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> Coloring Fish | [Other] Coloring for kids
30.05.16, 13:57

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Version: 1.0

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Drop the bait, catch the creativity of your child and paint pictures of fish with it. Download Coloring Fish to get the most interesting coloring for kids!
Nothing is more important than the happiness of your child. Having these coloring pictures for children, you and your child will enjoy playing coloring games and coloring pictures of fish. We all need to forget about work and stress and be with children who want to play with their parents so much. Funny coloring games for kids can fill children's little hearts with joy. All you need is a creative spirit and fingers with which to paint fish drawings as if with brushes. These coloring pictures for children are not simple and light pictures of fish coloring. It is, most of all, about the time spent with your children. So do not hesitate to download Coloring Fish and create your own colorful aquarium. Enjoy the smile on the face of your child, thank you for that.

    ★ 4 ways of coloring: bucket, brush, spray and colored pencils
    ★ Add stickers and different patterns
    ★ Background music
    ★ 10+ color palettes
    ★ 20 colorings
    ★ See how your fellow users have painted
    ★ Share your art on Facebook, Twitter and / or Instagram
    ★ Zooming for detailed coloring

Homepage: https://www.peaksel.com/

Attached fileFishColoringPagesVer1000.xap(24.87 MB)

Marketplace Web: https://www.microsoft.com/ru-ru/store/apps/fish-coloring-pages/9nblggh4wgr2

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