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Reassigning keys | Reassigning physical buttons

Rep: (582)
Key Reassignment
Version: 1.16.1

Last update of the program in the header:21.04.2020

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Short description:
The application allows you to reassign the physical and touch buttons (keys) of your Android device.

The application allows you to reassign the physical buttons of your Android device.
- Swap keys
- Set additional actions for short or long press
- Open the camera, browser or application call by pressing a button
- Open any application of your choice
- Disable the button completely
- Supports reassignment of keys Home (Home), Back (Back), Applications (Recent apps), Menu, Camera, Volume keys + more than 200 other keys
- Support for shortcuts, double and triple pressing in the Premium version (the function is being finalized)
- Experimental function Alt + Tab - almost like in Android N (only in the Premium version)
- Ability to stop the current running application (Looking for Root-rights)
ATTENTION! Screen (soft) buttons will not work and they cannot be reassigned using this program.
On some devices, the arrangement of physical keys may seem inconvenient or unusual. If your device is one of them, try this application.
The application will work only with devices with physical (including touch) keys.
For example, Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge or Samsung tablets.
Root rights are NOT required for most functions. However, features such as Menu, Search and Block Device require superuser rights.
The operability of reassigning some keys may depend on the model and firmware of the device. Some buttons or actions may not work at all due to system limitations. We will be glad if you tell us about such cases. For example, it is known that on most devices the action of the Power key does not work.
Please be careful of reassigning the Home key function.
We will always be happy to read your feedback, ideas and suggestions in our mail. We will also be happy to help you figure out if you couldn’t manage to configure anything yourself.

Root rights are NOT required for most functions.However, features such as Menu, Search and Block Device require superuser rights.

Android required: 4.3+
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: [email protected]
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.irishin.buttonsremapper
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx9drPSlARo

Version: 1.16.1 update from google play market (gorand39)
Version: 1.16.0 update from google play market (gorand39)
Version: 1.15.4 update from google play market (gorand39)
Version: 1.15.3 update from google play market (gorand39)
Version: 1.15.2 GP Remapping keys (Post And_RU # 92157582)

Past versions


Post has been editediMiKED - 21.04.20, 14:18
Reason for edit: Update: A new version 1.16.1 update from Google Play Market

Rep: (342)
kerbala @ 13.06.16, 16:26*
Some buttons or actions may not work at all because of the limitations of the system. We will be glad if you will inform us about such cases.
UseAndroid x86on the laptop, the app did not win the soft buttons, rather matter-axis, the specifics yet. The Android x86 think you need kramsat system itself, in order to achieve a change of button functions, but gave a tip, if curious little will :)
If the topic is relevant and prefer, test.

Post has been editedMertvii.84 - 03.03.18, 06:20

Rep: (280)
On miui works flawlessly unlikeButton Mapper: Remap your keys

Post has been editedollejeek - 04.03.18, 13:31

Rep: (49)
Great programm. Wife drowned sixth solar system. After this softkey zalipla ago and began to press itself. With this program you disabled it, prenaznachil its function to another button. Everything works, works without root, everyone is happy. After the reboot, the settings are saved. Definitely I recommend. Thumbs up and cross a turnip.

Rep: (23)
* vlad4141 , I and without the application of remote television sets Yandex music pause button pauses and starts playing Plei button, but does anyone know how to switch tracks in Yandex music with this look for another program, listen to the TV android?

Post has been editedn25 - 14.03.18, 08:08

Rep: (23)
Can we tie the action to press the middle mouse button?

Rep: (48)
+ Inclusions flashlight button (Android 6.0+)
+ Changing the brightness
+ Lock screen orientation
+ Terminate (requires Root)
Premium version
Attached fileReassignment of keys_V_1.12.2_Premium.apk(6.37 MB)

Rep: (0)
For lolipop flashlight on and off the screen, you can assign?
Miui8, redmi 3, android 5.1.1

Post has been editedzaseili - 03.04.18, 14:17

Rep: (131)
Sorry navigation panel does not remap.

Rep: (2)
Put the action "do nothing" on the Home button. Working. LoДЌu phone power button. He wakes up on the Home button. :(

Rep: (8223)
* aragon_sp , Then something is unloaded from memory remapping the keyboard. Try to make it a system.

Rep: (71)
* aragon_sp,
xposed pbmc taste it, it works!

Rep: (547)
And not reassigns bluetooth button? Nope, not what in the description.

Rep: (582)
Nekropolis @ 03.05.18, 07:51*
Nope, not what in the description.

if there is no ...
No, it can not be reassigned.

Post has been editedkerbala - 03.05.18, 07:58
Reason for editing:.

Rep: (547)
* kerbala,
Realized ATP. And in 8 android something old remapping scheme has ceased to work and have been unable to find the information. Before, I just changed the path system / usr / keylayout in AVRCP.kl file I needed values.

Rep: (13)
and that, among the heaps of action of this program is not possible to make a screenshot?

Rep: (141)
* VolgodonsK161 I will not say about this, but Button Mapper can take screenshots.

Rep: (13)
* SergeyDoc1979, in it all the buttons are not added

Rep: (141)
* VolgodonsK161 , I Button Mapper is working properly.

Rep: (42)
Mobilized with the help of this program the left key on the extra hardware Runbo F1 magnetic in the firmware without the Russian language - it hung on the inclusion of a flashlight.
Root, it does not require.
What is remarkable, this additional code, I did not know the key, and it was not even in the list of shortcuts available for selection.
But the program itself could by pressing this key to determine its code and add it, after which it became possible to hang this key action.

Post has been editedmtumanov - 01.07.18, 22:10

Rep: (22)
Excellent program. Sometimes, however, it cuts down all button.
Go on the right have a feature button. It hangs karuselkah with the system functions, the same as in the curtain. I hang up on her, pressing back short, long last application.
At some point, it cuts off button. On Off app does not work, only helps restart. Who faced the similar?

Post has been editedEricss - 03.07.18, 13:37

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