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HTC Desire 830 - Discussion | Smartphone, 5.5 "

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DiscussionHTC Desire 830
PictureHTC Desire 830
Description | Discussion »

Audio lovers will be happy to know that there are BoomSound speakers in the Desire 830 and are located on the top and bottom of the 5.5-inch 1080p screen.

The dimensions of the Desire 830 are 157.5x78.9x7.79 mm. HTC currently offers the phone in blue and red.

With regard to technical data, the Desire 830 has a MediaTek MT6753T chip with 1.5 GHz 8-core processor, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of disk space. Also available and a slot for memory cards, which supports microSD cards up to 2TB.

Behind it is a 13 megapixel camera with OIS and an F / 2.0 aperture. There is a 4 megapixel F / 2.0 UltraPixel camera for selfies on the front. The phone battery capacity is 2800 mAh.

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Reason for editing: Stock European firmware version 1.04.401.2

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* Amigaser, The installments will go, but I think the filling is a top, the main thing that the frame was removed or have their minimum

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vervolf7 @ 14.12.17, 22:14*
but I think the filling is a top, the main thing that the frame was removed or have their minimum

Yes, it is assumed a top filling. Similarly, no one knows, but here are assumed to be as follows:
• Screen: 5.5 "4K-display with a resolution of 3840 x 2160.
• Battery: 4,000 mAh.
• CAMERA: laser auto focus, 4x optical zoom.
• Front Camera: 12MP.
• Rear camera: 16 megapixels.
• Features: accelerometer, barometer, compass, gyro, proximity, waterproof, glass Gorilla Glass 5, wireless charging.
• Memory: 128 GB of internal memory, expandable via micro SD.
• Operating System: Android 8.0.
• Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.
• RAM 8 GB of RAM.
Well and how it will look the same, of course, is not known. Perhaps something like this :):
Attached Image

It expects the following in May. of the year.
More as expected (though saying that this year) HTC Ocean Master, HTC Ocean Harmony and HTC Ocean Lite rather more affordable in terms of money and with more modest performance.

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For those who stepped on a rake from Google -FRP (Factory Reset Protection) - after a reset to factory settings smartphone.
To work around (reset) the protection of the network, there are many ways to "shamanic dances with a tambourine," how to do it. But they all boil down to finding opportunities to establish a special hacking program from (rootkit) that resets (deletes) tethered to a smartphone google-account under frp smartphone. But there are other ways. One of them - is to unlock the bootloader, install TWRP custom rekaveri and flash through a patch that removes google-account (or disable it check at startup). This is what I wrote in the thread. But there is one problem. If prior to the reset of the smartphone has not been activated menu Developer and installed it in the flags "USB-Debugging" and "OEM-unlock", the download mode, the smartphone when entering through the adb fastboot command to obtain tokens will receive the following:
c: \ adb>fastboot oem get_identifier_token
(Bootloader) [KillSwitch]: /dev/block/platform/mtk-msdc.0/by-name/frp
(bootloader) [KillSwitch] Last Byte is 0X00, disable unlock
(bootloader) [KillSwitch] oem unlock Turn Off!
OKAY [10.100s]
finished. total time: 10.100s
htc_fastboot finished. total time: 10.503s

c: \ adb>

. That is, the boot loader unlocked third-party developers is prohibited (by the way, this flag is in the same section - frp). Circle.
But there is another (official) way FRP reset on HTC smartphones.Exclusive!
1. Connect your smartphone with a screen lock to your computer (HTC driver must already be installed, the ADB prepared the console, read the topic).
2. ADB console recruit
adb reboot download
We look forward to restarting the smartphone in download mode.
3. Recruit team
fastboot dump kstoken 0 0 0

4. Get ks-token
htc_fastboot v3.0.9.2 (2015-05-29)
reading 'kstoken', and saving it to '0' (0 KB)
... (bootloader) dump log<file>0 100000, for flash log
(Bootloader) block_size: 4096 total_size: 0 offset: 0
(bootloader)<Please cut following message>
(Bootloader) INFO<<<<Identifier Token Start>>>>
(Bootloader) INFO75A0F204B9822219257EB491F5112BAC
(Bootloader) INFOB21C59C9B2B4E35C9364D5ACF53C5BBF
(Bootloader) INFO010D32678F355092FCEA2BB5D1EE4243
(Bootloader) INFO15778322FE6C79F3E9926F8F8F4A9FE2
(Bootloader) INFOAB7309F858957DED1B0BFA3C3FEF0DE2
(Bootloader) INFO4F772F385DF73C224FE2B01DB30F8C43
(Bootloader) INFO2D235E6FBC2E8DF338327D8C34F5FC90
(Bootloader) INFO5ED1652E5640E83C3BD03F8AAB080165
(Bootloader) INFOD645B58243AE43435CBEA7046ED1E376
(Bootloader) INFO1461304123623CCD2A6F0DF25B5FAA05
(Bootloader) INFOC4C146614987599A79E9A80B3F499466
(Bootloader) INFO4093CDB4521F986F4C3217D578CF27DA
(Bootloader) INFO043F2AD072419D84803122D3318A1FA7
(Bootloader) INFOA88D27A2CD23B30EDC7FB8D80932B825
(Bootloader) INFOF3916FB179F8BE67E644FF84607EC8D6
(Bootloader) INFO0C0E1A80EBC3B66FBEE76F1339608779
(Bootloader) INFO<<<<<Identifier Token End>>>>>
(Bootloader) kstoken.bin size: 666
finished. total time: 0.024s
htc_fastboot finished

data length = 0 MB
time = 1 secs, throughput = 0 KB / sec
htc_fastboot finished. total time: 0.182s

5. excels inyour console all of the line<<<<Identifier Token Start>>>>before the line<<<<Identifier Token End>>>>inclusive (no characters INFO at the beginning of lines and extra spaces). We copy the selection to the clipboard.
<<<<Identifier Token Start>>>>
<<<<<Identifier Token End>>>>>

6. Insert the buffer is copied into the form on the sitehttps: //www.htcdev.com...ck-instructions/page-2(Bottom of page) and send (to register online). In your e-mail, specified during registration, almost immediately come unblocking key (Unlock_code.bin).
7. Keeping it from the message into the folder with the ADB in a console and type the following command
fastboot flash kstoken Unlock_code.bin

8. We see a log of successful firmware
htc_fastboot v3.0.9.2 (2015-05-29)
download max of 800000000 bytes
sending 'kstoken' (0 KB) ...
OKAY [1.005s]
writing 'kstoken' ...
(Bootloader) flash KStoken
(Bootloader) read emmc cid pass!
(Bootloader) KillSwitch token check successfully
(Bootloader) Erase frp success!
OKAY [1.037s]
finished. total time: 2.042s
htc_fastboot finished. total time: 2.088s

9. Everything, FRP removed. Reboot your smartphone.
fastboot to flash:
Attached filefastboot.exe(6.53 MB)

P.S. To produce all these manipulations in hand console, there are specials. programm to reset FRP -HTC Desire 830 - Discussion (Post Amigaser # 69039417)

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Reason for editing: In the header

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The check EMMC memory, I can not achieve stable operation of the smartphone

Rep: (394)
pe31 @ 15.12.17, 09:01*
The check EMMC memory

Fully and completely only on a special stand at the service center. When you drain the firmware is rewritten most of the memory, and if there is no error, then there is no obvious faults. But that does not guarantee stable operation, some flash-memory cells may "leak". Anyway eMMC chip complex chip may be a fault in the integrated controller, the control registers or internal RAM.
pe31 @ 15.12.17, 09:01*
I can not achieve stable operation of the smartphone

And in what appears instability? Why did you decide that eMMC problem?

Post has been editedAmigaser - 16.12.17, 13:31

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Good smart, but overcame the navigator mode, popping up with regularity in two or three months

Rep: (394)
vervolf7 @ 16.12.17, 15:21*
beat co-driver mode, popping up with regularity in two or three months

Haveaxe1985 It had the same problem . I decided to purchase and replacement bottom plate (Or here cheaper ) In the smartphone. To replace the need: the nail on the hand (for removing the cover :)), watch otvertochka, pintsetik and 15 minutes. free time :) .

Post has been editedAmigaser - 16.12.17, 16:56

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* vervolf7 , Podtverzhdayu.Zamenil fee, and all the glitches propali.Pravda ordered Ali to two different versii.Na one of them worked touch sensor.Mogu throw in a personal seller, whose board podoshla.Tolko battery barely a day hvataet.Zhdu new from China .Dumayu board is not being in charge.

Rep: (146)
Tried to dismantle, remove the screws, and then does not work either, so no syak.Boyus something break

Post has been editedvervolf7 - 17.12.17, 11:26

Rep: (394)
vervolf7 @ 17.12.17, 08:06*
and then does not work either, so no syak

It is necessary to remove the plastic middle part, it is also by snap. It is necessary to carefully pry on the perimeter and will act. unscrewed all the screws? They are there 15 pieces.
Here's a videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SQqy5DIkmoand furtherhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AikUkqPm1Fs

Rep: (146)
* Amigaser, It turned out, disassembled and ....... sobral.1 plastic is not completely removed, t.k.vozle camera has built-met.plastina to which fit two black provoda.2-dumb anything to tear without zapchastey.3 is a body so podzae..lo, the navigator, then when you move from area to area radio hangs (4g in the same area, another no-Come watch shows 4g- and the antenna is empty, turn on flight mode is turned off and oh, miracle complete antenna, as well as what passed-hell knows how many times people have complained that there is no connection with me, and I knew that it is turned on and not just about notice how) .Vyvod-should get rid of nego.Nikto not give a guarantee that the replacement board these dances did not go, because with him nothing proiskhodilo.Ladno I would have flooded or something like that, but I kept it, all but bosom, htc campaign with affordability in price Received quality izdeliy.Budu think about the acquisition of the road, waiting for the 12-go.Opyat is returning to the desire s-such crap was never and still works without problems, and took in '11 nearly $ 900 .I htc fan, but this is the first smart of them to such zadrotstvo sorry (((

Post has been editedvervolf7 - 17.12.17, 15:49

Rep: (394)
vervolf7 @ 17.12.17, 15:43*
dumb anything to tear without parts

There's easily removed and all turned off and put back on the video is still visible.
vervolf7 @ 17.12.17, 15:43*
when moving from area to area radio hangs

Maybe it depends on the operator? I MTS in St. Petersburg, and nothing anywhere else does not fall off and does not hang, even 100 km from the city. Communication is always stable.
vervolf7 @ 17.12.17, 15:43*
htc campaign with affordability in price Received product quality

I do not think so. You to "glitches" Xiaomi not know ... My son Mi 5S. A year so "fail" was that he sometimes simply on the wall ready shvarknut. Similar problems have familiar with the Redmi Note 3. You can see just from a specific instance of luck. I have a HTC Desire 830 DS for nearly half a year of use never "zaglyuchil" are independent and are not blunted, but I'm over it already decently "mocked". Periodically experiments spend :).
vervolf7 @ 17.12.17, 15:43*
Dudu think about the acquisition of the road, waiting for the 12th

The cost, in my opinion, does not depend on the stability and bessboynosti work. HTC Desire S, yes, there was a successful model in his time. I have also this is, too, and is still working (though not without "glitches").

Post has been editedAmigaser - 17.12.17, 16:01

Rep: (146)
* Amigaser, I myself upset, did not expect such an interesting thing when you restart appears znachok navigator click on it, znachok disappears, and there is no glitch-infection !!!! And about a glitch with a radio module, because it just does not work with flew (had important people carry, sat waiting for a call, the smart was charged, the hour of silence, the two decided to call to find out, and there is no connection, shrugged mode in the plane, and it turns people called a bunch of times, and I have no connection, the operator does not depend, t.k.proboval on different operatorah.Za Chinese do not say, because. it advance the fortune (luck or not), but m I loved the firm .... sad

Post has been editedvervolf7 - 17.12.17, 16:14

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vervolf7 @ 17.12.17, 16:04*
The most interesting is restarted appears znachok navigator click on it, znachok disappears, and there is no glitch

I think that after the bottom plate replacing all forms. Perhaps the party's 828 this does not have a similar problem the first, there are complaints on Ineta :(.
vervolf7 @ 17.12.17, 16:04*
the operator does not depend on the different operators t.k.proboval

Perhaps this "glitch" or firmware problems of your particular instance, because on the other this will not complain. 828 have OTA-upgrade, and firmware versions for the same region a few. Something they're there, "patch" ... and probably just for communication. And on the 830th OTA-update was not a half years, it means the firmware is stable and fix nothing. Yes, and for the European region, only one new version of the firmware RUU-appeared. But officially our smartphone in our region is not yet updated.

One of my friends has a feature-rich smartphone, it it goes, all shows, on the Internet and in chats sitting, video Youtube looks like a navigator uses, and so on. And to work is in the pocket of the ordinary worker LG phone, and all the important calls to him :) closes. Maybe you should be so?

Post has been editedAmigaser - 17.12.17, 16:31

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* Amigaser, And where to take these updates? I have shown that I have the latest version

Rep: (394)
vervolf7 @ 17.12.17, 16:29*
And where to take these updates? I have shown that I have the latest version

So all available updates have already been installed for our region. A new RUU-flash is available only in the paid services in my smart, I also still can not find a new firmware for free the drain :(.

Post has been editedAmigaser - 17.12.17, 16:34

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* Amigaser, And where you can look like in a museum?

Rep: (394)
vervolf7 @ 17.12.17, 16:36*
And where you can look like in a museum?

Rep: (146)
* Amigaser, So there last for Russia, one that I have now is, and at all greedy bastards!

Post has been editedvervolf7 - 17.12.17, 17:48

Rep: (394)
vervolf7 @ 17.12.17, 17:47*
So there last for Russia, one that I have now is

In "release_482618" name is important here is the tsiferki. This firmware on 17.02.25. The number of your current release is in build.prop in ro.aa.taskid parameter or the full name of the project ro.build.project

Post has been editedAmigaser - 17.12.17, 19:47

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