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Size: 4 ''
Display Resolution: 800x480
Matrix: TFT
Safety glass: yes

operating system
OS: Android
OS Version: v4.4 (KitKat)
OS shell: no

Speed ​​performance
Processor manufacturer: Mediatek
Processor Model: MT6572
Number of cores: 2
CPU Frequency: 1 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Built-in memory: 4 GB
Memory Expansion: MicroSD up to 32 GB

Number of SIM-cards: 2
SIM card type: mini-SIM
communications standards: WCDMA 2100, WCDMA 900, GSM 1900, GSM 1800, GSM 900, GSM 850
Support 4G (LTE): no
Support 3G: Yes

Resolution main camera: 2.0 MP
Autofocus main camera: no
Flash: there is
Resolution of Camera: 1280x720 pixels.
Front camera resolution: 0.3 MP

Support for Wi-Fi: yes
Bluetooth support: Bluetooth 4.0
Support for NFC: No
USB Connection: microUSB
Connecting to a TV / Monitor: none

Navigation capabilities
Built-in GPS: yes
Support A-GPS: Yes

audio capabilities
Headphone jack: microUSB
Stereo speakers: none
Proprietary audio enhancement technology: no
FM radio: yes

fingerprint scanner: no
Body Material: Plastic
Back Cover Material: Plastic
Pylevlagozaschischenny housing: No
Dimensions (HWD): 124 x 62 x 9.6 mm
Weight: 105 g
Black colour

Battery capacity: 1300 mAh
Battery Type: Li-Ion
Standby time: 200 hours
Talk time: 8 hours

Warranty and accessories
Options: USB-cable, charger, screen protector, instruction manual, a wired stereo headset

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Thank you all for your comments, and that nothing anywhere on aparata found.

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Hello, tell me where to find this device "battery"?
Not where I can not find it!

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Links to the firmware does not work. Fill please those who have: thank_you:

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Firmware found on Youtube channel - Eugene Zhorkin. Under the video links on the firmware. Firmware working.

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who are too lazy to look for -here is a video
and then the firmware -timeandtwo

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* dimon_daemon,
Zdrasvuyte, Well, at least one of the owners came
I have a small request to you please: do dapm communication module firmware (or even wasted my copy did not and now Do not know what to do next in the QMS)
With my thanks in advance +

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dimon_daemon @ 24.02.17, 10:18*
who are too lazy to look for - here video
and then the firmware - just two

Shoto reuploaded your firmware curves

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* IAndrocom,
the machine is not my client (when I work), it has returned to the owner ...
* vetal73,
Did I somewhere said that perezalivat them? It's just the same links that are under the video, just brought them in a separate post. And what is their curvature? With their help, the device has been successfully revived and returned to a happy owner.

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* dimon_daemon, <
Thank you can someone else will

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vetal73 @ 06.03.17, 17:29*
Shoto reuploaded your firmware curves

in this threadGigabyte Gsmart Essence - DiscussionPost в„–53 people mistakenly put under full fleshtul to restore full brick

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no one has found where to get the battery?

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pereproshivat today this miracle
Symptoms: after an upgrade over the air to the latest version of hanging on the splash screen and then gsmart was not included
She sewed through fleshtul taken otsjudova firmware
Gigabyte Gsmart Essence - Discussion (Post fricker123 # 56111259)
aparata including, but swore the wrong IMEI
poreshat this thing so
1. Enter the engineering menu - code * # * # 3646633 # * # *
2. Select the item "Telephony" sub "GPRS".
3 for sim1. In the write IMEI and click "Write IMEI".
4 to sim2. do the same thing as in paragraph 3.
5. Exit the engineering menu and restart the device.
6. Check IMEI - code * # 06 #.
It helped rebooted the phone and it worked

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http: //

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yurii_malevannyi @ 04.04.17, 21:37*
1. Enter the engineering menu - code * # * # 3646633 # * # *
2. Select the item "Telephony" sub "GPRS".
3 for sim1. In the write IMEI and click "Write IMEI".
4 to sim2. do the same thing as in paragraph 3.
5. Exit nzhenernogo menu and restart the machine.
6. Check IMEI - code * # 06 #.

Since myeon flew firmware module svzi then this method will not work

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Hello, please tell me, this phone is only suitable own battery or even skakogoto phone may come?

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* mvdso
It may come from Nomi 401 and so on ... Do converge contacts

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