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Xiaomi Redmi 3S / 3X - MIUI firmware

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Xiaomi Redmi 3S / 3X - MIUI firmware
Picture3S / Prime / 3X,land
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Important information!
Support for the device is terminated!
Before flashing, we delete the password / pattern / fingerprint, so that after flashing the phone does not require you to enter a pattern. What could lead you to reset to factory settings and data loss.

Drivers and Utilities
Always fresh firmware for Recovery / "Three points"
Always fresh firmware for Fastboot
Mirror to official global firmware (install from fastboot)

Available languages: Chinese, English, Russian, Ukrainian + many others

  • MIUI | | 10 | System / TWRP
  • MIUI | | 10 | MiFlash / Fastboot

  • MIUI | 9.3.28 | 10 | System / TWRP
  • MIUI | 9.3.28 | 10 | MiFlash / Fastboot

Past versions of the official firmware

Build based on official
In connection with termination of smartphone support All localized and original firmware transferred to ARCHIVE

Ported firmware

Key combinations and ways to transfer to the Download mode
Firmware / Installation
Video instructions
Drivers and utilities for firmware should be taken from the links from the header, and not from the links under the instructions. There may not be actual versions of utilities and drivers!
Brick repair
Creating backup copies (backup)
Informal bootloader unlocking / status checking
Problem solving
Repair IMEI
Recovery, Root, Modems, Patches, Scripts
Poll results
Survey from 5.11.2018 to 8.01.2019
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* Allizard , Just ask mifleshem stabilku all. If the download does not then go to Unlock and then sew through fastbut

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* Allizard,
Unlock the bootloader first since developer Proshka stoit.A then necks Mifleshem through fastbut.Xiaomi Redmi 3S / 3X - MIUI Firmware (OS 6.0)third spoiler - Flash China / Global Stable / Developer version. If you will take the firmware just do itXiaomi Redmi 3S / 3X - MIUI Firmware (OS 6.0)and vse.Udachi.
PySy if the bootloader for any reason can not be unlocked, the necks mifleshem through dovnload and this firmware Unlock zanruzchik (unblocked well on it).

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smile7k @ 30.12.16, 15:44*
the truth is not loaded in the download, and do not know what to do now ...

And now what firmware is worth? The header in the instructions have input methods dovnload.Probuy wire to start with, and then you drastically cut the cable.

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* smile7k After unlocking the bootloader, I do not see the point in download mode, as everything can be done via fastboot

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Allizard @ 30.12.16, 14:35*
Advise how to go on in stabilku 3S, as will be easier?

like this
easiest and safest way
Xiaomi Redmi 3S / 3X - MIUI Firmware (OS 6.0)

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* smile7k , Here right now, do not quite understand, you have not given permission to unlock?

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Divik $ 74 @ 30/12/2016, 16:43*
shumodava disabled in build.

But what you all build. immediately climb, tried to disable the settings VoLTE to start?

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Surin @ 30.12.16, 16:53*
OTA to the unlocked bootloader okirpichivaet bodies?

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But what you all build. at once
Because it (shumopodav) I heard like a pipe. Not a novice. About volte first made, the result is a huge 0.

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* drd181966, I have no such item

Posted on 30/12/2016, 17:41:

* drd181966, I have no such item

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* Aron_86,
* lexviper,
Moved to multirom 6.12.15 global stabilki, then updated on 06/12/22. Energy consumption after globalki pleases, no Google Apps, which is awakened by the phone 40 times a day, the bugs have not noticed, I have everything working. About the camera will not say, I do not use. The quality of communication depends on the firmware version is not, but depends on the modem. Waiting to update 12/06/29

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Somebody please throw off setting.apk from multiroma Replacement and adjustment does not work, make a backup forgot :(

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* bandovski
It is possible, tap the contact, then the left button, and you get into the settings.

Posted on 30/12/2016, 18:01:

* misanthrope,
tryXiaomi Redmi 3S / 3X - MIUI Firmware (OS 6.0) (Post zacev # 55534913)

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Rail24 @ 30/12/16, 17:50*
skinte please setting.apk from multiroma
catchAttached fileSettings.apk(14.15 MB)

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* drd181966,
Thank you very much! Help! And the father has hair on his head tore)) New Year's gift spoiled child of)

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* Skromnjaga,
It is the last global firmware. Last Renew

Rep: (4915)
* blooderr,
Xiaomi Redmi 3S / 3X - firmware MIUI (OS 6.0) (Post Anders # 54322218)

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Here I am in 2 minutes unlock the bootloader on the global 8.1.1.
Tasting 10.64.

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Xiaomi Check & Flash
by bullik01

I decided nothing else to do to write a program script that automates some processes. All that is needed from you is to put the file in the same folder (if necessary) and select the menu item andpress Enter
All in English! (All due to the fact that the command line Win is not very friendly with the Russian language)

If some items are not clear - write in QMS
  • Checking the status of the loader (bootloader / bootloader)
  • Search connected devices in fastboot mode and display them on the screen id
  • ADB search for connected devices and display them on the screen id
  • Checking the status of ADB
  • ADB reboot with ROOT
  • Reloading device in fastboot mode (bootloader) + alternative command
  • Reloading device in recovery mode
  • Restart USB deamona
  • Restart of the system fastboot
  • Firmware using fastboot'a:
    • boot
    • recovery
    • TWRP
    • system
    • update.zip
    • splash

  • Updating the firmware using ADB Sideload (works in TWRP, must be activated manually)

Attached Image
  • v0.1 ~ Build date: 12/30/2016
    • creation of the program
    • Adding current functions
    • Adding menu

  • v0.2 ~ Build date: 12/30/2016
    • Added firmware splash.img

v0.2 Attached fileXiaomi_Check & Flash_v0.2.zip (606.19 KB)

Older versions

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* Surin ,
Because the questions asked or stupid ones, the answers to which there is in the subject. And minus the answers because the answer to this question is the same flood as a stupid question.

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