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Samsung SM-G920F Galaxy S6 - Modems

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Samsung SM-G920F Galaxy S6 - Modems
Description | Discussion пїЅ | Purchase пїЅ | Accessories пїЅ | Marriage / Repair пїЅ | Official firmware (OS 6.X.X)
пїЅ | Official firmware (OS 5.X.X) пїЅ | Custom firmware (OS 5.X.X) пїЅ | Modified and stock kernels пїЅ | Modems | Modifications and decorations пїЅ | Editing system APKs пїЅ | Power consumption (autonomy) пїЅ | Camera talk пїЅ | Owners Club Samsung Galaxy S6 пїЅ

Drivers and Utilities
Samsung USB Driver
Software for updating firmware via PC:
Samsung kies- Official firmware upgrade program
Samsung smart switch- Official firmware upgrade program
Useful tools for PC:
Samfirrn- Utility for fast downloading of official firmware.
[DEV_TOOL] TAR.MD5 PACKAGER- A tool for creating archives TAR.MD5 for subsequent firmware through Odin.
Custom Samsung Free / PRO (Custom SGPhone)- All instructions in one application
Samsung Galaxy S6 Tool by system.exe

The modem is installed via Odin and inserted into the field. "Phone" or "CP" (depending on the Odin version)

Modems for Marshmallow 6.X.X in one post

Modems for Nougat on 6 bootloader (7.РҐ.РҐ) in one post

G920FXXU5EQCS |7.0 | April 2017 | Odin| Ril
G920FXXU5EQAC |7.0 | March 2017 | Odin| Ril
G920FXXU3DPEO |6.0.1 | May 2016 | Odin | Recovery| Ril
G920FXXU3DPDP |6.0.1 | April 2016 | Odin | Recovery| Ril
G920FXXS3DPCA |6.0.1 | March 2016 | Odin | Recovery| Ril
G920FXXS3DPB3 |6.0.1 | February 2016 | Odin | Recovery| Ril
G920FXXS3DPB1 |6.0.1 | February 2016 | Odin | Recovery| Ril
G920FXXU3DPBK |6.0.1 | February 2016 | Odin | Recovery| Ril
G920FXXU3DPB6 |6.0.1 | February 2016 | Odin | Recovery| Ril

G920FXXU3QOJN |5.1.1 | December 2015 | Odin| Recovery | Ril
G920FXXU3COJ7 |5.1.1 | October 2015 | Odin| Recovery | Ril

How to find out the version of your modem?
Open up "Settings" -пїЅ "About the device" -пїЅ "Software Information" and read item "Firmware Version" - this is the version of your current modem that is currently installed.

You can leave an order for a modem from any firmware of any region in the subject line, it will be executed as soon as possible.
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Rep: (1362)

Installation Instructions:
1. DownloadOdinand modem below.
2. Run Odin, click on the button."CP" and select the file MODEM_XXXXXXXXXXXXXX_ODIN.tar.md5 downloaded earlier.
3. We transfer the phone to the firmware mode. To do this, in the off state, press and hold the buttons"Volume down (Volume Down" , "Home (Home)" and button "Power" and after the menu appears with a yellow triangle, press the button Volume Up .
4. Connect the device to the PC via USB cable(Preferably original USB 2.0 cable) . If for any reason the PC does not recognize your computer, we recommend reinstalling "Samsung USB Driver" , change the cable or try the rear USB ports of the PC.
5. Press the button"Start" and do not touch the device until the reboot.
Done! The modem was successfully installed.

Attention!!! If your OS is updated, then you cannot install modems from previous versions of Android! Otherwise, you will fly IMEI!

List of modems to install via Odin:

G920FXXU3DPEO |6.0.1 | May 2016 | Attached fileMODEM_G920FXXU3DPEO_ODIN.tar.md5(38.82 MB)

G920FXXU3DPDP |6.0.1 | April 2016 | Attached fileMODEM_G920FXXU3DPDP_ODIN.tar.md5(38.82 MB)

G920FXXU3DPCA |6.0.1 | March 2016 | Attached fileMODEM_G920FXXU3DPCA_ODIN.tar.md5(38.76 MB)

G920FXXS3DPB3 |6.0.1 | February 2016 | Attached fileMODEM_G920FXXS3DPB3_ODIN.tar.md5(38.76 MB)

G920FXXS3DPB1 |6.0.1 | February 2016 | Attached fileMODEM_G920FXXS3DPB1_ODIN.tar.md5(38.76 MB)

G920FXXS3DPBK |6.0.1 | February 2016 | Attached fileMODEM_G920FXXU3DPBK_ODIN.tar.md5(38.76 MB)

G920FXXU3DPB8 |6.0.1 | February 2016 | Attached fileMODEM_G920FXXU3DPB8_ODIN.tar.md5(38.76 MB)

G920FXXU3DPB6 |6.0.1 | February 2016 | Attached fileMODEM_G920FXXU3DPB6_ODIN.tar.md5(38.76 MB)

G920FXXU3DPAD |6.0.1 | January 2016 | Attached fileMODEM_G920FXXU3DPAD_ODIN.tar.md5(38.76 MB)

G920FXXU3QOJN |5.1.1 | December 2015 | Attached fileMODEM_G920FXXU3QOJN_ODIN.tar.md5(38.57 MB)

G920FXXU3COJ7 |5.1.1 | October 2015 | Attached fileMODEM_G920FXXU3COJ7_ODIN.tar.md5(38.56 MB)

Old modems

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Modems for Marshmallow 6.X.X

BetaAttached fileG920FXXU3ZPA1_Modem.zip(42.17 MB)
RussiaAttached fileG920FXXU3DPB6_Modem (Ril) .zip(43.61 MB)
TaiwanAttached fileG920FXXU3DPBK_Modem.zip(38.92 MB)
FranceAttached fileG920FXXS3DPB1_Modem.zip(38.92 MB)
RussiaAttached fileG920FXXS3DPB3_Modem (Ril) .zip(43.61 MB)
UAEAttached fileG920FXXU3DPBT_Modem (Ril) .zip(43.7 MB)
GermanyAttached fileG920FXXU3DPCA_Modem (Ril) .zip(43.61 MB)
PhilippinesAttached fileG920FXXS3DPC2_Modem.zip(38.92 MB)
UKAttached fileG920FXXS3DPCJ_Modem.zip(38.92 MB)
NorweyAttached fileG920FXXU3DPCT_Modem.zip(43.72 MB)
G920FXXS3DPDG|20.04.2016|Attached fileG920FXXU3DPDA_Modem.zip(43.71 MB)
G920FXXU3DPDP|22.04.2016Attached fileG920FOXA3DPDP_Modem (Ril) .zip(43.79 MB)
G920FXXU3DPEK | 6.0.1 SER | May 2016| Attached fileG920FXXU3DPEO_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.8 MB)
G920FXXU3DPFB | 6.0.1 | 06.06.2016 | Attached fileG920FXXU3DPF1_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.8 MB)
G920FXXU3DPFJ | 6.0.1 | 08.06.2016 | Attached fileG920FXXU3DPFJ_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.73 MB)

FranceAttached fileCP_G920FXXU3DPAD_CL7025264_QB8293521_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5(38.76 MB)
RussiaAttached fileCP_G920FXXU3DPB6_CL7086820_QB8569466_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5(38.76 MB)
UKAttached fileCP_G920FXXU3DPB8_CL7025264_QB8622720_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5(38.76 MB)
MacedoniaAttached fileCP_G920FXXU3DPBF_CL7086820_QB8643004_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5(38.76 MB)
TaiwanAttached fileCP_G920FXXU3DPBK_CL7078815_QB8663716_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5(38.76 MB)
UKAttached fileCP_G920FXXU3DPBQ_CL7025264_QB8703230_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5(38.76 MB)
FranceAttached fileCP_G920FXXS3DPB1_CL7025264_QB8755474_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5(38.76 MB)
RussiaAttached fileMODEM_G920FXXS3DPB3_CL2063796_QB_4497119_SIGNED.tar.md5(38.76 MB)
UAEAttached fileMODEM_G920FXXU3DPBT_CL2063796_QB_4493935_SIGNED.tar.md5(38.76 MB)
GermanyAttached fileCP_G920FXXU3DPCA_CL7497559_QB8914733_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5(38.76 MB)
PhilippinesAttached fileCP_G920FXXU3DPC2_CL7025264_QB8964591_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5(38.76 MB)
UKAttached fileCP_G920FXXU3DPCJ_CL7549385_QB8970398_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5(38.76 MB)
NorweyAttached fileCP_G920FXXU3DPCT_CL7575641_QB9053048_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5(38.76 MB)
G920FXXS3DPDG|20.04.2016|Attached fileCP_G920FXXU3DPDA_CL7701753_QB9155298_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5(38.76 MB)
G920FXXU3DPDP|22.04.2016Attached fileCP_G920FXXU3DPDP_CL7884513_QB9338888_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5(38.82 MB)
G920FXXU3DPEK | 6.0.1 SER | May 2016| Attached fileMODEM_G920FXXU3DPEO_CL2100313_QB_4711038_SIGNED.tar.md5 (38.82 MB)
G920FXXU3DPFB | 6.0.1 | 06.06.2016 | Attached fileCP_G920FXXU3DPF1_CL8125258_QB9818994_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (38.82 MB)
G920FXXU3DPFJ | 6.0.1 | 08.06.2016 | Attached fileCP_G920FXXU3DPFJ_CL8326249_QB9899947_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (38.76 MB)
G920FXXU3DPFX | 6.0.1 | 28.06.2016 | Attached fileCP_G920FXXU3DPFV_CL8326249_QB10134242_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (38.76 MB)

G920FXXS4DPG3 | 6.0.1 SER | 05.07.2016| Attached fileG920FXXS4DPG1_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.8 MB)
G920FXXS4DPGB | 6.0.1 | 11.07.2016| Attached fileG920FXXS4DPG4_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.8 MB)
G920FXXS4DPGA | 6.0.1 | 10.07.2016| Attached fileG920FXXS4DPGA_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.71 MB)
G920FXXS4DPGC | 6.0.1 | 08.07.2016| Attached fileG920FXXS4DPGB_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.72 MB)
G920FXXS4DPGE | 6.0.1 | 13.07.2016| Attached fileG920FXXU4DPG5_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.8 MB)
G920FXXU4DPGW | 6.0.1 | 26.07.2016| Attached fileG920FXXU4DPGW_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.81 MB)
G920FXXU4DPH5 | 6.0.1 | 29.07.2016| Attached fileG920FXXU4DPG6_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.73 MB)
G920FXXU4DPGZ | 6.0.1 | 26.07.2016| Attached fileG920FXXU4DPFY_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.81 MB)
G920FXXU4DPGW | 6.0.1 SER | 26.07.2016| Attached fileG920FXXU4DPHJ_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.81 MB)
G920FXXU4DPHF | 6.0.1 | 10.08.2016| Attached fileG920FXXU4DPHF_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.81 MB)
G920FXXS4DPI4 | 6.0.1 | 12.09.2016| Attached fileG920FXXS4DPI1_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.71 MB)
G920FXXU4DPIH | 6.0.1 | 13.09.2016| Attached fileG920FXXU4DPIH_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.81 MB)
G920FXXU4DPIL | 6.0.1 | 16.09.2016| Attached fileG920FXXU4DPIL_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.8 MB)
G920FXXS4DPIJ | 6.0.1 | 19.09.2016| Attached fileG920FXXS4DPIA_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.81 MB)
G920FXXS4DPIJ | 6.0.1 SER | 19.09.2016| Attached fileG920FXXS4DPI4_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.8 MB)
G920FXXS4DPIJ | 6.0.1 | 19.09.2016| Attached fileG920FXXS4DPIJ_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.8 MB)
G920FXXU4DPIO | 6.0.1 | 20.09.2016| Attached fileG920FXXU4DPIO_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.81 MB)
G920FXXS4DPIR | 6.0.1 | 20.09.2016| Attached fileG920FXXS4DPIF_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.8 MB)
G920FXXS4DPIS | 6.0.1 | 21.09.2016| Attached fileG920FXXU4DPIS_Modem (Ril) .zip (43.73 MB)

G920FXXS4DPG3 | 6.0.1 SER | 05.07.2016| Attached fileCP_G920FXXS4DPG1_CL7884513_QB10152465_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (38.82 MB)
G920FXXS4DPGB | 6.0.1 | 11.07.2016| Attached fileCP_G920FXXU4DPG4_CL8598730_QB10243023_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (38.82 MB)
G920FXXS4DPGA | 6.0.1 | 10.07.2016| Attached fileCP_G920FXXS4DPGA_CL7025264_QB10313301_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (38.76 MB)
G920FXXS4DPGC | 6.0.1 | 08.07.2016| Attached fileCP_G920FXXS4DPGB_CL7497559_QB10296226_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (38.76 MB)
G920FXXS4DPGE | 6.0.1 | 13.07.2016| Attached fileCP_G920FXXU4DPG5_CL8125258_QB10272560_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (38.82 MB)
G920FXXU4DPGW | 6.0.1 | 26.07.2016| Attached fileCP_G920FXXU4DPGW_CL8821257_QB10468518_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (38.82 MB)
G920FXXU4DPH5 | 6.0.1 | 29.07.2016| Attached fileMODEM_G920FXXU4DPG6_CL2063796_QB_4853551_SIGNED.tar.md5 (38.76 MB)
G920FXXU4DPGZ | 6.0.1 | 26.07.2016| Attached fileCP_G920FXXU4DPFY_CL8427121_QB10170666_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (38.82 MB)
G920FXXU4DPGW | 6.0.1 SER | 26.07.2016| Attached fileCP_G920FXXU4DPHJ_CL8821257_QB10676424_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (38.82 MB)
G920FXXU4DPHF | 6.0.1 | 10.08.2016| Attached fileCP_G920FXXU4DPHF_CL8821257_QB10604891_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (38.82 MB)
G920FXXS4DPI4 | 6.0.1 | 12.09.2016| Attached fileMODEM_G920FXXS4DPI1_CL2063796_QB_5008558_SIGNED.tar.md5 (38.75 MB)
G920FXXU4DPIH | 6.0.1 | 13.09.2016| Attached fileCP_G920FXXU4DPIH_CL8826787_QB10913343_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (38.82 MB)
G920FXXU4DPIL | 6.0.1 | 16.09.2016| Attached fileCP_G920FXXU4DPIL_CL8821257_QB10933435_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (38.81 MB)
G920FXXS4DPIJ | 6.0.1 | 19.09.2016| Attached fileCP_G920FXXS4DPIA_CL8821257_QB10847765_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (38.81 MB)
G920FXXS4DPIJ | 6.0.1 SER | 19.09.2016| Attached fileCP_G920FXXS4DPI4_CL8821257_QB10803280_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (38.81 MB)
G920FXXS4DPIJ | 6.0.1 | 19.09.2016| Attached fileCP_G920FXXS4DPIJ_CL8821257_QB10948952_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (38.81 MB)
G920FXXU4DPIO | 6.0.1 | 20.09.2016| Attached fileMODEM_G920FXXU4DPIO_CL2100313_QB_5029667_SIGNED.tar.md5 (38.82 MB)
G920FXXS4DPIR | 6.0.1 | 20.09.2016| Attached fileCP_G920FXXS4DPIF_CL8734643_QB10914877_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (38.81 MB)
G920FXXS4DPIS | 6.0.1 | 21.09.2016| Attached fileCP_G920FXXU4DPIS_CL8326249_QB10980603_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 (38.75 MB)

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Modems for Nougat 7.0


Attached files

Attached fileCP_G920FXXU5EQAC.tar.md5(39.23 MB)

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Technical post number 2

Rep: (1362)
What is RIL and what is it for?

Ril - This is a special interface between the modem, the kernel and the firmware files themselves. If a different modem is installed that is different from the default with firmware, then it is advisable to replace the RIL (with one that can work correctly with the selected modem). The idea is that you need to take the RIL from the firmware with which the modem came from. This will be a link between the desired modem and your current firmware. Select a modem and look for the appropriate RIL. This can really improve the quality of communication and partially answer the question: why modems behave differently on different firmware.

Installing RIL is optional, but can improve modem performance.

Note!!! RIL is an ordinary library (set of libraries), its installation is done by copying the file to the \ system \ lib system folder. Therefore, to install RIL, you need root access obtained in any available way. RIL files can be changed only within one version of the operating system. Be careful! For AOKP / AOSP firmware and their modifications (for example, CM), RIL files from stock firmware (in general) are not suitable

List of required files for RIL.
system \ lib \ libril.so
system \ lib \ librilutils.so
system \ lib \ libsec-ril.so
system \ lib \ libsecril-client.so

Thank uv.Pako777 for information.

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I will be the first. It is clear that nothing is clear and I still use the phone as single-value. But still I will ask the 100,500th time. Has anyone found a way out with a 4g network blade when 2 sims are active? Modems from other firmware do not help.

Rep: (2)
There are no options yet except for the firmware of another modem .. In the SC, a shaft of duos with 4G connection dumps. Recommend waiting for updates.

Rep: (6)
* N_Ilja,
so which one? I have tried everything at the moment - in any case, sooner or later it falls off before the reboot / airplane mode, plus the wild battery zhor (30% from 00 to 7 in the morning)

Rep: (2)
Only the selection method will help. All in different ways. I still scored and wait for updates from samsa.
I can say that after the SC and the replacement of the firmware, I regularly worked with one sim for 2 days. After installing the second sim card, the breaks began after 10 minutes. Removing from the device 2 sim problem with 4G does not solve, probably a complete reset is necessary.

Rep: (6)
* N_Ilja,
and what service were you in? when I went - they said that there was not a single appeal on duos. From TP wrote - make a general reset. I did not give the bodies, because the meaning. I was also told about the update - “we know nothing”.

Rep: (768)
In the collection of modems SM-G920F MM.

Attached files

Attached fileG920FXXU3DPBT_Modem & Ril.zip(40.04 MB)
Attached fileG920FXXU3DPCA_Modem & Ril.zip(40.04 MB)
Attached fileG920FXXU3DPCJ_Modem & Ril.zip(40.04 MB)

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* dabsavagemessiahzine.com, In St. Petersburg on the street. Yefimov.

Rep: (2)
I have already flashed 3 different modems and still the Internet is falling off, fucking fucking furious ((((

Rep: (3)
* shreddder ,
Same . You have to forget about 2 sim. It is not the network that falls off, but the phone is off the network when 2 sim cards are active. He sees the network but is disconnected from it. This is a software crash of some sort. And there is no way out. This is helped by the modem's firmware, and for example, it didn’t help me, because in our city there is a dead OpSoC equipment and 4 g, which is not calculated. Basically dumps on 4 g occur.

Rep: (2)
Masterkush @ 04/06/2016, 2:26 PM*
Basically dumps on 4 g occur.

Nope, I already transferred to 3G and 2G the Internet still falls off ((

Rep: (9)
Has anyone applied to TP and received from them any adequate answer about the Internet dump on firmware 6.0.1?
What do they say?
And then a friend has the same problem ... rollback to 5.1.1 doesn't really want to ... maybe you can just wait for the fixes?

Rep: (108)
I applied to Samsung for the University. The only medicine I was offered. Re-flashing the latest Russian firmware and general reset. Verdict does not help!

Rep: (0)
I will share my balalaikas:
There are 64 GB, dual, lives under the sim card MTS and foreign sim card.
On the 5.1 Android, the jokes started - with the network indication, I did not get around 40-50% of the calls, only then I received SMS about the missed calls.

As a result, he took it to the SC, replaced the cable and some part of the board. It did not help, I took it a second time - they replaced the same thing again, and at about the same time it was updated to Android 6.
After that (knocking on a tree) such overruns disappeared, only occasionally, again, when the full network is indicated, it does not go on the Internet, but these are epizhotic phenomena. Usually in Lte mode.

Moral - you can kick the SC to change the giblets of the phone, maybe it will help.

To everyone

Rep: (3)
Tatarin_art @ 04/07/16, 11:43*
You can kick the SC to change the offal of the phone

Numda is so good. but I personally have no service center and one trip to the service center is 45 days. while he will ride and the warranty will end: D

Rep: (108)
The warranty is extended during the stay of the goods in the SC.

From personal experience, modems from the Philippine and British (latest) firmwares seemed to be the best on my Duos. Saves switching from auto mode to 3g-only. Opsosos of the first sim card Tele2, the second MTS.

It seems to me that it is worth adding themes to the header that the installation of a modem (another region) "turns off" the receipt of OTA updates.

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