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Is there a program in order to zapreshyat Androyd automatically close the program in the background?

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¬Ѓ Swapper 2
¬Ѓ Swapper for ROOT
No other way.
And if I'm not mistaken, that this can be¬Ѓ Link2SDadd RAM

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Hello. We need a program to managelaptop keyboard(For Wi-fi or Bluetooth), probably something like GPP Remote Control, butwith his klaviatorutoy, Ie in Navitel`e. static to full screen

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for controlling the notebook keyboard program

Try -CrazyRemote Pro
Android Mouse and Keyboard

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Good afternoon! Please tell me a program that will be able to backup data folder for the scheduler, well, or in extreme cases, hands and not applications and their data from the internal memory to the flash drive.
device asus TF300T

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zmei_gorini4 @ 13.01.2013, 14:03*
to backup data folder for the scheduler ..

In terms ofsynchronize folder? : thank_you:

OrFolderseync ?
Backup your music, pictures and other important files from the phone to your cloud storage or the other way around.

OrCheetah Sync for Files and Folders ?
вШЖ No cloud required
вШЖ Syncs over home WiFi network
вШЖ Backup or synchronization
вШЖ Set a custom schedule

Or installSamba Sharingon Android and Windows to playAlways available offline ?
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Is there an application SMS-center, or WhatsApp for the Nokia N98 (Symbian S70 3rd edition)

On the official websites found

Sorry for offtopic, I left the topic to search for programs for symbian)

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Avax23 @ 13.01.2013, 16:19*
I should just say ban Androyd close Opera in the background, not to expand the RAM.

there is one, but it is not finalized, keeps the application in the background but not all the time
Prevent the standard Task Killer from unloading the applications you need. All devices.

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adamch @ 13.01.2013, 14:20*
for Nokia N98 (Symbian S70 3rd edition)

Is not it should apply hereSEARCH programs for Symbian OS (Post # 1129492) ?

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((Kerill98)) @ 13.01.2013, 16:38*
programku prompt to remove the video from the screen without a smart root.

ASC. about Ruth can not remember

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((Kerill98)) @ 13.01.2013, 14:38*
video screen without a smart Ruta

Display recorder

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Who knows whether there is a map gps on the type of standard googlmap but whatever it could be once the whole load on the phone and no longer to Use the Internet when using a map or gps navigator

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kol0bok @ 13.01.2013, 15:45*
no longer to Use the Internet when using a map or gps navigator

Navitel Navigator - Official maps (Post # 6700229)

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Navitel Navigator - [Android OS]

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Tell me, please, where you can download IMGtool.

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yloseff @ 13.01.2013, 13:03*
where you can download IMGtool.


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kol0bok @ 13.01.2013, 14:45*
whether there is a gps map on the type of standard googlmap but whatever it might once downloaded to your phone, and no longer to Use the Internet ..

Yes. It calledRmaps..: thank_you:

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How to make so that Opera was not closed when I did I turn off?

If you go out of the Opera on the "home", it remains in the background. If then for long press "home" (or other method of switching between tasks) to go to the opera, it will be in the same form. If, after folding run a lot of other tasks, Opera android may be unloaded from memory, but then still run the same open tabs, just to re-download them from the Internet.

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I am looking for a program to compile and work on network schedules, estimates in the field of construction.

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Friends sutok.Nuzhno good time of the application, which is integrated into the browser (or alternatively addition) and automatic translation pages from English into Russian for example (as in chrome on BB) .Tsian 7th Motorola defi.Spasibo

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