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Teclast X98 plus II / Plus 3G - Discussion | Tablet 9.7

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DiscussionTeclast X98 plus II / Plus 3G
PictureTeclast X98 plus II, Teclast x98 Plus 3G
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Year of release 2016
Windows operating system
Android operating system
Operating System Two Systems
Windows OS 10 / Android 5.1 version
Cherry Trail X5 processor (X86)
The frequency of the GHz processor. 1.84GHz
RAM GB. four
Built-in Memory GB. 64
Display Size 9.7
Display Resolution 2048 X 1536
Display Type IPS
Front Camera Mp. 2
Rear Camera Mp. 2
TF Card Slot Ports: Yes Micro USB Slot: Yes Micro HDMI: Yes 3.5mm Headphone Jack: Yes TF Card Up To 128GB
Battery 8000
Weight 554 Gr.
Dimensions 240mm (L) Г— 178mm (W) Г— 8.5mm (H)

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Please note that the tablet currently exists in four versions:
Tablet versions
Be careful and download the firmware for your version!

Official firmware V1.05 for Teclast X98 Plus II (C2D4)
Official firmware V1.04-E906 - Android 5.1 for Teclast X98 Plus II (C2E3)
C2D6 Android + Win10 Firmware


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Teclast x80 plus - Discussion

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Colleagues, welcome!
I had an idea to get this animal.
But I would like to clarify, can I put any Windows assembly on it? The usual method, with the installation flash drive?
Now on all my devices (several PCs, a laptop, a netbook) I installed Win 10 LTSC from maestro Lopatkin, which (x64) with all my
It takes up less than 10GB of programs and works great.
Can I put this OS on this Teclast without much dancing with a tambourine?

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Ssyama @ 07/21/19, 15:42*
Can I put this OS on this Teclast without much dancing with a tambourine?

Everything is written in the header, but Windows with the latest updates will occupy the entire disk. You will have to delete the android.

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Merkal @ 07/22/19, 10:05*
Windows with the latest updates will take the entire disk

I always forbid updates at the installation stage, especially since I am currently using LTSC. The volume of my main Win10 on a PC with all programs less than 10 GB.
I plan to put the same system on the tablet, of course, there will be fewer programs ...

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Tell Windows, can I put any or only that in the header, if I install the Widows 10 LTSC assembly, the dual boot and android will also work or will it cause any problems?

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ZeusXmen @ 08/06/19, 17:03*
Tell Windu you can put any or just that in the header

* ZeusXmen, any, but you have to reinstall the driver. Links are in the subject.

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Good day gentlemen, is there firmware for recovery on C2D8?

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Guys what to do I want to play ping on android but it crashes c2d6

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