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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Purchase
Will I buy note 7?
Purchase note 7
By preorder [ 241 ] ** [31,59%]
Yes [ 212 ] ** [27,79%]
Not [ 99 ] ** [12,98%]
I'll think about it [ 211 ] ** [27,65%]
Total votes: 763

Rep: (1015)
PurchaseSamsung Galaxy Note 7
PictureNote 7
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Post has been editedMgalex - 26.02.17, 23:10
Reason for editing: Samsung Electronics has stopped global sales of Galaxy Note7

Rep: (10)
experienced owners, tell me where it is better to take on etoren.com or from.ae? I matured along the way, it has got the same lack of buttons on the forehead ...

Rep: (582)
RetZed @ 05.05.18, 20:37*

delivery 2 weeks, more expensive, but it took. Sp is present and worked on 7androide ..

Rep: (18)
Hello everyone. Can someone ordered recently. The question where, because from.ae and etoren absent for a long time. On ebee only restoration. There is another shopotam.ru but reviews of the store just a gesture.

Rep: (274)
* johnnebar Plus the question

Rep: (18)
* ZeuseZ,
She appeared recently on etorene:
Right now it is not available again. The device is of course legendary, but no matter how urgent issue, especially at the price of $ 450, now for $ 490 on the 8th from.ae can take:

Rep: (274)
johnnebar @ 21.03.19, 23:47*
not an urgent question, especially at this price of $ 450, now for $ 490 on the 8th from.ae can take:

For example, I do not like the 8th - a hot dog, pop, female (in my opinion). Plus I really critical that the sensor fingerprint behind.

Therefore, only Samsung, which I am ready to return, being an ardent supporter Huaveev - a Seven. Only a simple laptop after the very first that I really like in all respects.

It is true since the first pen I almost ceased to be necessary ... And who 7mu noutu twin of the S-series?

Post has been editedZeuseZ - 22.03.19, 09:14

Rep: (98)
Hello forum users. Tell me please, I want to buy myself a fan edishn in gray, I can not find. Where can I get do not tell me?

Rep: (35)
Guys, where to order Note7

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