Windows 10 Mobile / Insider Preview on unsupported devices | Instructions for devices without official W10M support

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Discussion of Windows 10 Mobile and Insider Preview on unsupported devices

This topic discusses the performance of Windows 10 Mobile on "doomed" devices and solving problems related to the operation of the system.

If your device is supported, go here -Windows 10 Insider Preview for phones

At the moment (forever, what is already there) getting release and test builds of Windows 10 Mobile is possible only with the replacement of the model in the registry.All questions about this here..

Useful posts
Problems and solutions
Problems solved:
- Return screensaver (Alternative option/one more
and one more simple
- Brightness adjustment - Enable brightness slider in Interop Tools / WPTweaker
If the splash screen on the screen
Error 0x80070273
Still unsolved problems:
- panorama does not work (in Camera application) - use Lumia Panorama (thanks to mtsovik165)
- problems with hotspot
- does not work Tap to wakeup
- brightness adjustment does not work

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* Gwerty22,
Windows 10 Mobile

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rory40 @ 07.20.19, 01:44*
Windows 10 Mobile

Thank you, I tried this Chinese and the second phone FM, this is unfortunately not the case.
The Chinese hack in the auto-search skips many radio stations with a weak signal, but catches interference from non-radio stations, and, in addition, when trying to manually tune, it crashes - closes without saving the set frequency.
With the second program, about the same story, a regular FM receiver on Win 8.1 was catching everything, even something that was barely audible.

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Repair Bluetooth on Creators Update (build 15063) and Fall Creators Update (build 15254).
I noticed that when I upgrade my 820 Lumiya all the way, the bluetooth stops detecting devices immediately after a reboot, it works by itself, when you turn on other devices, they see the phone. The assumption was simple - someone spoils something in the registry, and indeed, a comparison of changes allowed us to find the right key.

1. We need a registry editor, I switch the phone to drive mode via WPinternals, load the system registry of the phone registry (WINDOWS \ SYSTEM32 \ CONFIG \ SYSTEM) into regedit and edit it, but probably it should work through interoptools.
2. Open the phone registry, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ ControlSet001 \ Enum \ SystemBusQc \ SMD_BT \<some number>\ Device Parameters if that, then the number is only one, you can not go wrong :)
3. Edit the RadioState key, set the value to 0 in it, which means that our bluetooth device is on, ready to connect and can be controlled by software.
4. I ruled the registry offline, so the phone must then be rebooted into normal mode, if someone does through interoptools, please unsubscribe, please, whether it worked without rebooting, should be.
5. Open the bluetooth control and see the running search and add devices.

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We continue to break the registry Lumy. Stumbled uponinteresting topic about brightness control
For his 820 set:
HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ AutoBrightness
ABSAutoMaxBrightness 5
Important! Remove the ABSManualBrightness numerical parameter and instead create a multi-line with the same name, prescribe low / medium / high (each on a new line, I chose 1 3 5)
ABSMonitorControl 1

HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ Shell \ OEM \ Brightness
LowBrightness 1
MediumBrightness 3
Hightbrightness 5

The phone begins to adequately understand the change in the brightness setting of the minimum / average / maximum, in addition, you can turn on the automatic one, which will work on the selected level.

Updated. But I did not look ...These tweaks in the registry for a year already hang in the profile topic: lol:

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* Aidji, Post the topic of tweaks. By the way, how to change the user agent for a hedgehog?

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Comrades, who can tell, tried to update their 1020 according to the instructions in the green bar, after the command c: \ i386>iutool -V -p c: \ update process started, it was clear on the phone that the update arrived, then an error occurred on the command line: Command failed. (HRESULT = 0x801882c1) and on the phone it says that the update was able to download but could not be opened. How can one cure it? Or need to use another way?

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* carnifexx001,
Check that you have the latest version of Windows 8.1 Denim installed and free up 5 gigabytes of internal memory.

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Check that you have the latest version of Windows 8.1 Denim installed and free up 5 gigabytes of internal memory.

Memory 20 gig free, firmware version: 10/08/14234.375, which I understand as the last one, was still here on the forum the way to update using the model substitution through WPiternals, but even the bootloader didn’t unlock there, everything was done strictly according to the instructions ..

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* Aidji I tried on 925 through interoptools, this parameter did not exist at all. Added as integer, did not work, after shutdown, the value becomes 4 or 2. Perhaps some other values ​​are missing in the Device parameters.

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