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> Coloring Easter | [Other] Coloring for kids
12.05.16, 11:14

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There are no better games for your child than those that are both fun and useful. These are coloring games for girls. While your children enjoy coloring princess coloring pages, they also develop many skills. And let's be honest. Who would not want their child to become a man with many talents? When it comes to painting, this is where you need to start. Give them pictures of coloring for children and see what they will turn princess drawings into. If you spend time coloring - the fact that your children really love, do not bother them. While they are busy exploring the limits of their own imagination, you will enjoy peace and order in the house: there are days when it is priceless. Download Princess Coloring Pages and have your child enjoy coloring princess coloring pages!

    ★ 4 ways of coloring: bucket, brush, spray and colored pencils
    ★ Add stickers and different patterns
    ★ Background music
    ★ 10+ color palettes
    ★ 26 colorings
    ★ See how your fellow users have painted
    ★ Share your art on Facebook, Twitter and / or Instagram
    ★ Zooming for detailed coloring

Homepage: http://peaksel.com/

Attached filePrincessColoringPagesVer1000.xap(26.41 MB)

Marketplace Web: https://www.microsoft.com/ru-ru/store/apps/princess-coloring-pages/9nblggh4v0t9

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