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Samsung SM-J320F Galaxy J3 (2016) - Official firmware
What model do you have?
SM-J320F [ 2145 ] ** [61,25%]
SM-J320H [ 1131 ] ** [32,3%]
SM-J320FN [ 225 ] ** [6,42%]
Do you have experience in modifying and porting firmware? And is there a desire to port custom firmware for SM-J320H?
Yes. [ 1036 ] ** [29,58%]
Not. [ 2450 ] ** [69,96%]
Total votes: 3502

Rep: (1670)
Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) - Official firmware
PictureSM-J320F / SM-J320FN / SM-J320H
Description | Discussion » | Accessories » | Marriage and Repair » | Owners Club » | Unofficial firmware » | Official firmware »

Important information!
  1. EFS - One of the important system partitions containing: IMEI, S / N, GPSID, WIFIMAC, BTMAC, etc. The first thing that needs to be done after obtaining ROOT rights is to back up the EFS partition by all means, this will protect you from further problems.

  2. You can make a backup using these methods: Method 1 , Method 2 , Method 3 , Method 4

Custom firmware only for F / FN, on other models of custom firmware is not and most likely will not.
Drivers and Utilities
Official firmware
Always fresh firmware onsammobile, mrcrabandupdato.com
Single-file firmware:
J320FXXU0APA8 | LYS | 01.28.2016 -Google Drive
J320FXXU0APB8 | SER | 03/08/2016 -Mega
J320FXXU0AQA2 | SER | 01.02.2017 -Mega
J320FXXU0AQC3 | SER | 03/30/2017 -Mega
J320FXXU0AQE2 | SER | 06.11.2017 -Mega

Multi-file (service) firmware:
J320FXXU0APD5 | SER | 04/26/2016 -Google Drive
J320FXXU0AQI1 | SER | 09/26/2017 -Mega

Single-file firmware:
Firmware for J320H- gives Ruth through the programPermroot

Multi-file (service) firmware:
Service firmware with PIT file
Firmware Version (AP_CP_CSC) | Region | Released firmware | Download links
J320HXXU0APBA_J320HXXU0APD1_J320HOXE0APD1 | SEK (Ukraine) | 03/09/2016 |Mail.ru
J320HXXU0APJ5_J320HXXU0APJ5_J320HOXE0API1 | SEK (Ukraine) | 11/07/2016 |Mail.ru
J320HXXS0APL1_J320HXXU0APJ5_J320HOXE0API1 | SEK (Ukraine) | ? |Mail.ru
J320HXXU0AQE1_J320HXXU0AQC2_J320HOXE0AQC1 | SEK (Ukraine) | ? |Mail.ru

Modified firmware
Recovery / kernel
For beginners, before flashing and manipulating the phone
EFS - One of the important system partitions containing: IMEI, S / N, GPSID, WIFIMAC, BTMAC, etc.
The first thing to do after getting the ROOT right-backup EFS partition in all ways, it will protect you from problems in the future.
Before all manipulations, be sure to backup EFS:Method 1, Method 2 ,Method 3, Method 4
If you did not backup EFS, then restore only through the service center!
If, however, IMEI has flown down and there is no possibility to contact the SC:Decision / Backup efs
All posts about EFS will be deleted!
No one will give you a backup. Posts like: "lay out your own, I will restore" will be deleted.

Phone firmware instructions:
Downloading official firmware via SamFirm
Installation instructions for single-file firmware
Installation instructions for multi-file (service) firmware
Instructions on firmware and ROOT for SM-J320H
Updating firmware with root-rights
Instructions for installing custom (unofficial) firmware

TWRP Recovery and Root rights, etc .:
Install TWRP Recovery
Installing TWRP recovery and getting root rights to SM-J320N0 SM-J320P, etc.
Getting Root rights / Update / Install SuperSU in / system
Installing Recovery without PC using root
Install Xposed
Elimination of lags in twrp after installing the port from j2 pro
Firmware image file (img-file) via TWRP
Change file system to F2FS without data loss

Unlock phone:
Unlock regional lock / second way / third way
Removing Passwords through custom recovery

Memory substitution / Addition
Change firmware status
Creating .tar.md5

Video instructions:
Installing single-file and multi-file firmware
Backup and Restore
Samsung SM Display Replacement - J320F

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Rep: (480)
Those. Fast

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Rep: (1758)
Dolby Atmos Sound Engine

The sound engine for music lovers, especially for those who like to listen to music on headphones.

A little description:
Fully working engine for sound.
Equalizer and sound effects Dolby Atmos
Sound changes are global, i.e. in all applications

Surround Virtualizer - pseudo-3D sound
Dialogue Enhancer - speech intelligibility
Volume Leveler - Volume Normalization

Attached Image

Install ZIP via TWRP, previously downloaded to your phone.
Attached filedap_r6.5.zip(2.83 MB)

A new version://savagemessiahzine.com/forum/d...t/8439826/dap_r6.5.zip

Attached fileDA_Uninstaller_R6.5.1.zip(1.43 KB)


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Rep: (1758)
Method 1
1. Reset settings
2. Reset cache.
3. Start the phone. Connect to Wi-Fi. Sim card must request a PIN code (required)! As the window with the PIN code request (Keyboard) appears, we pull it out onto the hot sim card.
4. The camera icon appears in the lower right corner.
5. Select a camera, go to the camera settings, click on the menu, select the first item (link to the site). The main thing in any way to get into the browser. A browser window opens. Choose a Browser Internet.
6. In the address bar, enterhttps: // goo.gl / 93nCX5 remove space
7. In the opened window we load the file com.sika524.android.quickshortcut.apk
8. After downloading here in the address bar of the browser enter \\ sdcard and click search
9. The memory card opens. Open the Download folder
10. See the com.sika524.android.quickshortcut.apk file. Clamp, select, installer. Install. We're stating "Unknown sources"
11. The installed program is opened.
12. A window opened with system programs. In the search box, enter the Google Account Manager /
13. Following this link from 5:55 sec.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJZ74XwarxI&t=0sclearly visible further action.
14. We will replace the google account in the service with your existing account.
15. Overload the phone.
16. We are happy.
By the way in the attachment of the file you want to download. If someone does not work with the browser, can download this file through a hose.
I hope helped.
Attached filecom.sika524.android.quickshortcut.apk(2.02 MB)

Method 2
Remove Googl lock (FRP)! On the SM-J320H.

Faced such a problem. When connected to a PC running SideSync on the device, nothing happened!
I could not untie goog acc.

After many manipulations, I found a solution with firmwarehere

After flashing the device with this firmware, when connected to a PC running SideSync, the SideSync additional menu has opened!

What gave me a chance to get rid of Google!

1. We do all the wipes.
2. Connect to the Internet as it should be before you enter a forgotten acc!
connect to the PC via USB and drop itAttached fileQuickShortcutMaker + 2.4.0.apk(2.02 MB)
either in the memory of the device or on the SD card. Disable USB.
3. Run SideSync on PC. And again we connect the device via USB. An additional menu appears on the device displays. Click on the Samsung apps.
4. We are looking in the search in the right corner of the ES File Explorer, download it (We need to go to the ACC Samsung) after downloading, run the ES File Explorer, tap 3 times (skip the tutorial) look for our QuickShortcutMaker + 2.4.0.apk (which should have been thrown off apparatus)
5. Watch the video how to use QuickShortcutMaker + 2.4.0.apk and everything is described on the video itself visually!

6. After all the manipulations with QuickShortcutMaker + 2.4.0.apk. restart the device, then point 2, there you will see that the ACC has already been entered (you can skip everything else)
7. Go to the settings, accounts, delete all accounts. Turn off. We go in the boot doing wipes, we start the device, you can not connect to the network, skip everything or set up as you wish by entering your Google Account.

All that you do at your own peril and risk! Responsibility remains only with you!
Method 3
Unlinking Google Account on Samsung J320F / DS firmware J320FXXU0AQA2
Thank you so much for the tip, went through many ways this one helped!
I simplify the task, so as not to conjure with the search for the necessary files, I downloaded everything in a bunch!
Take away !!!
Archive Content
ES + File + Explorer-
Google Account Manager 4.0.3
Google Account Manager 4.4.4
Google Account Manager 5.1
Google Account Manager 6.0.1
Google Account Manager 7.0
Google Account Manager 7.1
Google Account Manager 7.1.1
Google Account Manager 7.1.2
Disconnecting Google Account (Instruction) .txt

Commands for the Realterm program:
at + creg? \ r \ n
atd123; \ r \ n

To find out the Android version, if you forgot or don’t know, we go into the recovery (On the switched off smartphone, hold down the Volume +, Home and On / Off buttons, after the Samsung inscription ... release the On / Off button)
The second line at the top is your firmware version, look on the Internet for an Android version on it, to install the Google Account Manager you need!
In my case, firmware J320FXXU0AQA2, Android 5.1.1, installed Google Account Manager 5.1.
Good luck everyone!!!
Method 4
Unlinked from a Google Account (FRP). It did not work out in any of the methods that I used earlier (TestDPC and ShortcutMaker). Although ShortcutMaker is needed.
1. Simka with a pin
2. Call 112, swipe left, internet, chrome
3. Download shortcutMaker from this threadGoogle Account Bypass (FRP) Ways After Reset
4. Open through shortcutMaker touchWiz
5. Settings, activate the developers settings (poke the build number), and activate OEM unlock
6. Recovery and reset - data reset
Method 5 (best way)
Google acount unlink
Those methods that did not help me in the header, I decided to write my instruction:
  1. Downloadingand copy to phone
  2. In the language selection menu, we press the screen with two fingers and hold until a sound signal is heard. The phone enters the function for the blind or visually impaired
  3. We go through the first lesson in this function (press next and two times anywhere on the screen)
  4. After moving to lesson 2, on a blank spot on the screen, draw the letter L with your finger. A general context menu appears. In it, select the TalkBack settings, double-click anywhere on the screen in order to go into them.
  5. Next, after entering the TalkBack settings, hold down the two volume buttons to turn off the notification.
  6. We go to the bottom and select the "Terms of Use" open using Google Chrome
  7. We click three points in the upper right corner, select the help / review, then select anything from the list.
  8. Select any text and click on the magnifying glass.
  9. In the search bar, we erase everything that we have selected and write in Russian “files”, we launch my files.
  10. We are looking for the folder into which the downloaded files were dumped. Immediately run the 1.5.apk file, go to the settings and turn on the unknown source and install, then install the 2.apk file and open it.
  11. Next, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and enter the browser, after entering enter any existing google account and enter it.
  12. We return to the choice of language and begin setting up the phone again, after which the account will be added.
  13. After starting the phone, you can already use it (if your phone and you have entered your account), if the phone is not yours, just reset the device)

Instruction providedmaksimeon
Method 6
Method 7
Method 8
Method 9
Method 10
Method 11 (The easiest way)
Method 12

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Rep: (1758)
Installation Instructions Xposed

1. Download and install
Attached fileXposedInstaller_3.0_alpha4.apk(611.84 KB)

2. Download and drop the archive on the phoneAttached filexposed-v83.0-sdk22-arm-custom-build-by-wanam-20160424.zip(3.4 MB)

2.1 go to the phone settings,
We go to the bottom, clickabout device ,
then clickSoftware Information
Then click7 times by build number Then
Enter developer mode and checkOEM unlock and tick USB debugging
3. We boot into TWRP, install the archive and reboot (the first download took 10-15 minutes, we don’t get scared).
4. For those who have something gone wrong) Download the archive to remove XposedAttached filexposed-uninstaller-20160211.zip(303.97 KB)

thanks to himShgut for that!

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Rep: (1)
Dolby Atmos does not work, I turn it on, but there are no changes with sound at all. How to make it work ?! And for some reason, when I connect the headphones in the curtain, the corresponding icon for the headphones does not appear, what could be the problem ?!

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Rep: (1758)
* Simpson55 ,
Go to the settings then the application then go to the tab all find Dolby Atmos clear the cache and data!
And by the way it only works with players on the phone
Attached Image

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Rep: (1758)
Volume up
1 .. Get root right
2. Download and unpackAttached filecodec_pga.xml-1.zip(963 bytes)
in internal memory or
3. Copy it to: / system / etc / and set the resolution to the letter "G"
4) Reboot.

For rollback: Attached filecodec_pga.xml stock.zip (1.01 KB)

Thanks to this person* lomaster17 for finding

Installation through TWRP recovery
Attached fileMod_J320F_codec.zip(149.94 KB)

Tell him comps thank

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Rep: (1815)
We move to subsectionSamsung .

Rep: (1758)
Recording conversations from the line

Installation via TWRP.
Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached fileCall_Record.zip(148.29 KB)

Thanks to this personRoverwm6for that!

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Rep: (1758)
Native file manager

By the way very cool
Set through custom recovery TWRP

Attached Image
Attached Image

Attached fileSecMyFiles.zip(3.76 MB)


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Rep: (1758)
Recovery for: Samsung SM-J320P.

Installation throughOdin (1.07 MB)
How to install
Through Odin, there is an instruction in the topic header.
Attached filerecover-b6.tar(12.74 MB)


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Rep: (1758)
Official firmware

Multi-file (service) firmware J320FXXU0APD5 / J320FOXE0APD5 / J320FXXU0APD5 / J320FXXU0APD5
SM-J320F -FROM 2016.04.26 Service



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Rep: (1758)
Another way to unlock your phone

Large file
Unofficial manual "Gray" unlock.
For the unofficial "Gray" unlock, you just need to have the phone itself and a couple of minutes of free time.

Attention! Before an unofficial unlock, you need to get ROOT!

Here are a couple of very good instructions that will help you simply and safely get Ruth rights:

(For beginners, I advise you to get root through a computer, since this is the easiest and safest way at the moment, and most importantly, it works on any model of smartphone or tablet)

And so the instruction for unofficial unlocking:

Pick up your phone.
Download this program
Attached fileGalaxy Toolbox.ver.1.2.2.apk(175.7 KB)

After installation, run it.
After starting, the main program menu will appear.
Go to Network Unlock.
If a message appears stating that ROOT rights are granted, then confirm and allow this application to use them.
Reboot the device (Turn off and on).
Now your device is fully unlocked for any operator.
That's all!


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Rep: (59)
* sir339 , There is a program for this, I have been looking for it for a long time.

Attached files

Attached fileContacts Widget_1.5.1_44.apk(14.07 MB)

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Rep: (1758)
mobile versionODIN

By the way, when I created a theme, I immediately threw a link to the mobile application one for firmware, by the way, in the Spoiler Drivers and Utilities

Attached fileFlashFire Pro v0.52.apk(11.37 MB)

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Rep: (1758)
Supersu 2.76 updates

Bet on old supersu
Thous first
Flash what is in the topic header, if there is already an installed root then just update

1. Flash through custom TWRP recovery
2. Download:
Attached fileSupersu 2.76 MR.AlexandrO-.zip(2.8 MB)

3. Install the key if someone needs
Pro Key 2.76 Attached fileSuperSU Pro v2.76.apk (52.03 KB)

The correct root ver 2.76
You can bet on anything
Even if there is no root we put it
Attached fileUPDATE-SuperSU-v2.76-20160630161323-1.zip(4.74 MB)

Through TWRP custom recovery
Voila root rights obtained
The key for the pro version, if necessary, we take from the top!

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Rep: (1758)
Activation of the "users" item
1) Open build.prop (/system/build.prop) in the EU Explorer
2) At the very end we write:
fw.max_users = 3
fw.show_multiuserui = 1

3) Reboot.
thanks to himlomaster17 for the find

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Rep: (215)
Bypass frp lock status for j320f
Author: I
Firmware: apd5
I asked myself why the recovery is simply not flashed, the system partition is not flashed, but because the kernel is flashed first, the kernel unlocks the bootloader - if I think correctly about the latter. In addition, the root rights affect the kernel, it panics and blocks the phone (bootloader). I observed this when the battery went to zero with root rights.

Add. information: After flashing, try turning on the phone, then enable OEM unlocking in the developer's menu and get root rights if you need to. The last time I wrote about recovery - the recovery remains.
Installation: odin, in the pda field
Download : Attached filebootJ320f.tar(14.1 MB)

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Rep: (985)
Official firmware J320FXXU0APG2

Model SM-J320F
Country Russia
Android 5.1.1
Changelist 8862653
Build date Fri, 29 Jul 2016 09:30:09 +0000
Security Patch Level 2016-08-01
Product code SER
Download -mail

Rep: (0)
Save the guys, or at least advise something ... After resetting from the phone settings, it did not turn on anymore. You could only go into ODIN MODE. Then there was an unsuccessful attempt to upgrade the firmware ... And now or something:
Attached Image
or something:
Attached Image

But the fact is that no computer can now see the body ... Just don’t say, change the cable, port, computer, system ... I tried everything again - DO NOT SEE !!!
Here, for some reason, I don’t like the last line ...
Attached Image

Is the Service Center really?
RemindRules section "Android - Firmware" .
3.8. All graphic images must be cleaned under the spoiler.
Instructions on how to remove the image under the spoiler -"How to remove images under the spoiler".
Theme, where you can practice -"We try to upload files and images to the forum".

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