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HTC Desire 830 - Discussion | Smartphone, 5.5 "

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DiscussionHTC Desire 830
PictureHTC Desire 830
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Audio lovers will be happy to know that there are BoomSound speakers in the Desire 830 and are located on the top and bottom of the 5.5-inch 1080p screen.

The dimensions of the Desire 830 are 157.5x78.9x7.79 mm. HTC currently offers the phone in blue and red.

With regard to technical data, the Desire 830 has a MediaTek MT6753T chip with 1.5 GHz 8-core processor, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of disk space. Also available and a slot for memory cards, which supports microSD cards up to 2TB.

Behind it is a 13 megapixel camera with OIS and an F / 2.0 aperture. There is a 4 megapixel F / 2.0 UltraPixel camera for selfies on the front. The phone battery capacity is 2800 mAh.

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Reason for editing: Stock European firmware version 1.04.401.2

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Hello guys ... please skinte firmware for Flash Tool on HTC Desire 828g. I can not find anywhere.

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dorofeev517 @ 15.04.19, 01:43*
And why not OS-1.09.401.55 that's wrong with her?

The question is not at the address. I'm not lecturing the firmware, I just gave a link. 1.09.401.55 have in the subject.
[email protected] @ 24.04.19, 09:18*
firmware for Flash Tool on HTC Desire 828g. I can not find anywhere.

And there is no such separate. Hardly you'll have to flash your smartphone through SP Flash Tool (encrypted bootloader, without special auth-file in the DA BRAM not boot). It should be sewn RUU-firmware with SD-card (SPFT built into the smartphone). Here are all the firmware for the D828 (for firmware instructions from the card similar to D830). Choose appropriate to you (DTUL and DWGL - dvuhsimochny, TUHL - odnosimochnye), refer to the zip-archive file android-info.txt, contains pointers to CID, MID, and the version number of the software (you can only understand what the room on your needs). What in your phone can be found by connecting the ADB smartphone to a computer and typing in the console command fastboot getvar all. Firmware with other identifiers may not have installed.

But if very much want to experiment with SPFT, here's firmware (TUHL_1.14.401.52) from the drain firmware (set of images) that can be sewn through SPFT (scatter-file available).

I recommend trying to sew only in Download Only mode and does not flash the preloader and loaders (lk.bin and hosd.img), otherwise, if something goes wrong, get unrecoverable "brick".

Post has been editedAmigaser - 24.04.19, 13:16

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Guys, somebody solved a problem with the camera, but to change it to a new one?

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* AzazelloVaal, I have no problem with the camera. If you have it broke down, then, of course, need to change a new one.

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New TWRP for HTC Desire 830 DS version 3.3.0-0. Sew as usual from a computer via ADB fastboot:
What's new:
* Merge AOSP 9.0 r3 (Dees_Troy)
* Use ANDROID_ROOT variable instead of hard coding to / system (CaptainThrowback)
* Decrypt FBE on 9.0 and metadata decrypt (Dees_Troy)
* vold decrypt updates (CaptainThrowback and nijel8)
* Support vibration on LED class devices (notsyncing)
* Metadata decrypt support for Pixel 3 (Dees_Troy)
* Support rotating the display via build flag (vladimirtean)
* Reboot to EDL mode button (mauronofrio)
* Support MTP on FFS devices (bigbiff)
* Update FDE decrypt to support keymaster 3 and 4 (Dees_Troy)
* Detect mkfs.f2fs version to properly format on f2fs partitions (Dees_Troy)
* Allow TWRP to use md5 and sha256 checksums for zip installs (bigbiff)
* TWRP can use / data / cache / recovery and / persist / cache / recovery for devices with no cache partition (bigbiff)
* Switch to the list of options (Dees_Troy)
* Use magiskboot to allow repacking boot images for installing TWRP (Dees_Troy with thanks to topjohnwu of course)

Who does not understand English - Google-translator to help ...
Attached filetwrp-3.3.0-0-d830.img(13.01 MB)

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Amigaser @ 16.06.17, 22:49*
And here you can buy a new battery:
Battery for HTC Desire 830 (p 899).
AKB HTC B0PJX100 (One / E9 + / Desire 728 Dual / Desire 828 / Desire 830 Dual) (280 p).
Partner Battery for HTC Desire 830/828 / 728G Dual Sim (analogue, 750r).

New, larger capacity does not appear? And how long are unoriginal? Under the guise of the mother can sell the devil knows what!
Prices from 300 to 2200 rubles.

Post has been editedserbus - 15.05.19, 23:50

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serbus @ 15.05.19, 23:36*
New, larger capacity does not appear?

And do not appear, do not expect. Even if somewhere find and deliver more capacity, it will not work properly in the system - charge / discharge and show the percentage of charge, since the calibration table hard "protection" in the core to the original battery with a rated capacity of 2,800 mAh. So that the battery capacity of the other to work properly, you need to recompile the kernel under it.
serbus @ 15.05.19, 23:36*
And how long are unoriginal? Under the guise of the mother can sell the devil knows what!

Yeah, exactly. Hitropopye Chinese often simply glue on the standard battery beushnyiy nice label and sold as new unoriginal. Therefore, the period of work - it's like "Russian Roulette", as lucky ... :( It is better to take the original with a part number B0PJX100 They can still be purchased from stocks of spare parts, it is better to buy in the company SC But, unfortunately, more and less.. chance to take a new original, alas :(

Post has been editedAmigaser - 16.05.19, 00:56

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* AzazelloVaal , It is necessary to remove the Google map, and let it be

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* Mr.artmyz, and two posts below under the post you do not read? : Girl_cray:

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New TWRP version 3.3.1-0 for HTC Desire 830 DS.
What's new in TWRP 3.3.1-0:
* Fix selinux issues during formatting - dianlujitao
* Various fixes for toybox and toolbox builds - CaptainThrowback and bigbiff
* Flash both A and B partitions when installing a recovery ramdisk - Dees_Troy
* Add option to uninstall TWRP app from / system - Dees_Troy
* Create digest for subpartitions - bigbiff

Attached filetwrp-3.3.1-0-d830.img(13.01 MB)

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Amigaser @ 01.06.19, 07:47*
New TWRP version 3.3.1-0

In secret around the world ... And how the update?

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kuzpavgen2014 @ 03.06.19, 10:18*
And how do the update?

With office. TWRP site :) I have it just a little bit "combed" by our dvuhsimochny model.

Post has been editedAmigaser - 03.06.19, 11:35

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Released HTC Desire 19+, interested in Russia will sell.

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serbus @ 11.06.19, 19:20*
Released HTC Desire 19+, interested in Russia will sell.

That is only the HTC does not know about it :) At the office. Taiwanese site is yet another model U19e -https://www.htc.com/hk-en/smartphones/htc-u19e/. But once I took a leak in the "competent circles" :), then, perhaps, the end of the year (and perhaps earlier), this model really will ... We have all sold :) Even video from the show has already appeared

Price in Taiwan HTC Desire 19+ - 10,900 Taiwan dollars (about 22 500 rub.) And HTC U19e - TWD 14900 (31000 rbl.).

P.S. On the Middle Eastern market sold more thing, this -https://www.htc.com/me...phones/htc-desire-12s/ .

Post has been editedAmigaser - 11.06.19, 20:42

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They write that with the U19 e announced.
https: //hi-tech.mail.r...tc_u19e_desire_19plus/

Post has been editedserbus - 11.06.19, 20:28

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* serbus, Well, yes, but I have more confidence in the Chinese sources :)

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A little expensive

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* serbus, Well, according to Chinese standards for top-brand and normally can. When we in the sale will, then we will compare to its competitors. In general, the HTC has never been a company that produces the cheapest smartphone in the world. Eg., At the same price similar to Samsung for the same "piece of iron". Cheaper - is to Huawei, soon on their smartphones in general Google will not put our OS Aurora, then prices probably will fall more :)

P.S. Partial otvyazka by Google -Aurora Store

Post has been editedAmigaser - 14.06.19, 10:35

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2 years later the phone began to die. First, shut off if you include a loud sound. Then just cut down began (seen overheating of the body) to reduce the brightness, set the economy mode. He extended another half year. Now just cut down and at 70% and even at 95% charge. When connecting the charging works without interruption. I will order a new battery, but an option that is not only a battery.
By itself, like the phone. Only originally was negative - if overheated toys. But I rarely play.

Post has been editedfurylon - 17.06.19, 12:59

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furylon @ 17.06.19, 12:57*
Only originally was negative - if overheated toys. But I rarely play.

Since all processors are heated under load, I have too. Such ce la vie ... In general, this smartphone is not for toys :( Although sokobanchiki pulls a bang, and I was more and not have smart :) I for three years and is also a battery hooked, quickly began to lose power, but also has long Economy mode standing, at night the radios disabled and screen brightness of 30 percent ... Modern lithium batteries during intensive use just 2-3 years and live, rarely more.

Post has been editedAmigaser - 17.06.19, 16:10

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