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Type: laptop
Fiction: no
Operating system: DOS / Windows 10 Home
Processor: Core M3 / Core i3 / Core i5
Processor Code: 6Y30 / 7Y30 / 7Y54
Processor core: Kaby Lake
Processor frequency: 900 ... 1200 MHz
The number of processor cores: 2
L2 cache size: 512 KB
L3 cache size: 4 MB
The amount of RAM: 4 ... 8 GB
Memory Type: LPDDR3
Memory frequency: 1866 MHz
Screen diagonal: 12.5 "
Screen Resolution: 1920x1080
Widescreen display: yes
Touch screen: no
Multi-touch screen: no
LED backlight: yes
3D support: no
Video card type: built-in
Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 515 / Intel HD Graphics 615
Two video cards: no
Video Memory Type: SMA
Optical drive: no DVD
Hard disk capacity: 128 ... 256 GB
Hard Drive Type: SSD
ExpressCard slot: no
Device for reading flash cards: no
Wi-Fi: yes, 802.11ac
Bluetooth: yes, 4.1
4G LTE: No
3G: no
Built-in network card: no
Built-in fax modem: no
Number of USB 3.0 Type A interfaces: 1
USB 3.0 Type-C interface: yes
Firewire interface: no
Firewire 800 interface: no
ESATA interface: no
Infrared port (IRDA): no
COM port: no
VGA (D-Sub) output: no
Mini VGA output: no
DVI output: no
HDMI output: yes
Micro HDMI output: no
DisplayPort output: no
Mini DisplayPort output: no
TV-in: no
TV-out output: no
Dock connection: no
Audio input: no
Mic input: no
Audio / headphone output: no
Mic input / headphone output Combo: yes
Digital audio output (S / PDIF): no
Work time: 11.5 hours
Positioning Devices: Touchpad
Keyboard backlight: yes
Touch Panel Touch Bar: no
The presence of columns: there is
Subwoofer availability: no
The presence of a microphone: there is
GPS: no
Webcam: yes
Webcam resolution: 1 megapixel
Fingerprint scanner: no
TV tuner: no
Remote control: no
Kensington lock slot: no
Stylus: no
Metal case: yes
High impact case: no
Waterproof case: no
Passive cooling: yes
Length: 292 mm
Width: 202 mm
Thickness: 12.9 mm
Weight: 1.07 kg
1. AT: Key illumination only for the older model?
ABOUT: Not. Both keys have key backlighting

2. AT: Where can I chat about a laptop?
ABOUT: Have a chat Telegram

3. AT: Where can I get laptop drivers?
ABOUT: Drivers

4. AT: How to Russify Windows?
ABOUT: No So far there are no such methods. Since the laptop is Single Language.
Reinstalling Windows from Xiaomi Store:https://youtu.be/fwsuLLCMfzY

5. AT: On the keyboard only English letters. What should I do?
ABOUT: Several options. The first - stickers with letters
Second -laser engraving
Engraving example
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6. AT: Toys pull?
ABOUT: A series of game performance tests on youtube.

7. AT: Is he hot?
ABOUT: Not. In the stress test 45 degrees - the maximum temperature. ( Proof 1 ) and 2 )

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Rep: (31)
* } {oTt @ b) h ,

Well it's written right there
Output Port 5.1V / 2.4A

And on the laptop it says 20V / 2.5A

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} {oTt @ b) h @ 08/08/19, 0:39*
Desirable from xiaomi.
On Ali, in search, drive in a bank to charge the laptop. : D
Previously, only ZMI riveted cans for laptops.
And now they have appeared with the MI shield.
Xiaomi power Bank 3 pro is normal, only a little expensive.

Rep: (0)
* } {oTt @ b) h , I use Mi Powerbank 3, it is charged from the laptop's PSU. The charging speed of both a laptop and powerbank itself is about 2 hours. Versions older than laptops do not charge.

Rep: (2)
There has recently been a big update in Windows. So after that Google stopped showing videos in the browser, and some Internet pages open crookedly. What can be done? Google tried to update, it did not help.

Rep: (1)
And another problem. I began to notice recently that the mouse is falling off. The xiaomi mouse itself is wireless, but an antenna is inserted into the usb itself. Sometimes it takes a long time to print, then I pull the hand to the mouse, and it no longer works. 4 times I will transfer the antenna to usb and grab. It happens that the usb device does not work correctly, or it will give a sound (well, the one when you get something from the usb connector. Although I can’t get the antenna). What could be the problem? I didn’t notice this before, I’ve been worried about the last two weeks, every day more often. The laptop is a year old.

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* serdgo37,
Most of the problems with the operation of chromium can be treated with its full reinstallation, it is worth a try.

Rep: (2)
Found on the Internet. In general, I went into Google settings, and there, in my opinion, Restoring default settings. And it worked !!

Rep: (19)
Salute! The down button began to work poorly. Now it does not work at all, it was previously developed. Who faced how they decided?

Rep: (1)
Who faced the fact that the screen starts to flicker very often? Where in general can you find info about this? I suspect that you need to unwind and see how well the cable is connected. This problem is very annoying, especially often manifests itself only when you turn on the laptop?

Rep: (3)
Flickering software bullshit. Read above, I gave links there how to deal with it. After the last update, it does not flicker for me.

Rep: (1)
Thank you! And then already upset, such a cool laptop and I thought marriage (

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