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Windows Phone 7 Software Catalog

Adblocker WP8 + WP10 | Hide ads on the site

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Adblocker WP8 + WP10
Version: 1.0

Last update of the program in the header:14.04.2016

Attached Image

Caution: Installation requiredInterop unlock

The program for modifying the Host file on WP, in order to add sites with advertising, pop-up windows and redirects to it.
After installation, it is advisable to go to the Edit host list item and add more sources:


Taken from XDA, Laicure and forgreatsouce developers

Homepage: http://forum.xda-developers.com/windows-phone-8/development/xap-adblocker-windows-phone-8-x-t3178203

Russian interface: Unknown

Attached fileAdblocker_modded.xap(256.38 KB)

Post has been editedmorpehus - 17.04.16, 23:25
Reason for editing: Edited the host sources since system brakes were noticed, the host file weighed about 10mb! Now ~ 400kb.

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Can screenshots with an example of ad blocking?
Will this affect the functionality of the store and other system programs?

Rep: (20)
* svasalatii
Of course, it doesn’t block all ads, host lists are mainly for the English segment of the Internet. What works, duck is pop-up ads on news sites is blocked perfectly. Even in the subway, when you connect to a Wi-Fi point, the advertisement does not show, well, those coffee clips for 15 seconds.
Write which site to check, I'll take a screenshot.

Rep: (20)
I updated the Host list in the header, I use it only, now the ad removes perfectly, absolutely without loading the system. No redirects and pop-ups. Almost like adblock plus or better.

Rep: (11)
The application did not start: it is impossible to install it. Every time a new mistake. Reboots did not help. The phone is unlocked to install third-party applications.

Rep: (78)
I strongly advise against using the address:

It’s buggy, the Internet connects from it for half a minute: it turned on wifi, and it blinks about half a minute later - “There is no Internet”. At least for me.
Everything is ok with the rest, but as soon as I write it and update the Internet is stupid.

Post has been editedRandomwp - 16.06.16, 21:59

Rep: (57)
Update to 5.3
What's new:
Current Default Hosts URL List:
пїЅhttps://github.com/StevenBlack/hosts(Using GitHub rawcontent servers to get the HUGE hosts file here which is updated frequently from many sources.

Change Log:
V4: Fixed userList.txt not being found when editing custom user hosts url list.
V5: Added option to edit Windows Hosts file, or just view. (Alpha feature, it is very slow on larger files)
V5.2: Fixed bug on first launch of crashing
V5.3: Default lists can be disabled by user, and better custom list parsing

Attached fileAdBlocker_Release_ARM_V5.3.zip(245.62 KB)

Post has been editedsunboy.dm - 18.07.16, 20:42
Reason for editing: do not forget to rename * .zip to * .xap

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And tell me, please, can advertising blocks in applications also block this thing, or only in browsers?

Post has been editedSergNT - 26.08.16, 11:05

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Attached fileAdBlocker_Release_ARM_V5.3.zip (245.62 KB)

Put on the Lumia 640 firstInterop Toolsand then C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Microsoft SDKs \ Windows Phone \ v8.1 \ Tools \ AppDeploy.
Attached Image

List of sites with downloadable hosts files (from q111111):took here (not everything is loaded)!
Screwed moreHosts file based on RuAdList + EasyList subscription, tytsfromAdBlockPlus, tyts

Post has been editedMC9190-G WM6.5 - 26.10.16, 17:29

Rep: (57)
SergNT @ 08.26.2016, 11:04*
And tell me, please, can advertising blocks in applications also block this thing, or only in browsers?

Maybe, but not in all programs. Depends on application developer

Rep: (79)
And did anyone manage to put the thread on the Lumia 650? Interpop is done via VCReg, but when you click Update Hosts File it says that the adblock is not installed

Rep: (23)
not all Yandex.Direct is hidden in Edge.

How to add these lines to the hosts of the phone? advertising.yandex.ru bs-meta.yandex.ru grade.market.yandex.ru yandexadexchange.net

Post has been editedMC9190-G WM6.5 - 05.12.16, 15:08

Rep: (23)
I'm trying to upload using wpad 8.1
throws error 0x81030120
who knows the solution to the problem?

Rep: (23)
As I look, judging by the activity in the branch, our people love to watch all kinds of advertisements. : rofl:

Rep: (112)
* MC9190-G WM6.5, rather, he doesn’t like to do unlock or does not know how.

Rep: (42)
I can not install. After hr. It is not installed from pipes, but from the computer it is installed, but it does not start ... Unlock through IT. Fast

Post has been editedwynr - 07.02.17, 03:34

Rep: (23)
rather does not like to do unlock or does not know how

You can begin to master such methods!Tyts!

Rep: (7)
Help the teapot!
Lumia 535, system 10.0.15063.251
Interop unlock seems to have done through Interop tools 1.9; the file system when connected is mounted with the root
I click "Install" the file from this branch - the window simply closes and that's it. The program is not installed. There are no programs in the list.
CHYADNT? Where to dig?
On previous versions of the system, everything was the same. I tried to install both through Deployment and from the body.
I would try through the device portal, but there * .appx is needed. How to make it from * .xap?

Upd. Installed via deployment tool from sdk8.1. The application appeared in the list. But once you launch it, a crossed out square flickers on the screen for a split second and the list of applications pops up again. No error messages, no dialog boxes, nothing. The trouble is straight. Maybe manually edit this hosts?

Post has been editedlosthead - 02.05.17, 01:54

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on 10ke creators update, adblocker does not work. I have the same.

Rep: (10)
Write instructions on what and how to install on x50 via ssh. There are those who installed this program and it works safely.

Rep: (111)
Lumia 520, WP 8.1, made Root access in WPinternals. Record in hosts (with default sources) was successful, and after that the Internet stopped working. Disable Ad Blocking can not do anything - supposedly there is no interope (and I don’t even have interop, but the maximum unlock).

I was able to cure it in Mass Storage mode by manually clearing hosts, the path is the same as in desktop Windows:<MainOS>\ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ etc \ hosts. Run a text editor from the admin.

Post has been edited4erver - 26.01.19, 06:10

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