Help give a second life symbian smartphone.

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Recently, the n85 caught my eye, it has been idle for about 5-6 years. I wanted to throw it out, and then I thought that I could let it go. He pulled out the speakers, dropped the diodes from the flash, and there’s nothing else good about it. The device itself is working, so can it be used somehow wrong? Well, for example, as a surveillance camera. If you tear that half away, that with the screen it should continue to function and become quite compact. I want to put the guts of a smart into the case from a dead dome camera, via usb to connect to the old ultrabook and so that the video recording goes to hard. Hardy capacity should be enough for about 35 days of continuous recording at 640: 480. But is there any software in nature that allows you to at least display an image from a Simba camera on Windows? And if there is software that allows you to record this video, then it's generally great, you don't want to mess around with the band.
Or maybe there are ideas how to use smart otherwise?

P.S. I thought to use the search. Prog converting to webcam is. But for which Simba download? What is a "prog need to sign" and there are still a lot of questions. I didn’t use the simbo since about 2010 (I was sitting on windows mobile before the appearance of normal vedroids), I don’t remember what it was, so the help of knowledgeable people is needed.

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you don't want a lot

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* gold kobras ,
Dima, this is a flood, let's all that is off topic in koumiss write)
Although I understand the task is not feasible, because One FIG needs to confirm on the smart the connection to the PC.

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What is a "prog need to sign"

Usually, when the program was not installed because of the signature, the case was that this signature was just overdue, which was decided by changing the date (in 2011 I remember returning the date for a year or two, now I need to unwind the date by 5-6 years) .
After that, you may be able to install the program.

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But for which Simba download? What is a "prog need to sign" and there are still a lot of questions.

You need to sign hacked programs, if you downloaded a free one on the off site, then it is most often already signed by the author’s certificate. So first download and install the program, and if it does not work, then read the threadHacking Symbian. Let's say No to certificates !.By the way, there is an expired development certificate - change the date in smart. Simba you like 6
Another device can be used as a GPS tracker and by SMS to track the location of the car

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* idclev how can you deal with the cult phone !!)

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Ahah, return the speakers with the diodes to the phone, if you did not repay as a barbarian and sell
Enough money for a 720p camera with Ali
And now, there is a special way to break through the technique and send it to a useless junk with a price of a few kopecks.

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Another device can be used as a GPS tracker and by SMS to track the location of the car

Good idea.
how can you deal with the cult phone !!)

Is he a cult? It seems to me trash stuff, and at the time of release it was a very mediocre device. I bought it in due time (at the end of 2007 it seems), and a week later they presented HTC with a qweerty keyboard on windows mobile (I don’t remember the model), so I abandoned this n85.
lololo328 @ 10/18/2016, 11:58 PM*
Ahah, return the speakers with the diodes to the phone, if you didn’t send it off as a barbarian and sell it. The money will be enough for a 720p camera with Ali

I have serious doubts that such antiquity may interest someone. Yes, and I do not have the habit of selling old equipment, because it is often possible to collect something useful and useful from this stuff, well, or completely useless, but funny.

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There is a program Mobiola Web Camera, it clings to the computer via wifi. There is also a recording function there. Once I have used this prog.

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Good day to all! People have such a problem, On the Nokia 95, the screen plume of the brain does, or it began to behave badly from a fall, press any key, the screen will collapse and stripes appear, from there you urgently need to learn a photo and the most important is contacts, connect to a laptop, laptop He does not see it, but on the phone he managed to discern a message like the fact that "USB does not work as this function is used by another application (messages)" can anyone help with some kind advice or which program can do it? Special thanks to everyone earlier))

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Did you connect it to your computer with or without using Nokia software?

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For simbian, the prog was to use a bluetooth like camera to use.

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you're so vain about n85.
you probably mania is not implemented ideas? sorry.
the truth is told by a person that they don’t go where they don’t.
collect everything back and sell.
so many people chasing this model.
Your Windows Mobile shit was, and is, compared to Symbian, even if you compare now.
sell - and do not fool .. (my advice)
I have for example N97, and I want to purchase the entire line of the N series ...

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phoenix85 @ 10/23/17, 17:23*
you're so vain about n85

Well, I used it and quite understand what I'm talking about.
phoenix85 @ 10/23/17, 17:23*
you probably mania is not implemented ideas?

I do not know whether it is mania or not, I am not a doctor to make diagnoses. But now, for example, I am in the process of debugging a Stirling engine, which has been collecting four months at a leisure from scrap materials.
phoenix85 @ 10/23/17, 17:23*
Your Windows Mobile shit was, and is, compared to Symbian

I can not agree, The advantage of sibme can be written only more widespread. The rest IMHO won vm. On my htc there was 128MB of RAM, and how many on n85? Seems 4 times less? Nevertheless, both wasps are dead, so that holivar at the expense of the dead does not see the point.
phoenix85 @ 10/23/17, 17:23*
collect everything back and sell.

I did the same, but the device hung up periodically (possibly due to overheating, but didn’t put the radiator on, so I can’t say) and the large graininess of the picture even with relatively good lighting made me throw out this miracle of technology and forget it like a bad dream. In the body of the dome camera I put a webcam that gives a picture of 800x600 and is quite pleased with the result, because picture quality is quite acceptable and at the same time terabyte hard enough sooo long for a long time. And, well, this design consumes around 5 watts per hour, because the screen turns off in a minute of inactivity at the nebuka, but it is still the main consumer.

It’s time to delete the topic, but I don’t understand how to do it yet ...

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The best idea to misuse is to use as intended. Caller this respect

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