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Sony Xperia E5 / E5 Dual - Discussion | Smartphone, 5 "

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DiscussionSony Xperia E5 / E5 Dual
PictureF3311, F3313
Description | Discussion»

Video review from user Droidwhall (experience of 6 months of use).

  • The operating system is Android 6.0 Marshmallow;
  • The processor - MediaTek MT6735, 64 bits;
  • The number of cores - 4;
  • Frequency - 1.3 GHz;
  • Built-in memory - 16 GB;
  • Available memory - 10.9 GB;
  • RAM - 1.5 GB;
  • Slot for SD-card - is (up to 200 GB).


  • Screen - 5 ", 1280x720;
  • Widescreen - yes;
  • Screen type - IPS;
  • Touch Screen - Capacitive;
  • Multitouch - 4 touch points;
  • The number of pixels per inch (PPI) - 294;
  • Video processor - Mali-T720.

Wireless connection:

  • Wi-Fi support - is (Wi-Fi 802.11n, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi router, DLNA);
  • Wi-Fi bands - 2.4-2.5 GHz;
  • Bluetooth support - is (Bluetooth 4.1), there is an APT-X codec;
  • GPS - is (with support for A-GPS);
  • NFC support - is;
  • Slots for SIM-cards - 1 (in the Dual-version of the smartphone - 2, but this version is not supplied to Russia);
  • SIM card slot type - nano-SIM;
  • Mobile communications - 2G, 3G, 4G.


  • The rear camera is, 13 MPx;
  • Features of the rear camera - flash, autofocus;
  • The front camera is 5 MPx.


  • Built-in speaker - is;
  • Built-in microphone - is.


  • Sensors - accelerometer, proximity sensor, light sensor;
  • The vibromotor is.


  • Connecting to a computer via USB - optional;
  • Audio / headphone output is (3.5 mm).


  • Battery type - Li-Ion (not removable);
  • Battery capacity - 2300 mAh.

Additional Information:
  • Body material - plastic;
  • Dimensions (LxWxT in mm) - 69x144x8.2;
  • Weight - 147 g;
  • Completion - telephone, USB cable, network adapter, manual.
Live photo gadgets
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All for firmware
If the device is turned off:
  • Volume up + USB cable connects to the computer ->FASTBOOT MODE (Blue LED lights up) - firmware firmware, cores.
  • Volume down + USB cable connects to the computer ->FLASHMODE (Green diode lights up) - firmware official firmware.

If the device is turned on:
  • Power + Volume Down - Screenshot.
  • Power + Volume up to 3rd vibration - off (hot-like when the battery is disconnected)
  • * # * # 7378423 # * # * - the service menu
  • * # * # 4636 # * # * - information
  • * # * # 73556673 # * # * - demo mode

Model F3313 Dual is not supplied to Russia.
Spare parts
All are taken from AliExpress from verified (or more or less verified) vendors, so when you order with a 95% probability you will receive a fully working part.
Parts List:
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Today they took the Sony Xperia E5, the cheapest smart from Sony, but what a good modelka is fresh, stylized as a new “X” series. According to IMEI I can not understand where it is made, it is not written on the box

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1.5 GB RAM? :)
And how much did they pay for it?

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I bought it yesterday, there is a nano SIM card that I have to go to the operator and change, I now have an old SONY Z1, I can use all the programs and photos from it to pentile. There is a special Trnasfert installed. the battery keeps good enough for me with all
wifi and full brightness for the whole day. And immediately installed another bunch of applications from the market. The only thing noticed in the game ALTO slowed down, unlike SONY Z1.

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RAM is really 1.5 gig
Euroset price 14990 rubles.
This is really the cheapest SONY phone.

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I bought it instead of the old SE Arc S LT18i, so it's difficult to adequately evaluate how the joy will subside, I can write something constructive.

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Yesterday I noticed such a cant. The interlocutor did not listen to me straight from the beginning of the conversation. I restarted the phone and it all worked.
Today again the same thing. Microphone immediately checked it works. As soon as I turn on the speakerphone and turn it off, the microphone disappears and I cannot be heard. It looks like the firmware is a curve. We are waiting for the update.

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* kapral-snz , same. Yesterday the interlocutors said that I could not hear well, although I could hear them well.

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By dancing with a tambourine and resetting the settings, I got a conclusion, the phone has 2 microphones at the top for a speakerphone and at the bottom for normal calls. They can not decide which of them takes a voice. I reset and everything was restored .. Until I updated the device

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Greetings, members of the forum!
There are intentions to purchase this device, Sony Xperia E5 ...
But, the model is new, there is very little information, in connection with which there are pressing issues for real users:

- what is the voice connection (quality, volume, stock is there) ...?
- what is the external speaker (volume, squeakiness, distortion) ...?
- Is it true that when you receive a call, the speakerphone is switched on first and then the "normal" conversation ...?
- Does this model have an event indicator?
- What is the overall impression of the main camera (in particular, the sharpness of the photo is of interest)?

Thank you very much in advance !!

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* SE_123456 I did not check the camera, but there is no claim in the case.

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* Sanya-Princ, "no claim"

Excuse me and do not consider me impudent, but is there a more detailed answer, more informative ...
Right on points of questions ...
(not out of idle curiosity, this is important)

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* stelnickov1988,
There is a stock, no one has taken the development yet, there is no theme for xda per se

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Good day!
Like a phone with autonomy?
I follow the XA Dual branch there, they have problems with Akum, in the Sony Center they said that Akum are the same.

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Come on the same, here 2300 and on the XA 2700, as it is not at all the same.

Posted 08/11/2016 23:02:

I’m wondering how it’s with system memory, it’s not going to turn out that after about a year it will start to constantly throw notifications about lack of memory and the inability to install updates.
This is the scourge of all state employees. I want to take the phone to my mother, she doesn’t need a flagship, that’s enough, but I don’t want to get what is now on E1, a severe lack of memory

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Zero2zerO @ 08/11/2016, 10:58 PM*
Come on the same, here 2300 and on the XA 2700, as it is not at all the same.

Onhttps://store.sony.ru/compare/For some reason, the same batteries. Maybe because of pricing something muddy?
Attached Image

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Maybe, and then on different resources different data, probably worth waiting for feedback from the owners, it will be the most current data.

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An employee of the SC Store reported that the camera and the battery of the devices are similar.

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And the TFT display is not a typo? I just did not attach any importance about a year ago, and when I was already going to buy an M2, I was precipitated by the fact that he didn’t have an IPS display.

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* dennyboy3,

On the SC Store and Sony Store indicated IPS matrix.

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* dennyboy3 , totally agree with you. Also in the Yandex Market description, that
IPS display.
Built-in memory 16 Gb, but how much is available?)
Does it get very hot with simple tasks due to the CPU MediaTek MT6735.
Maybe someone will tell) I will be grateful.)

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