Prostogram | Instagram client for Sailfish with the possibility of posting photos

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Version: 0.6

Last update of the program in the header:20.06.2016

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Unofficial instagram client written in Qt5
Able to upload photos.
Does not use the Instagram API but pretends to be a native client for the androyd. From this it follows that all the functions that the official client has, such as posting photos, commenting, likes, blocks, etc., are available.

Attention!The client stores your password in the clear, which is not very secure!
Attention!You may be banned for using this client, although there have been no such cases so far.

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Russian interface: Unknown


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no registration. Need to have an Instagram account to log in?

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I will finish the registration soon.

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Neochapay @ 10.10.2016, 08:36*
I will finish registration soon

it would be great! but at the moment i can log in there having an account received let's say on an android device? Now some update through the Г–lla Store has come ....

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And there is the possibility of his port on MeeGo. Or is everything quite complicated there? Well, in general, the account of ports with Sasilfish on MeeGo is interesting. Is it difficult?

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