally
Manager ustroistva \ ustroistvo \ setup with the specified location

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I bought myself today, in addition to the iPad, in case you need a unit with windows on board. For half-day use of stocks is not found, I will look no further.

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Without jambs not always have minor byvae.Melkiei

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There is a little trouble, the keypad from the kit scratch the display, so the film is not superfluous, alas I it is not original and therefore margins are margins, which are scratched, so now handled with care (treatment was accurate, I do not rukozhop (although ... )) Today is checked on the device nekotoroye pc games, serius seed and NSF bridge vanted 2005 flataut go smartly, the Cossacks 3 have significantly worse 10-15 frames / sec. He took to his studies, was satisfied, I will look no further.

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Photoshop tested on the tablet work correctly with the sensor CS5, the other newer do not allow you to draw on the screen

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efimovsergey1991 @ 06.10.2016, 18:07*
[Center] Who cares here draivera with Sait kosyachny (mirror sensor + non-operating intelHD) .Sobrany the archive from different sources, mnoi personally [color = red] P.S. Only hand USTANOVKADispetcher ustroistva \ ustroistvo \ setup with the specified location

Can you explain in more detail how to install a separate sensor and Intel HD?

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Set 8.1 (a driver image from 230AVA), I went back to 10 (download a clean image with microsoft and driver).
Official driver with site work as necessary. I see no reason to put something apart.
The difference in performance between 8 and 10 did not notice, but eight buggy: unknown device in the manager (unknown id, Google did not help), the battery is quickly discharged / longer charging, a problem with the orientation of the screen (when prompted for an administrator rights in the application often changes the orientation of start-up) . At ten there is no such.

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To the comment above.
I put the same image 8.1, but the mirror is working touchscreen. still I did not understand (or rather did not find the correct driver).
Regarding 10, I caught the bug with neprosypaniem from a long sleep. 8.1 this is not observed

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Hello. Guys can someone tell me whether it is possible to install our device assembly sided windows? And if you can, then poke his nose where to look. It would be desirable to reset axis, as small bugs observe (via usb and OTG sees 1TB external drive, problems with sensor (low sensitivity), etc.)

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* zawet07 , With a sensor problem, because such a sensor. You turn drive through a usb? What is Device Manager?

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* biglapa, The Manager, remove the check mark (turn off to save power device), connect the drive to the OTG everything works! Yet is it possible to reinstall Windu?

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* zawet07 I reinstalled the original image of dozens from Microsoft, all is quiet install.

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